Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Is It Still A Wonderful Life?

Scrooge and The Evolution of Henry Potter

George Bailey's nemesis Henry Potter and the
"Potter scowl" aimed at fear and intimidation.
by Gunter Sputsch CPW News Services

     The man was shutting the door of his car in front of Home Depot when a sudden gust of wind blew the  receipt out of his bag.  Another patron pointed to the receipt as it whipped across the parking lot.  “Your receipt,” he yelled perhaps thinking it would be needed if the man wanted to return something.  Bolting out of his car the man ran for the receipt and recovered it quickly.  “I just got back from Switzerland and a napkin blew off of a table and four men went after it.”
    “Picasso blew his nose on it?” asked the onlooker.
    “No.   The Swiss have that much pride in their country.  They won’t pollute their environment,” said the man proudly.
     Won’t they?  It has been proven in a court of international law, from the mercury content in Nazi gold held in Switzerland’s “neutral” banks,  that Swiss gold along with the long standing Swiss image of fairness and neutrality is tainted.  Not only did the Swiss provide safe transport for Nazi held Jews and other dissidents headed for German concentration camps during World War II, but German gold extracted from teeth was sent back to Switzerland for safe keeping in gold bullion containing elevated mercury levels  from  the fillings and other dental work pulled from dead prisoners and melted into small gold ingots.
     Dr. Errol Solz Kahn, curator of the Museum of Non-refined Nazi Bridges and Crowns, the Geneva  home for the unprocessed extractions from Nazi death camp gold procurement and  processing centers, is vocal about Nazi gold and Swiss compliance.  “I’m the guy who when my dentist says he is replacing one of my old crowns, the one that is “porcelain on metal” I ask “what kind of metal,” knowing goddamn well that he means it’s gold,”   said Kahn.    Kahn hands his dentist a baggie and says “I want my fillings and crowns.  Don't speak that 'dentist code' to me and expect me to take it," Kahn harps boldly.
    “This one was supposedly extracted by the 'Bitch of Buchenwald', Ilse Koch,” said Kahn holding up a three-tooth bridge of pure gold worth about $5000.  "She called it mein kleines Liedchen or 'my little ditty'," said Kahn.
     Kahn reflected on Swiss bankers and the classic Christmas film by Frank Capra,  It’s A Wonderful Life.   “Henry Potter believed that you cannot give the little guy a break, but Potter learned something from George Bailey.  History has shown us that Henry Potter evolved.   George Bailey argued against the tight wad Potter,  ‘What should they wait for Mr. Potter?   To die?  It is too much to ask that people have a couple of nice rooms and a bathroom to live and die in?  Is it?” asked Kahn paraphrasing Jimmy Stewart's lines from the movie.
     The evolution of Henry Potter is seen in the “housing bubble” according to Kahn.   Potter evolved from a small thinking Scrooge to a big time Scrooge.   “Thank you, George Bailey!  You are absolutely right.  We can give people a whole bunch more than that.  We can give them mansions in the sky with four car garages while they’re still adding on and then we can pull the whole rug out from under them after they’ve taken the bait.  Brilliant.   Give people what they can’t afford and you can own them lot, stock and barrel.   Use the dark powers of Wall Street and Madison Avenue and they don’t stand a chance against our brilliant mind-science manipulators and a supply train ready to bank roll their manipulated dreams before we  steam roll them into bankruptcy," said Kahn mimicking Henry Potter's character.  "Today, with the housing bubble's burst behind us and the pockets of too-big-to-fail banks lined with taxpayers' sovereign dollars, even world travelers like the man at Home Depot is sticking to small remodeling jobs instead of going into hock with another Countrywide, Chase or Citibank.   I'll guarantee he's also holding onto his gold molars," said Kahn.
     “Confound it man are you afraid of money?” Henry Potter asked of George Bailey like Henry Paulson had asked Ken Lewis the embattled CEO of Bank of America when his company did not need the 2008 bail out money, but was forced to take it anyway.
    “Damn right I am,” said Ken Lewis who was then forced to use the bail out money to buy a troubled Merrill Lynch, formerly Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith with the Pierce being the ancestor of Barbara Pierce Bush and relative of President Franklin Pierce, the backer of William Walker whose personal dream included a Golden Circle of slavery around the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.  Merrill Lynch's CEO had been “handler” of Ronald Reagan, Don Regan, the White House Chief of Staff.  Dr. Kahn noted that in the run up to World War II Union Bank on whose board was Prescott Bush, was closed by the FBI for violation of U.S. neutrality laws by trading with Hitler's banker, Fritz Thyssen.  Edward A. Pierce, the stockbroker in Merrill Lynch, had like Franklin Pierce attended Bowdoin College.  Bowdoin College was also home to Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Hugh McCullough of Kennebunkport, Maine,  the close friend of Massachusettes' Senator George Hoar who not only decried American imperialism on the one hand, but was good friends with Mississippi's Edward Walthall, aide de camp to the Confederate's Jefferson Davis, on the other.  Hoar's personal secretary was a member of the Robert Taft and Alfonzo Taft family.  Alfonzo was progenitor of Yale's Skull and Bones in 1833.

Henry Paulson revealing the Potter scowl.
     “I swear, the American housing bubble was all contrived.  George Bailey’s little S&L’s raped as they were during the S&L scandal of the 80’s and followed by the housing bubble of the 90’s and the bail out of the 2008 was all just part of the natural evolution of Henry Potter’s brutal value system.  Frank Capra could see it coming and warned against it, but what happened to him?  The fascist “business plotters” of the 1930’s, the same ones who were challenged by General Smedley Darlington Butler, branded Capra a ‘Commie’ just like they did Albert Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer for refusing to build hydrogen bombs.  And so we were left with a brutal second rate leadership pulling the strings while riding into power on the accomplishments of greater souls,” said Kahn.
Ken Lewis, Bank of America's
CEO being forced to take Paulson's
bail out money when his
bank didn't need it.
   “And what happened?” asked Kahn.  “Alan Greenspan who is one of our most visible cases of Helsinki Syndrome (captives identifying with their captors), along with Paulson, gave us the old ‘Greenspan Put’ that promised that  there was nothing wrong with the Reagan/Bush I and Bush II era of deregulation and that it was good for the economy.  Of course after 2008's meltdown he saw the light and changed his mind saying 'My ‘Put’ went ka-poot'.”
      “George Bailey, we loved you,” said Kahn.  “But the evolution of Henry Potter is now what we live with.  It’s as if mean spirited Mr. Potter became Santa Claus and then Attila the Hun,” said Kahn.

     When Kahn was asked if Ken Lewis just put on a good show and was part of the bail out plot so that he could appear coerced into a buyout of Merrill Lynch, Kahn said, "Sure that's entirely possible.  He could be suffering from Helsinki Syndrome, too, like Paulson and Greenspan.  Local banks remained 95% solvent in 2008.  That means that the local banks and probably the S&L's before the 80's scandal and plunder were doing a fine job of avoiding the kind of predatory lending that Potter championed and Paulson promoted, then 'fixed' at taxpayers expense.  Without Lewis you have no highly visible 'George Bailey' figure in the story and that would be just unfathomable.  George Bailey would still be some nameless local banker in thousands of small towns across America," Khan said adding "the sludge floating at the top of the septic tank, wrongly promoted as the 'cream that rises', does not totally abandon hope.  It's not good for public relations....theirs!" said Kahn sarcastically.

     Kahn noted that the housing bubble was aided by the Americans with Disabilities Act which in concert with the push for bigger and better houses was part of the housing bubble.  "Old was out.  New was in.  I knew an organization that revamped its entire facilities for hundreds of thousands of dollars for one disabled person," said I.C. Dahlite, CEO of EconoCastors, a Memphis, Tennessee manufacturing firm.  "Where is the Congressman who sponsored the ADA, Tony Coelho?   He went on to become Al Gore's 2000 campaign chairman and then on to become a Director at the George Herbert Walker Bush Presidential Library.  His payoff was better than Ken Lay's at Enron," said Dahlite.  "At least Coelho is still alive."

    Kahn believes that not since Senator Joseph McCarthy and his lawyer henchman, Roy Cohn, teamed up to carry out the "Business Plotters", John Bircher and American Fascist's agenda that we have seen such a high profile colonization of Helsinki Syndrome sufferers all in the same petri dish of American culture. 

Roy Cohn(r) and Senator Joseph McCarthy before McCarthy's
downfall and Cohn's journey South.  Cohn would be
characterized by actor Al Pacino in a popular
TV series Angels In America.

     "Frank Capra was indeed cut from a different piece of cloth from these other Jewish personalities," said Kahn.
       After Joe McCarthy's downfall Cohn went South where he did all he could to try to wrestle the W.L. Moody fortunes away from family control for his benefactor Shearn Moody...."dang near a dress rehearsal of the twins, Bill and David Koch, and their family battle over Koch Industries," said Kahn.
       It was the Koch brothers' father who perhaps more than any other  was responsible for not only the John Birch Society, but also for supplying Nazi Germany its jump start in petroleum refineries," said Kahn noting that even the Vatican was considering changing its longstanding relationship with the historic Swiss Guard because of the Nazi gold.  "When coupled with the documented Nazi 'rat lines' through Italy after World War II used in exporting known war criminals to the West through local Catholic churches a dark shadow is cast on the church which is still trying to recover from the Spanish Inquisition and numerous pedophile cases world-wide. 

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