Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Japanese Gun Control and American Diversity

By Riley A. Swelzgay CPW News Service

     In the wake of the tragic Stony Hook massacre politicians, social scientists and gun makers are lining up on both sides of the issue.   The NRA has recommended that American schools provide for at least one armed guard at every school.  Others point out that the placement of such guards has not prevented previous slaughters in states like Colorado.
     Igor Tripp, President of The People Kill People Foundation in Remington, North Dakota believes that reducing guns on the street will not solve the problem of what he calls the “troubled lone gunman who goes on a killing spree.”    A guest speaker this week at the Mall of the Americas' Gun and Ammo Show, Tripp said “limit the guns to a single shot 22 cal. pistol and he just carries fifty 22 cal. pistols in his book bag,” said Tripp whose new company Tripp'in Outbacker is manufacturing oversized books bags in China.  Tripp has lined up 42 appearances at gun shows across America all organized for opening in December and January. 
   Dr. Joe Seth Mingle, a noted physician, researcher and social systems analyst who studies homogeneous cultures and their effects on decreased gun violence believes that the reason Japan and Scandinavia have such low incidence of murder by guns is a combination of factors that could change abruptly under the right conditions.  
     “The Japanese have lower gun violence, but they take out their frustrations not on each other but on whales, dolphins and tuna.  This is a marvelous approach to curbing human on human violence, but unless the petro-chemical industry stops producing greenhouse gases and plastics that have now become a floating island of debris the size of Texas in the mid-Pacific, dolphins and whales will disappear as the Japanese solution.   Japanese may have to turn to other species like goats,” said Mingle who did not believe that Green Peace would send teams to defend goats against "goat murderers" like they do against "whale killers."  Mingle's recent article, The Social Efficacy of Scape-goating, has brought mixed responses in Japan and elsewhere.
     Mingle also noted that Japanese culture was significantly altered with the dropping of two atomic bombs at the end of World War II.  “Assault rifles were no defense against big bombs and those can’t be carried by individuals very well, though it's been pointed out that our new book bags could be altered slightly to hold a suitcase size theater nuclear device, so the Japanese turned to fishing instead.  It had less to do with an indigenous culture,” said Mingle whose father,  Dr. Karl Mingle, had studied as an American eugenicist the characteristics of Japanese, Chinese and Korean cultures and determined that humans are able to discern the smallest differences even within homogeneous cultures.  “My interest in noses changed to eyes for the Asian studies.  This led me to study and research brother-on-brother violence through the once NRA-backed Project Abel/Cain.  There we studied the Koch Brothers, David and William, the two twins who have fought a bitter battle over the control of Koch Industries.  William said that his twin brother David and Charles who control the private family company had made fortunes polluting and stealing oil from beneath public and native American Indian lands, a charge which David and Charlies Koch, heavy supporters of cancer and birth defect research, flatly deny.   Even twins are likely under the right conditions to blast each other into oblivion,” said Mingle citing the Goodman Syndrome, “but of course with the slow steady polluting of the environment that is something that will take care of itself in time, unless the Koch's research into chemo-therapy will find a silver bullet that counters the cancers created by other known petro-chem carcinogens.”

     The Goodman Syndrome is named for  Michael Goodman  the British twin who killed his brother by pushing his head against a door knob, leading Dr. Mingle to believe that gun control advocates are what he describes as "dumber than a sack of door knobs," to the relief of his former NRA financial backers one of whom said "a good Goodman would have been packing".
     Mingle noted that it was this discovery, that even twins could kill each other with relish,  that led the NRA to remove its financial support from Project Abel/Cain.  "The NRA told me that if Abel had been equipped with a AR15 rifle, with or without a scope, that he could have survived Cain's attack and essentially changed history.  Adam Lanza was not that much different from the children he murdered," said Mingle.  "Well, except for the Asperberg Syndrome which is a form of Autism, which has itself become the subject of recent Congressional hearings to better understand the unexplained growth of Autism which appears to have no genetic or hereditary connections.   Some think its connected to immunizations and others to things like  the release of Benzene in to environment or other petro-chemical contamination."

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