Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Human Catalysts of Climate Change and Global Warming Denier to Head NASA?

NASA Scientists Believe Cruz Should Run Program From International Space Station As Sensitivity Training Experiment.

by Igor Yu Izehout CPW New Service

     According to a broad coalition of former NASA scientists and astronauts and over 200 scientific organizations and 97% of all climate scientists the new head of the NASA program for the U.S. Government, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, should spend two years on the International Space Station to learn from afar and close up the science behind global warming. 

    Fred Martin, a former NASA supplier of oxygen, hydrogen and other gasses, believes that this would be an excellent opportunity for Cruz to expand his horizons.  "Yes, it's one thing to believe that if you come from Texas that you can wisely rule, but it's just not so.   Sending Cruz into outer space where he depends on what comes from Mother Earth may give him a whole new perspective for protecting the key source of his living.  Up there we are less and less dependent on oil and gas or Halliburton," said Martin.

    "I echo the concerns of the world's scientists, not just NASA.  Cruz is beholding to the Texas oil barons and their pseudo-scientific bimbologists.  Elon Musk who had a vision of advanced electric vehicles has caved to their agenda.  Oppenheimer's vision for ubiquitous nuclear energy was derailed, but Oppy was too intellectually honest to go along so they destroyed his career.  Elon is now buddies with Linden and Neal Blue of Global Atomic whose vision is raining down on planet earth their depleted uranium shells from drones or higher and Cruz's expressed goal?  Maintaining for the U.S. the high space 'superiority'....star wars without an evil empire so we likely manufactured one over the last decade and they are now providing the consent for the war machinery to ratchet up its assault on the earth with its world destroying technology.   Your microwave oven serves nicely as a Faraday box for blocking your cell phone or lap tops GPS should you ever be a target, but you better not be in your house when you last put 'em in there!" said Martin.  "Meanwhile no one is providing positive leadership for a warming planet and the bamboozling bamboozles on and on."

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