Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, January 21, 2013

Michael Ruppert: From The Wilderness To The Grove

Michael Ruppert Puffs Sonoma Seclusion

by Winsip Custer CPW News Services

     In 2009 the Toronto International Film Festival premiered an American documentary film by Chris Smith titled Collapse. Filmed over five days in a Los Angeles meat locker, the 82 minute film featured the LAPD beat cop and detective who confronted CIA Director John Deutsch in 1994 four years after the Rodney King riots mixed with Gary Webb’s revelation that the CIA was providing crack cocaine to California through “Freeway” Ricky Ross, the Walmart of LA’s coke epidemic, to produce a societal powder keg.
    Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly said of Collapse that it “takes up residence in your mind.”
     Daily Variety said the film was “unnervingly persuasive much of the time, and merely riveting when it’s not.”
   Roger Ebert said “I don’t know when I’ve seen a thriller more frightening.  I couldn’t tear my eyes from the screen.  I think you owe it to yourself to see it.”
    Dr. Errol S. Kahn of MNNBC, a not-for-profit museum of Nazi memorabilia in Geneva, Switzerland solidly panned the Michael Ruppert interview.  “What’s this guy selling?  The collapse of society as we know it or Marlboro cigaretts?  He puffs more smoke than a convention of Jamaican Gunja tokers.  Could the collapse of society be worse than facing John Deutsch in South Central L.A.?”
     Kahn knows where of he speaks.  His family suffered the brutality of Nazi oppression and the unauthorized extraction of family bicuspids and molar bridges that were eventually exported by the Nazis as gold bars placed in Switzerland’s leading bank vaults for safe keeping.
   “I’m skeptical of Michael Ruppert,” said Kahn.  “He runs fear up the flag pole at the same time he's puffin' cigs and selling survival kits and non-hybridized veggie seeds.  In 2006 he announces that he has left his magazine, From The Wilderness, while in the movie Collapse he says he is preparing for a future that looks much like Castro’s Cuba…. a nation of backyard farmers driving 1950’s Fords and Caddys.   So what does he do?  In 2011 he leaves the Collapse Network and moves to Cuba to learn from them?  Nope.  He quits his work at Collapse Films and high tails it to Sonoma County, California which domiciles Bohemian Grove.  Bohemian Grove is the boys' club of the filty rich and powerful who are so unimpressed with issues of world-wide financial collapse that every year they ‘cremate care’,” said Kahn.
  “One more cigarette and Ruppert might as well cremate himself.  One thing’s for sure, however, if the end is coming real soon, Ruppert doesn’t want to be too far from the Mendocino county line and Willie Nelson’s stash of the good stuff,” said Kahn who is sure that Ruppert has given his own motivation for moving to Sonoma in the documentary itself.  Paraphrasing Ruppert Kahn said "If you try to live off the land it will be too late.  Chances are you'll be killed by the people that got there first.  Ethnocentrism and Zenophobia run rampant at such times.  Better that you should be close to people you know and trust.  Ruppert sees the future as a prison yard of gangs on edge so he heads for the Sonoma hills where he is known among people... the fellow Bohemians... he trusts," said Kahn.

   Dr. Kahn believes that Michael Ruppert was planted at the Deutsch meeting as a shill for the bad guys.    "Here's how it works.  It worked the same for the ploters of the American Civil war who used Ethnocentrism and Zenophobia to their advantage in pumping their war profits at the expense of people.  The difference is that today the gig is up.  The emperor's balls are flapping nakedly in the wind and the mob is ready to strike.  Gary Webb and Ricky Ross stripped the emperor down to his ugly, butt-naked carcass.   Now, miraculously,  the Emperor appears to deal out compassion.  Nobody believes Deutsch. They've all been lied to so much. It's been like Chinese water torture, but they want to believe.  'God is love,'  they have been told.  No one comes into power without God's endorsement.   So out of the crowd comes a savior like a referee in a football game with a big whistle to blow the ball dead.   The Emperor's coach, Deutsch, and the referee-savior banter.  Pressure is released.   Decorum is maintained, but by the Emperor's hand-selected overseers who secretly, but in plain sight, tend the meeting.   As once during slavery they could do openly in the fields and stock yards, they manage the disgruntled slaves.  Slaves declared free by law, but kept in economic bondage by chemical chains.  So the insider and savior, Ruppert, kicks off a new magazine for the marginalized, From the Wilderness, collecting stories of their knowledge of how the Emperor has been screwing them all along.  They think they are getting the truth out, but they are simply providing a list for a future sweep like Hitler did to Jews, Gypsies and even disgruntled Christians," said Kahn.

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