Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, January 18, 2013

Strong Arming Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong
And The American Drug Culture

By Dr. Barkley Yelpin Groner for CPW News Services

     Confession is supposedly good for the soul.  Half a confession may be better than none, but as confessions go the U.S. court system seems to embrace total confessions..... “I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  So help me God.”

     “So help me God?”  Does that mean “So, help me God to keep a straight face when I fudge a little bit?”

     According to Lance Armstrong’s U.S. Postal Service teammate, Tyler Hamilton, that’s exactly what happened.  It seems that the international anti-doping association that was charged with testing Lance back-dated a positive test with a negative test result.   Hamilton claims there was a payoff involved.  Lance denies it and perhaps hopes that some fudge in his whole story won’t be too rancid to swallow.

     One former Lance Armstrong fan has reformed.   After hearing the first installment of the Winfrey interview came a visceral  "He's a real douche bag," from Jack Carlton of Buffalo, New York over a beer at Flanigan's Bar where we watched the telecast together.  Not to be outdone this writer added tongue and cheek...."He's more complex than that.  He's a F.W."  "A what?" asked Carlton.  "A Fxxx Wad," I explained. "A gelatinous amalgam of semen, smegma, rectal and sweat secretions merged through vigorous agitation with vaginal, labial and on rare occasions, menstrual fluids, into a semi-solid mass of various shapes and sizes."

     “I didn’t create the culture,” said Armstrong to Ophra Winfrey whose catalogue of T.V. shows has often dealt with the overflow of the U.S. culture’s drug-related heartbreaks.

     Armstrong didn’t invent the problem.  “But I didn’t try to stop it,” he said.

     Armstrong and every American was born into it.  Without the illicit drug culture there would be no America as we know it.  Illicit drug traffic has propelled ships across the Pacific Ocean in hot pursuit of more than Melvillian great white wales.  Drugs have driven the laying of rail roads and telegraph lines across the continent to cut short the delivery time.  It has funded cancer research from nicotine inhaled with carcinogenics which ad man Albert Lasker pushed while his wife, Mary, served as head of the American Cancer Society and drugs funded in its infancy the very U.S. Postal Service where Armstrong’s clandestine drug intake was perfected through seven Tour de France championships. 
     AIG Insurance’s founder, Cornelius Vander Starr, made a fortune insuring the China Trade through government sponsored mail service and U.S. Naval security of sea lanes which is why Naval Intelligence has a disproportionate representation at the CIA.  The China Trade is a synonym for New England’s leading drug dealers and opium smugglers who first negotiated U.S. trade agreements with China to which it sold Turkish, Indian, Pakistani and Afghanistani opium to China’s poor.  This eased the pain of their economic slavery up until Mao's Cultural Revolution.  When drug addiction created a "spiritual problem" in China the U.S. addressed it as England had done before with the export of well-intended Christian missionaries who love taking on lost causes and rarely ask where their funding has originated.  In time, as the Chinese were exploited by the U.S. as they had been by the British, the Japanese determined that they would be the protectors of the Orient, kicked the Chinese in the teeth and were the only ones in the region capable of standing up to the greedy invaders with more of the same. 
     After it worked out poorly for the Japanese, Dwight Eisenhower put "In God We Trust" on the U.S. bills after being baptized at the National Presbyterian Church, previously named First Covenant Presbyterian Church...effectively moving his parish from a name often confused with a Jewish Synagogue (the First Covenant was the covenant of circumcision) to an outright U.S. civil religious fellowship of monumental, even nuclear persuasion. 
     If Constantine had marched new Christian converts to the river at sword point a new generation of evangelists could do the same on a much larger scale often rattling the cages of other world religions that had been as ineffective at stopping the drug flow out of their regions as Lance Armstrong was in keeping EPO out of his veins. There is a price to be paid for "just saying no".   Consider the scientists in charge of "Dropping the Big One" as singer Randy Newman puts it. Einstein and Oppenheimer, "Oppy was stripped of his national security clearance for refusing to build a bigger "Fat Boy"....the more powerful Hydrogen bomb.... and so saw his job going to Edward Teller, the Dr. Strangelove of the Cold War arms race which like Armstrong on his bicycle in high gear, wiry legs zipping wildly, was also on steroids.  Most of America’s leading families were directly involved or complicit in the replication of the British East India’s Company’s greatest trading secrets.
     Understanding this history and the role that the U.S. Postal service in the China Trade with its transfer of taxpayer wealth to pay for illicit drugs and you begin to understand not only the phenomenon called "Going Postal", but the pressure on Lance Armstrong and all in positions of power and responsibility within this web of deceit to win.  One also begins to understand that working for this beastly system where "Going Postal" is characterized by emotional melt down and psychotic violent episodes that have triggered numerous studies and documentaries, none of which make this greatest connection, shows how fortunate Team U.S.A. was that no one took matters violently into their own hands.

     Fittingly, the first breakthroughs in the development of EPO, Erythropoietin, the blood’s oxygen-charging hormones that increased oxygen flow through the body came from Parisian, Paul Carnot, as early as 1905.  Eventually the hormone was synthesized by researchers at Colombia University and licensed to Amgen which has had its own troubles with the drug culture in the form of consumer fraud....over-filling prescription dosages so that physicians could use taxpayer’s dollars from Medicare to profit from repackaging the drugs.

     It wasn’t until the Iran-Contra scandal that nearly cost Ronald Reagan an impeachment that the real depths of America’s drug culture were exposed.  The San Jose Mercury News’ Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Gary Webb wrote a scathing series on the CIA’s drug supply to Los Angeles’ drug king-pin “Freeway” Ricky Ross.  Webb's articles in concert with his book Dark Alliance led to the tabling of the Hitz Report which denied Webb’s findings while simultaneosuly verifying them.  CIA Director Porter Goss was in charge at the time.   As pressure to address the problem swelled the interjection of CIA Director, James Woolsey’s replacement John Deutsch, into the Los Angles powder keg was intended by Bill Clinton to prevent another Watts riot. 
     Reeling from the Rodney King riots four years earlier, President Bill Clinton sent Deutsch to South Central L.A. on March 15th, 1996 to assure residents there to trust their government... the same government that had endorsed a Civil War to eliminate a practice that Moses had told world leaders long before Abraham Lincoln or John Brown was a really bad idea... the Tuskegee Experiments... the unprotected exposure of U.S. servicemen to radiation testing from nuclear bomb detonations... and countless other acts of incivility. Our leaders would never deal drugs to their poorest citizens in an undeclared tax that profited the controllers of the drug flow any more than that government would cook intelligence to build a case for a war that was to cost $60 billion that morphed to $1.7 trillion and counting. 
      Unfortunately for Deutsch, career L.A. Police detective, Michael Ruppert, was present to counter Deutsch’s assurances.  “The U.S. Government has been selling drugs to its people for a very long time,” said Ruppert staring at Deutsch, who would go on to serve on the board of CitiBank.  In three years Deutsch's Citibank and Travelers Insurance had merged with the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 just before Bill Clinton's exit from office that included for CIA Director Deutsch a Presidential pardon from a President who as Governor of Arkansas had hosted Bank of Commerce and Credit International, the Iran-Contra drug money mill also called "The Bank of Crooks and Criminals".

     Lance Armstrong did not create the drug problem and he is not capable of stopping it.  Education could help do that, but the educational system has been usurped.

     Flanders P. Lonigan, a retired teacher from the Mid-West now living in Florida put it this way.  “I have been a teacher for forty years.  I taught history and civics classes in secondary schools.  Not once during that time did I find the name of General Smedley Darlington Butler listed in the text books.  Our students do not know that during the 1930’s there was a two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner who was asked by a group of fascist businessmen including Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs,  Charlie Lindbergh and even Prescott Bush to lead a fascist coup in overthrowing Franklin Delano Roosevelt, nor were they ever taught that the leading American families including the Delano and Roosevelts made most of their money in the China Trade….opium smuggling. Rarely was there information shared about Nazi Germany’s influence on the modern drug culture and the synthesis of Methamphetamine as a tool for jacking up the psyche of German soldiers involved in Hitler’s blitzkriegs.  Nor were they told of America’s importation of Hitler’s leading scientists to the U.S. including its most experienced chemists to help pump up our biggest business....war.  We created the culture we now inhabit. We have created space crafts that fly in excess of 15,0000 miles per hour and yet, we honor a doper that pedals a bicycle faster than anyone else.  This shows the degree to which the human race is still chained to the mentality of a termite or maggot,” said Lonigan who asks every Marine he has ever met to identify Smedley Butler.  “The silence is god damn deafening,” said Lonigan a Quaker like Butler.  Lonigan posits that the silence on the 1930's business plot was a deal struck between the fascist leaders and Roosevelt for their abandonment of resistance to his New Deal.  "It was still the same elite mo-fo's sharing the wealth without abandoning the unseen drug tax on the poor, just like in China," said Lonigan who reiterated the Prescott Bush connections to Fritz Thyssen.   FDR's overseer of U.S./German business marriages in the lead-up to WWII, Leo Crowley, shut down the Bush/Thyssen connection to Hitler's Germany by sanctioning Union Bank of New York.  Theodore Roosevelt pushed for the Panama Canal and even before that the Vanderbilts and Seligmans teamed up against William Walker's mercenary activities and his projection of a Golden Circle of slavery that strained the purpose of the Monroe Doctrine.   The American power elites went at each other like Cain and Abel according to Lonigan.  To the Vanderbilt's, Seligman's and Roosevelt's credit they understood that physical chains were gone, but were to be replaced by another form of economic slavery more difficult to eradicate, easier to transport and arguably the result, like Darwin's Natural Selection, of  personal choice.  "Yea, it's personal choice," said Lonigan, "but remember what Albert Lasker said, 'Forget about selling a snowball to an Eskimo.  I could sell a sandstorm to a naked Bedouin, but I'd rather sell nicotine to an addict.'"

     Lonigan teachs Smedley Butler’s book War Is A Racket to anyone who will come to his house on Tuesday nights from 7 to 10 p.m..    “Plus I show them how all the unimaginative sad sacks that had joined Oliver North, John Poindexter, Casper Weinberger and Elliot Abrams were simply recycled in future Presidential administrations to propagate the lying culture that we decorate, as General Butler attested with the cold hard truth,  with fancy ribbons, dutiful salutes and screeching jet flyovers.  Few know the Walker/Bush connections to William Walker whose chief backer, President Franklin Pierce, is an ancestor of Barbara Pierce Bush who's also tied to the family of Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith... Merrill Lynch.... whose president was Ronald Reagan's Chief of Staff, Don Regan.  Regan's White House presence drove Nancy Reagan to consulting star gazing psychics to protect her husband and after the 2008 Paulson bailout, Bank of America who didn't need money was  forced to use bailout money to save Merrill Lynch. Most of them have gone on to join groups like the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs which morphed from Ronald Reagan's Committee on Present Danger and includes along with the backwash of the right-winged dingbat fascists of the 1930's the squirreliest bunch of amnesiac Jews you could assemble under one roof.  If there was ever a clear and present example of Helsinki syndrome this is it," said Lonigan.

     "You mean Stockholm Syndrome," Lonigan was told in reference to the psychological variant of the oppressed identifying with their oppressors like Pharaoh's slaves praising the tyrant for providing no straw for their brick making.

     "These tyrants give a lot more than straw.  They give guns and ammo, jets and Patriot Missiles, but at what price?  No I call it Helsinki for a reason.  Stockholm sounds like the cupboard is well stocked with nice goodies.  Instead it's the same old sinking into hell on earth....Helsinki," said Lonigan pointing out that even General Colin Powell who has supported Barack Obama in the last two elections is not exempt from this criticism.  "Powell has to know that Michelle Obama worked for Sidley Austin Law Firm, the historic Springfield, Illinois Republican law firm that kept Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln out of the nut house and then merged in 2001 with Brown and Wood Law Firm of New York with its historic ties to Alexander Brown of Baltimore and Brown Brother Harriman which General Smedley Butler referred to as simply 'The National City Bank Boys', but also specifically named.  Powell said recently on NBC 'I worked for the George Schultzs of this world.  Frank Carlucci.  'Cap' Weinberger and George Herbert Walker Bush.  That's the kind of Republican I am.  What happened in the last few years?  The party shifted to the right.  That's perfectly acceptable, but if you shift too far to the right you lose where the country is.'  You see what I mean?" asked Lonigan.  "These guys talk a centrist ideology, but left, right or center, if the motivation is the support of a chemical slavery, what real difference is there?"

     Lonigan believes that California Senator Milton S. Layton conducted the marriage between government shipping and the West Coast drug trade.  Quoting Winsip Custer, Lonigan stated to his Tuesday night class....."Latham saw the Chinese as some saw the American mustangs or imported African slaves....ignorant minions....Coolies good for only dog food or menial tasks....beasts of burden better broken than enabled or broken to be enabled for limited rolls. Latham noted in his 1855 speech that supported his bill that England’s legitimate imports from China equaled about $16,000,000 per year and that opium sales by the Brits to the Chinese equaled $20,000,000. This was while Latham was being prepared as the president of the European controlled London and San Francisco Bank Ltd, which was rolling the gold from the California Gold Rush into an American base of operation for the worldwide distribution of opium previously controlled by the British East India Company. Under American control that opium trade was taking a new form in a broader international power elite syndicate. On Latham’s board of the bank were Henry L. Bischoffsheim who owned England’s Bute House and who was aligned with both the English Rothchilds, the British Jacobite, Sir John Stuart and Augusta Saxe-Gotha. The bank board also included Junius S. Morgan, father of J.P. Morgan and partner of English banker, George Peabody, German-Jewish banker Rudolph Sulzbach, to mention only a few.  Latham, having been appointed the customs collector by President Franklin Pierce whose earlier support of filibusterer William Walker in his attempted annex of Baja California, Pierce, an ancestor of Barbara Pierce Bush, Latham was supported in his work in San Francisco by Sheriff and former Texas Ranger, John Coffee "Jack" Hays. Hays' nephew, John Hays Hammond, was African diamond harvester Cecil Rhodes' right hand man."

     "America's aspiring political elites like William Jefferson Clinton could bypass the regular entrance requirement....birth....by becoming a Rhodes Scholar and relocating to England to acquire the essence of the Trade.  Returning to America his Governorship oversaw the disregard for Barry Seal's Mena, Arkansas drug operation that funded the Contras and employed Eugene Hasenfus as their downed C-140 pilot in Nicaragua blowing the lid on the secret supply line and proving a nightmare for Ronald Reagan, George Schultz, Casper Weinberger, John Poindexter, Elliot Abrams, Oliver North and others.  Asa Hutchinson, the Bob Jones University grad who as Arkansas' top justice official was charged with protecting Barry Seal as a witness in the Iran-Contra supply line trial, failed miserably.  With Seal's murder before he could testify in District Court in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Asa Hutchinson was promoted.  He was appointed to Director of the Drug Enforcement Agency," said Lonigan who also noted that Oliver North's chief records shredder, Fawn Hall, married the agent for The Doors' lead singer Jim Morrison, Danny Sugarman.  Hall was rescued by her parents from a life of opium addiction with Sugarmam who had introduced her to the drug in Indo-China, the same region that Jim Morrison's father, an Admiral in the U.S. Navy, had sought to secure by launching for Lyndon Baines Johnson the Gulf of Tonkin Affair that kick started the Vietnam War.

     "Henry L. Bischoffshein's investments with John Crosby Brown, the grandson of Alexander Brown the progenitor of Brown Brother Harriman and Jesse Seligman in American railroads also included the Seligman bank's funding of the Panama Canal through their international banking connections.  Their combination of banking and investing of the speculative kind led the U.S. to pass after the Great Depression the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act requiring the separation of banking functions (banking, investing and insuring) which were repealed during the William Jefferson Clinton administration in his last year, just in time to pave the way for the arrival of George Walker Bush's blitzkrieg of the American populace.   Known as the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLB) or the  Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 it really was the 'Bend Over America Act' in my book," said Lonigan.
       "Nicole Seligman, a past President of Sony Corporation, is also the Washington D.C. attorney who represented William Jefferson Clinton in his impeachment trial and Oliver North in his Iran-Contra trial," said Mr. Lonigan.  "She's married to the New York City schools' Chancellor who's in charge of New York's 1.2 million school children," said Lonigan with a bewilder look on his face as he concluded "the foxes are in charge of the little chicken's coup."
     "You can see the Bishoffshein, Brown Brothers and Seligman connections to the interest in the Great Southwest rail route to Chinese opium and other products with the arrival in the early 1800's of Bernard Seligman to New Mexico where he was involved in mercantilism as a member of Seligman Brothers.  His son would become Governor of New Mexico," said Lonigan noting that the Seligman Brothers were moving goods by ox cart across the Old Santa Fe Trail before the proposed Southern transcontinental rail route laid out by Confederate President Jefferson Davis which Lonigan said led to the Civil War and the shift to the Union Pacific route further north when Reconstruction which was as a period of intended takeover of the Davis route by Northern power elites was thwarted by the rise of the KKK. 
     "With the North controlling the Rocky Mountain route linked at Promontory Point, Reconstruction stopped suggesting that freedom and civil rights was a motive of convenience for the more important rail route to the drugs that underwrote other more profitable mercantile ventures.  The Civil War was essentially a massive drug deal gone bad," said Lonigan who noted that the Seligmans were also big backers of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.   During a New Mexico mining strike in 1933 Governor Arthur Seligman sent General Osborne Wood, son of General Leonard Wood the close associate of Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt to break the strike. Leonard Wood's subjugation of the strategic Pacific drug-route islands...the Philippines... had shown Wood to be a brutal enforcer of American ambitions in much the same way that General Norman Schwarzkopf's father had joined another Roosevelt to overturn the democratic election of Iran's leader with injection of the brutal Shah of Iran.    The drug stuff cuts across both left and right political persuasions," said Lonigan.
     "Joseph Seligman (1819–1880) had underwritten $200,000,000 of Union Civil War debt suggesting his deep interest in a Union victory that would enhance his mercantile activities that stretched across the Great Southwest towards California.  Seligman's money helped to create Standard Oil Company and Joseph Seligman joined up with the Vanderbilts in their New York utility investments.  The Vanderbilts opposed the slave-supporting filibusterer, William Walker, in his attempt to secure for himself a Pacific/Atlantic canal route through Honduras which the Roosevelts, with Seligman's help, secured through Panama with a coup that split Panama off from neighboring Colombia.   General Smedley Darlington Butler would add this experience to his list of 'I was goon for the National City Bank Boys on three continents' activities leading to his famous book, while the finer points of the tensions between the various China Trading elites including those between FDR's family and the Walker-Bush families waited for Gary Webb to unravel with Iran-Contra and 'Freeway' Ricky Ross.  When George Herbert Walker Bush invaded Panama to apprehend General Manuel Noriega, Bush was essentially protecting the more recent channel of  drug flow that Noriega was claiming for himself.    U.S. power elites may bicker with each other, but there is no room for outside interlopers," said Lonigan.

Kermit Roosevelt (l) son of Theodore "Teddy"
 Rooseveltand General Herbert Norman
Schwartzkopf provided clandestine leadership in
 the coup that placed the Shah
 in power in the oil and drug rich strategic nation of Iran.

 "Lance is right.  He did not create the drug culture.  After the Civil War President James Garfield appointed General Lew Wallace, the 11th Governor of New Mexico Territory as Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire.  Wallace had been at Fort Donnelson, the Confederate stronghold that stood in the way of Union gunboats entering Southern river ways that was defended by Confederate General Braxton Bragg who was always suspected by Nathan Bedford Forrest to be a shill for the Northern railroad barons.  With the early fall of Donnelson, the push toward the NAFTA and GATT highway of Wallace's day was insured.  The defeat of the South was thought to have secured the flat railroute to the Orient across the Great Southwest to the Pacific.  Turkey was then, as now, the most important drug trading route rivaling the Khyber Pass and Silk Highway and linking Asia with Europe.  Wallace was just the man to insure that it stayed that way.   Seligiman's friend Henry S. Morgenthal Sr. or 'Henry Morgue' as President Woodrow Wilson called him, would ascend to that same role, Ambassador to Turkey,  and Morgenthal's son would become FDR's Treasury Secretary," said Lonigan.
     "The drug problem is much bigger than little Lance Armstrong though Lance seems to certainly enjoy the limelight," Lonigan concluded.  "Don't foget the French connection.   The Tour de France winds through a country with historic ties to the drug-rich Middle East and Orient and beloved by Thomas Jefferson whose closest friend, Dabney Smith Carr, was also for seven years an early United State's Minister or Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire which was known for opiates stronger than those coming from India," said Lonigan.
     "General Lew Wallace also wrote the novel Ben Hur about a Jew held hostage by a Roman culture on steroids and who in the end turned to Divine deliverance for his family's freedom and healing to the Christ of the Western Tradition.  That tradition's message was ironically traveling compliments of the very same drug money that rode the camels, donkeys, horses, ships, and eventually rails, cars and planes carrying Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and other power elites whose religious teachings often conflicted with their political and business policies.  All in all, they are like the ancient Incas of Machu Picchu fashioning reality from above the gullible rabble, but all those empires passed on and so is this one."
     "We see it in Lance Armstrong all over again," said Lonigan.  "We see our love/hate relationship with the bitch that brought us to the dance and who loves it not just when we Salsa, but gator on all fours.  Armstrong wasn't on a bicycle so much as a treadmill and that treadmill's been spinning uncontrollably for a very long time!"

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