Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pedestrian Project Targets Prison and Drug War Reform

Striped Joggers Running Down Injustice

By Ronald J. Reebok for CPW News Services

     Lester G. Moore  of the Joggers Against Privatized Prisons and the Phony Drug War have begun a forty year run for prison reform and cessation of what Moore calls “the phony war on drugs.”
     “It’ll take forty years to change things.  We have swelled U.S. prison populations by incarcerating people for minor drug offenses and those prisons are among the only growth industries in America and with their privatizition has come a gluttony for new inmates, secret prison labor that equates to a return to slavery and Shawshank-style corruption without any redemption.  Something’s gotta be done.”
     JAPPPDW is doing it.  Their members jog in prison stripes, thus calling attention to a national disgrace.
     “We have the highest incarceration rate of any industrialized nation thanks to our stupid drug laws and who is it that determined that, for example, that the use of Marajuana should be a crime crime.  Marajuana has actual food value so if were eaten instead of smoked it should be in the bins at Whole Food Stores,” said Moore whose first month of jogging in prison stripes brought two trips to the police station in handcuffs.
      “We assumed he was an escaped convict from some other county,” said Sgt. Michael Rivers of the Barksdale, California police who noted that while their prison uniforms are striped, Moore's had a number missing from the back of his shirt.  “If we had known that he was a normal person or that we’d be facing a civil liberties charge as a result  of his arrest we’d have let him run in pink underwear.”

     When told that in Arizona inmates wear pink underwear Sgt.  Rivers said “we’d have never stopped a jogger in pink underwear.  I’d have assumed he was gay or making a statement about stamping out breast cancer.”
     According to Mr. Moore the Reebok  Company has pledged support of JAPPPDW by coming out with black and white striped jogging shoes and Stripes Convenience stores in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas will provide half price Monkey Juice to JAPPPDW joggers who buy their Monkey Juice while wearing prison stripes.    “Monkey Juice will also donate 25% of the JAPPPDW sales to  juvenile diabetes research,” said Moore who is also founder of SOHFCS, Stamp Out High Fructose Corn Syrup.

    When told that Monkey Juice is filled with high fructose corn syrup Mr. Moore said, "Well we can't fix everything overnight."

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