Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gordon Brown, Child Labor and Christmas Tears

United Nation's Special Envoy Releases Timely Video to ABC News

by Winsip Custer CPW News Services
     Former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, now the United Nations special envoy on global education is the champion for the world-wide eradication of child labor.  This week 14 children were freed in India processing Christmas toys and trinkets for the insatiable commercial gold mine of post-Thanksgiving retail sales.

      Brown released to ABC News and to Yahoo a video of the raid that freed the children from their shackles.  “There in that sweat shop of horrors children were not Santa’s little helpers and elves,” said Sanjib Patel, a witness to the raid.  "The Christmas creshes were being glued together with tiny fingers often burned by the hot glue guns they were using in the fire trap tenements.  It was reminiscent of the poor Hebrews in slavery under the Egyptian Pharaohs or in the forced labor camps of Nazi Germany or like Oliver working for that damned Artful Dogger in post industrial England or even the children working the mines in Rockefeller's Ludlow, Colorado operation before their families were machine gunned," said Patel whose father, a mine superintendent for the British mining firm near Lahore, Rhodes and Rothschilds Ltd. Company, resigned to create the Helsinki Syndrome Survivors For Change.  "Survivors of Helsinki Syndrome come disproportionately from lower socio-economic groups trying to impress their captors.  HSSC has joined with PECKER, Power Elite Children Kicking Established Routines which includes relatives of John Walker Lindh the American Taliban whose father was legal counsel for Pacific Gas and Electric (known for poison water wells in Hinckley, California as well as it part in the Enron scandal in California),  Jim Morrison lead singer for the Doors whose father was the U.S. Navy Admiral in charge of the Gulf of Tonkin affair and William Ayers (friend of Barack Obama and a Chicago professor) the son of a Chicago industrialist who became a member of the radical Weather Underground terrorist group," said Patel.  Patel noted the similarities and differences between Helsinki Syndrome and the Oedipal complex that informed Lindh, Morrison and Ayers in their resistance to their own dysfunctional socio-economic and family systems.  Patel noted that when the CIA connections to the drug trade in Indo-China's Golden Triangle was linked to the Vietnam War it became clear that Jim Morrison's drug habits were serving a type of high flying upper eschelon young adult and child labor program that ironically flew for years under the radar of public scrutiny.  "Here as nowhere else the U.S. war on drugs is seen to be what it is and always has been.  A scam," said Patel.

      "The same was true of Lindh and Ayers," said Patel whose father's sweat shops in India were known as "Hotel Hell."

     “There is no parent in the world who would ever want their children to be subjected to conditions that you see in these films of children in dingy basements, without air, without food, without proper care, being forced into child labor for all these hours of the day.  I think that every parent who sees these films will want their practice brought to an end as quickly as possible,” said Gordon Brown.

     In Los Angeles, Rilley B. Goyner, spokesman for the child advocacy group Better Working Conditions for Child Laborers, said that he was appalled at the conditions revealed in the video.  “Child laborers deserve our respect and fair treatment and our organization demands it,” said Goyner, whose Hall of Names, a museum associated with famous child laborers who have also fought for better working conditions, lobbied the U.S. Congress to censure former U.S. Defense Secretary   Donald Rumsfeld for buying the Virginia plantation where Frederick Douglas was “renditioned” before being returned to his slave owners in the South, and appealed to several Roman Catholic Dioceses to eliminate the sexual abuse of unpaid altar boys.  From his prison cell, former Penn State football coach, Jerry Sandusky, reiterated his coaching mantra..."It's not what happens to you kids, but what you do with what happens to you."

     In response to Sandusky's comment one of his former players whose name never surfaced during the Penn State scandal said without wishing to be identified, "I was two days away from blowing Coach Sandusky's brains from here to the Hula Bowl just as the scandal broke and now I have to figure a way to get at him in prison.  I'm driven by Sandusky's shouting at me when I was ten years old.  "What ya gonna do with this?  No pain, no gain!" said the teary eyed thirty-two year old.

      Among the names in the BWCCL Hall of Names are Shirley Temple, Jody Foster, Brooke Shields, Sean Astin, Drew Barrymore, Drake Bell, McCauley Caulkin, Dakota Fanning, Elijah Wood, Ethan Hawke, River Phoenix, Linda Blair, Reese Weatherspoon, Christina Ricci, Tom Cruise, Kurt Russell and others. "I especially find hypocritical the way kids are used in movies like Taxi Driver, Casino and Gloria where it is quite obvious that they are not removed from the set during filming of the most vile language and situations.  I don't know how that stacks up against what my father did, but it can't be good for kids," said Patel who watched dubbed versions of Spanky and Our Gang while making Christmas creshes with other Indian children in the 1950's.  "The kids all wanted to work at my father's Hotel Hell because we had the only black and white TV in the ghetto."

      Priyanke Ribhu of Global March warns that there are some telling signs to American consumers of what to look for this Christmas.  Toys that do not bear a label of origin should be avoided.  A surprisingly low price for products and especially soccer balls made by British companies and featured in Bryant Gumbel's Real Sports documentary episode #138, Childhood Lost.  Among the soccer balls featured in Gumbel's story are those made by Mitre which supplies soccer balls to the U.S. Professional Soccer Association teams as well as balls sold in Walmart stores world-wide.

Farhad Izima and Billy Brighton favor better working conditions for Indian children.
      Little Johnny Falcon Talon, a native American child advocate who took on the issue of child advocacy following his own odyssey with child abuse in the American Northwest, has pledged to help children around the world who will join forces with his organization in Vancouver, British Columbia, receive training in 9mm and 45 cal. firearms and a course on how to conceal weapons.  “So far we have been joined by Billy Brighton and Farhad Izima who work for Toys R Us and Big Lots,” said Little Johnny Falcon Talon.

Johnny Falcon Talon of Vancouver, B.C. claims that
American children like these are in fact child laborers indoctrinated
in the false "bigger is always better" ideology
that leads to Global Warming, housing bubbles
and "other aspects of mindless existence".

    Falcon Talon said that his biggest concern was for the "deprogramming" of four child employees of AT&T.   "AT&T is responsible for not just the warrantless wiretapping that Americans are told is essential for our safety, the NOVA documentary The Spy Factory covered this fact well, but is also responsible for indoctrinating children in the ridiculous notion that bigger is always better," said Falcon Talon whose commercial interests include the construction of hurricane and earthquake resistant buildings known as "declining density structures". 

   "It's all over the place," said Falcon Talon noting that child laborers were selling products in the U.S. that were made in the third world, or in China where "God only knows what's going on in NIKE factories.  And we have no guarantee that products weren't made by child laborers in the type of working conditions that Gordon Brown had brought to the world's attention," Falcon Talon asserted.

Academy Sporting Goods where along with Walmart stores Mitre soccer balls made by
child laborers were sold. Academy uses child laborers (l) to promote sales in their advertising as does Net10 Wireless (r).

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