Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Adam Lanza’s Big Guns
by Winsip Custer CPW News Services

     How does a 20 year old with Asperger syndrome end up in possession of guns worth about $2500 presumably registered in the name of his mother?  Why has a tragic pattern of mass murder and suicide manifested itself across a broad spectrum of the American landscape, not just in the South and West, areas normally associated with the love of hunting, target practice and gun totting?
     “Either these are random events associated with some yet unexplained social phenomenon exacerbated by the break down in the American family, the proliferation of weapons, the arousal of primitive instincts triggered by post industrial dehumanization of the masses or computer game reinforcement of murderous innate instincts, an unseen health anomaly like a brain tumor of congenitally or environmentally triggered psychological  condition or something else,” said Richard G.  Russell of Hold The Center Foundation of Denver, Colorado.

Adam Lanza hair cut may reveal chilling indicator of
early Fascist ideations.
     Russell believes that what the media is dismissing as a great mystery is showing the signs of clear linkages.  “You could not choreograph with greater intentionality a case for the disarming of the American population than with what has transpired in recent years. The fear of losing your most precious gift, your children and family, will provide the impetus for Americans to freely lay down their arms so that a hard right or left political ideology can take control.  Behind this is pure evil.  The impression of a left-right choice is misleading.  In  reality a small elite group bent on control and consolidation of power  is pulling the strings.  It is mind control on a grand scale and does to a large population what such trauma does to the individual psyche.   This is especially true when children are involved.  It makes them mailable and open to radical redirectioning," said Russell noting that even the name of the place, Stony Hook in Newtown, lent itself to future exploitation much like "Remember the Alamo" or "Remember Pearl Harbor" were slogans used to speed a response to a tragedy.
     America, he contends,  depends on the center holding and when the center no longer holds the nation is ripe for the wholesale rise of tyranny from the fringes and, subsequently, as a corrective....to a new revolution....impossible without arms. 
     What has not happened in our public schools and colleges is equipping students with the truth.  Did you lean in your civics and history classes about Marine General Smedley Darlington Butler and his confrontation with the 1930's fascist American "business plotters"?  "Why not?" asked Russell.  "Because the center has been systematically eaten away.    America's middle-class with its middle-class core values traditionally protected society from meltdown.  Without the middle we have 18th Century France in perpetuity.  Now is NOT the time to be talking about gun control.   The center will need them now more than ever, pulled from attacks and closets, dug up from hidden stashes, but increasingly those weapons are supplied by a few powerful families hiding behind a corporate veil and deeply connected to the 1930's fascist group that is still very much with us," said Russell who also pointed out that Michele Obama worked for the Springfield, Illinois law firm, Sidley Austin, that in 2001 had merged with Brown & Wood, the New York law firm with deep ties to "National City Bank boys" for whom Butler said "I was a goon on three continents".

     "George Carlin, the popular Irish-American comedian born in  New York, educated in a Catholic parochial school and taken to Saint John's Hospital in Santa Monica, California for his final heart attack, was HBO's golden comic.  As Carlin aged he dressed more and more in black like the Catholic priests he claimed to abhor or like satanist high priest, Anton LaVey, or his successor, Col. Michael Aquino.   Carlin would say...  'You have no choice' .  Many agreed.  Life is feudal.   So they take the bait. Most failed to see the connections.  'Your choice is paper or plastic,' Carlin would say.   One cannot visit a bathroom or kitchen, must less a gasoline pump, without enriching the Koch family whose progenitor, Fred Koch, not only built Hitler's oil refineries, but helped start the John Birch Society along with being a close ally of the 'business plotters'.    If it is made of paper or plastic the Kochs petro-chemical and paper plants had a hand in it.  Through a maze of interlocking corporate directorates throughout the economy they make money on both sides of every conflict, every issue," said Russell, "just like their toilet tissue and hand towels get you from both ends.

    Now is the time, according to Russell, to question all of our assumptions about government from the right or left, because as dissimilar as Obama may look from the Teaparty/Koch Republicans, they are, according to Russell, in bed with each other.  The Democrats and Republicans are controlled by the fringes....both of them.   Carlin was supposedly a liberal comedian, but he was reinforcing the company line. The aim is to make the center disappear so that a prison planet of slaves and masters can be realized.  "It's nothing to laugh at," said Russell.


     Russell has noted that Peter J. Lanza, Adam's father, is a graduate of Fairfield University, a Jesuit University, which is also the alma mater of California District Judge Joseph Russoniello.  Russoniello has been at the center of two highly publicized and quickly, but falsely debunked, truths systematically squelched by America's media. 
     “That would be Russoniello’s place in the cover-up of the Presidio child abuse scandal in San Francisco.  That scandal was connected to the U.S. Army and to U.S. intelligence superstar and Satanist, U.S. Army Col. Michael Aquino.    Aquino has also been identified as a participant in the  Jesuit related Boys Town scandal known as The Franklin Cover-Up by Rusty Turner, an employee of the scandal's primary protagonists, Larry KingGary Webb’s investigation into the CIA’s Iran-Contra drug connections in his book Dark Alliance  when read alongside John DeCamp's The Franklin Cover-Up pulls it all together.  John DeCamp was an aide to CIA Director and honorable Catholic layman, William Colby.  According to DeCamp, William Colby was murdered.  That charge was denied by Colby's son, but DeCamp's exposure of the Franklin scandal stands on it own,” said Russell who believes that the circumstances surrounding Colby's death like those of Gary Webb, Danny Casalaro and Mark Lombardi are all highly problematic. 
     Like Webb, Casalaro and Lombardi had put the same shocking loose ends together.  Lombardi, a former curator for Houston, Texas' Contemporary Art Museum died mysteriously in March 2000, months before the contentious 2000 Presidential election that would tetter between George W. Bush and Al Gore in Florida where Jeb Bush was Governor and where the "Business Plotters" families still sun bathed.  Lombardi's art work, on display at the Whitney, traced in visual form the Iran-Contra supply lines and could potentially tarnish the election for GWB since the Reagan/Bush administration had envisioned and enacted the whole Iran-Contra program with its drugs for weapons components.
     Russell has written about the methodical erosion of social stability and he sees Fairfield University as, ironically but also by design, a center for normalizing violence in American life.  Fairfield is home to the Charles F. Dolan Business School, named for billionaire media mogul, Charles F. "Chuck" Dolan of HBO and AMC. 
     "If people would just follow the money it would become clear.  To support the military complex's policy of endless wars the American populace must be desensitized to violence and blood letting.  How does that happen on a wide scale?  You take what had been relegated to crumby B movies and make it mainstream....HBO's True Blood and AMC's Walking Dead do exactly that.  Young girls strolling down Main Steet in the rain.  The rain is blood.  Walking Dead?  It's message is 'it's fun to kill people'," said Russell who believes that the flood of vampire genre' flooding the media does the same.  "Humphrey Bogart may have starred in a film that attempted to curtail violence like The Harder They Fall, but today's blood sport, cage fighting and the like, also make blood and brutality part of the American norm.  Add to this Colombine, Aurora and now Sandy Hook and all sanity is out the window," said Russell.

District of Northern California
Judge Joseph Russoniello
at center of Presidio case and suppresion
of facts in Gary Webb's Dark Alliance
     Russell, originally from Boston, Massachusetts where his ancestors were in the whaling and shipping business, said that no American could understand the recent events without reading John DeCamp's The Franklin Coverup, Gary Webb's Dark Alliance, Linda Goldman’s continuing coverage of these stories in the San Jose Mercury News, Danny Casalaro’s story about the Octopus, and Mark Lombardi’s art exhibit at the Whitney Art Museum in New York City, the domiciling of Joseph Goebbel's memoirs by the Hoover Institute at Stanford, Donald Rumsfeld's purchase of Misery Plantation in Virginia, the iconic location for the renditioning of abolitionist Frederick Douglas and the connections of the Walker Bush clan to filibusterer, William Walker, who desired to create in the Caribbean region a "Golden Circle" of human slavery.

    "People need to be aware that the Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles office of the FBI, Ted Gunderson, had verified the marriage of Aquino to the U.S. Army and government.

Connie Mack (r) and Henry Ford (l).

     On December 17th, 2012 on CNN's Early Start, Congressman Connie Mack IV and his wife Mary Bono Mack made the case for stronger government intervention.  They talked about the need for gun control.  "This is an uncharacteristic response for Republicans," said Russell.  "Mrs. Bono-Mack is the California Congressional Representative, the home state of both Judge Joseph P. Russoniello and the Hoover Institute that domiciles the memoires of Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi master of propaganda and on whose board is such notables as Donald Rumsfeld with deep ties to the power elites who date back to the 1930's fascist 'Business Plot' and which included Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Charlie Lindberg, John Burroughs and Prescott Bush," said Russell.
       The plotters all had  homes in Florida and several in Fort Meyers where Connie Mack took his baseball team for summer camp.  Today Fort Meyers is also home to Connie Mack IV.  Mrs. Mack, formerly the wife of California Congressman Sonny Bono, noted that the government should take a bigger part in providing a solution to the growing violence and that the CDC or Center for Disease Control had an established program for studying this growing problem. It was not until this tragedy that Mrs. Bono-Mack became aware of it.  "Since when are leading Republicans talking about the government taking a bigger part in people's lives?" asked Russell.       
     Connie Mack IV is the direct descendant of the famous American baseball player who changed his name from McGillicudhy to Mack.  Connie Mack IV retired from his Florida State congressional seat to run for Porter Goss' US Congressional seat when Goss was appointed Director of the CIA.  It was Goss who suppressed the Hitz Report which confirmed Gary Webb's investigation and conclusions.   When Webb's investigation threatened to spark an L.A. riot about the time of the Rodney King beating when blacks were feeling abandoned by their government and police, Porter Goss' replacement at CIA, John Deutsch, was sent by Bill Clinton to quell the riot.  It was at this meeting with community leaders that LA policeman, Michael Ruppert, came forward to validate citizens' concerns.  
     "Judge Russienello's connections to the suppression of Webb's discoveries in Dark Alliance and Russienello's previous suppression of the San Francisco Presidio child abuse case that included Col. Michael Aquino, a high clearance specialist in psychological warfare and head of the Satanic Church of Set now become clear.  Gary Webb had blown  the lid off of the government's drug connections," said Russell, "and he was murdered for it on December 10, 2004.  Today, the medical examiner who called Webb's death a suicide...two gunshots to the head....two...., should be hauled up on criminal charges for lying.  Perjury.  Hell, treason!" said Russell. 

Florida Congressional Representatives Connie Mack IV and wife,
California Congressional Representative Mary Bono Mack, Republicans
uncharacteristically promoting the need for more
government intervention in people's lives.

     Russell noted that Asberger Disease is a form of Autism and the origins of it along with the unexplainable rise in Autism is very much in the news.   The weeks prior to the Connecticut shootings  the issue of Autism flooded the American media as parents who questioned the cause for the rise in Autism pressed for greater government intervention.  "That puts more power with the government and CDC which will be counted on to provide justification for future legislation, but can you trust the conductors of the Tuskegee Experiment and founders of the Cold Spring Harbor eugenics studies to provide sound research?" asked Russell who noted "you've got to be one traumatized puppy to believe that the government....this government.....any government....is a benevolent and benign entity."
      After listing the names of the murdered children in his address to the grieving families President Obama said "God has called them all home.  For those of us who remain let us find the strength to carry on and make the country worthy of their memory."
     "God has called them home?" said Russell.  "Wow.  Can you use another method, Almighty, sweet Jesus?  I think a demonic personality killed them so they can't go home.  God will take care of this too, I believe, far better than any of us can now, but now is not the time to be traumatized by this tragic loss.  Now is the time to stand up and be counted and not to roll over and give up." 

       Russell continues..."It has been widely noted that a country that rivals the U.S. in similar gun violence is Germany where the nation observes very strict gun laws, but which produced Hitler and Goebbels and Himmler whose interest in the Thule Society, paganism, satanism is also a supreme source of  fascination for men like Aquino and apparently members of the Hoover Institute,  people who have been given full access to the halls of U.S. government and the Pentagon where men like George H. W. Bush whose nickname at Yale was 'Molloch' wield power.  Before we say that the U.S. has become like the 'Wild West' remember that before the 'Wild West' was the class warfare of Europe with its Thirty Years Wars and before that Attila the Hun's brutal rule and elsewhere the Mongol hordes of Asia under Genghis Khan.  Some things never change," said Russell.  "Personal responsibility and societal diligence are a must if we want to avoid another Dark Ages.  Gun control?  Yes.  Control YOUR guns!"

Unfortunately, Russell also believes that with so many of the "Business Plotters" who are American fascists and John Bircher-related industrialists controlling the U.S. gun production, even the NRA which is essentially their PR team and their ludicrous suggesting of posting an armed guard at every school may be part of their overall plan of disarming any and all opposition as quickly as possible.  "As misguided as the South was in supporting slavery, their real problem was that the 1833 class of Yale institutionalized a slave-minded culture of Connecticut Yankees bigger and stronger than the Southerners.   Future freedom fighters basing their love of freedom on egalitarian and democratic values will be branded by this group as 'commies' and like the misguided 'Johnny Rebs', true freedom fighters will find that they can't make zip guns fast enough to keep up with the newest fascist controlled-Springfield armory that supplies their captors.  The future 'arsenal of freedom' will be sling-shots," said Russell.

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