Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, December 10, 2012


Will Duit Nowe for CPW News Service

     A new poll by Sogby Pollsters LLC, indicates that Americans have had it with their leaders.  “What leaders?” is the increasing response from the American public according to Phillip Sogby the poll’s founder who said that the responses from the public are increasingly hostile.   “Send the lemmings over the edge, but not a fiscal one.  Isn’t that what the Grand Canyon was used for by Native American Indians when their leader went bonkers?” said one Buffalo, New York welder.
     “The public realizes that the worst Congress in U.S. history is fiddling like Nero while the nation’s credibility is burning.  Who do they think ran up the bills in the first place, Jenna Bush or her Daddy?  Then when Henry Paulson, Bush’s Treasury Secretary handed the bail out bill to Obama, the guy who’d only recently won a place at the Woolworth's lunch counter, they play a game of ‘pin the tail on the donkey?”  said Jack Feldman of Omaha, Nebraska.
    “Obama’s also to blame for not pulling the plug on the whole charade while taking it on the chin for being the entitlement President, but what can he do?   I know a Texas oil field service company that went from a $500,000 a year company to a $4 billion company overnight by morphing into a military contracting company that picks up spent enriched uranium shells in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Does that qualify as an entitlement when it's tax payers dollars paying for it?   JFK supposedly tried to reign in the out of control war profiteers and look what happend to him.  With U.S. manufacturing jobs going to children in China and India the only thing we’re really good at anymore is making brass shell casings, lead bullets, drone airplanes and missiles.  That means that we have to keep the wars going on for the sake of the home front employment figures and to justify those security workers at the airport who make you remove your shoes.  Meanwhile the rich get richer from their war profits,” said Billie Wilson a Seattle housewife whose husband recently died of liver failure from alcoholism after being laid off from his bullet and gun belt manufacturing job.   "A Quaker and a pacificist he started hitting the bottle and started making dud bullets like those Jewish slave laborers in the Nazi concentration camps," said Mrs. Wilson.  "When they found out what he was doing they fired him."
    “Congress is facing a cliff?” Wilson continued.  “Give ‘em a push!”

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