Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, December 10, 2014



By Alfie Wustitallabout, CPW News Service

Ashton Carter, U.S. Secretary of Defense
    With Washington, the nation and the world all buzzing over the Democrat’s release of the CIA Torture Report, Dr. Wilhelmina Vanna Doughe  of the Center for the Study of Elite Propaganda Methods  in Goebbels, Austria has leveled charges that the CIA Report is a sophisticated duping of the American population.   “This is nothing but a Thanksgiving and Christmas gesture of goodwill to let the world think that Americans are motivated by the high ground of moral and ethical decision making instead of ‘show me the money’.”
    Doughe whose father and mother supplied the cleaning services for several Nazi era internment camps said “Look at the facts.   Attorney General Erik Holder resigns before the report is released and the lawyers lip locked deniability for the Bushie and Obamie bimbos and meanwhile Obama announces the new Secretary of Defense who comes from Global Technologies that has a strategic alliance with Rothchild North America and I suppose since they are global, Rothschild Worldwide or whatever they call it.  On the board of Global is William Perry, former Secretary of Defense and former CIA Director under Bill Clinton, John Deutsch, who had his own peculiar problems at Central Intelligence....well, he wasn't too intelligent.    Now I don’t have to tell you that the Rothchilds are intermarried with the Sassoon family of the Baghdad British opium trader David Sassoon and that the Golden Crescent….the historic opium smuggling region that cuts across Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Turkey and Pakistan... produces 90% of the world’s opium which has doubled in output since 2000.   What did I say?  Let me ask that again!  "WHAT DID I SAY?" Yea, 2000, when GWB was elected President and a year later we invade Iraq based on yellow cake uranium and a few thousand dead Americans.   Sassoon moved his historic opium center in Baghdad, Iraq to Bombay, India because of anger from the regional war lords who threatened his supply lines.  Do you see a connection here and a rationale for a never ending war on terror in that region?  In 2014 Afghanistan had a record poppy crop!    So you see the problem?   The CIA report is so much bamboozling like Iran-Contra was a solid rod up the wah-wah,” said Dr. Doughe.  "If the CIA is going to be scrapped what the fxxx is going to take its misguided place?" asked Dr. Doughe candidly.
     Doughe is an authority on Britain’s "Balfour Agreement" and “Transfer Agreement” backed by Britain and Rothschild factions prior to WWII that essentially created the modern nation of Israel on the backs of those wealthier German and other European Jews willing to help fund the Reich by circumventing Allied embargoes against the Nazis.   "Sir Arthur Balfour had supported Sir Neville Chamberlain in his appeasement of Hitler, while American supporters of the German American Bund and Hitler's agenda in Europe included the "Business Plotters" among them the grandfather of GWB and Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, but also from Caleb Cushing's hometown of Boston, Joseph P. Kennedy," said Dr. Doughe.
     Doughe is also an authority on the U.S./China Wanghia Treaty which negotiated with China the shift from Britain to the U.S. as a solid trading partner that promised not to do to China what the British had done with Sassoon.  "That, of course, led to the Opium Wars and Boxer Rebellion.  Enter the U.S. and SURPRISE!   We could not resist.  We were made quite aware because of the arrangements between Chiang Kai Shek, General Claire Chennault, the Green Gang before and after World War II, the rise of the Golden Triangle as a regional based poppy growing region that some would like to develop in the U.S.'s prime poppy growing regions were it not for the U.S. medical and pharmaceutical grip on U.S. drug policy.   So, for our unfaithfulness in not keeping to the Wanghia Treaty we were the recipients of the Chinese Cultural Revolution until the current arrangement,  whatever that is.   The U.S. tax-coffer-looter, former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, could tell us since he is the primary mover and shaker on the wholesale marketing of the U.S. lands and businesses to China," said Doughe. 
    “Well, I’m concerned that the new Secretary of Defense, Dr. Carter,  with his tush in the middle of the Globalist agenda….which seems to be to command the high ground….not the high moral ground…..but the high ground of outer space….is being ushered in so that they can again inflict their big rod up the wah-wah agenda on the whole world.   Meanwhile, the Vatican has hired McKinzie & Co. as its PR advisor which is also the advisor to 70 percent of the top 25 U.S. aerospace and defense contracting companies.   I'd look for some weird announcement of a new role between the U.S. and the Vatican as peacekeepers who hold the sword of an eye-in-the-sky drone strike of potential adversaries.   We live in exciting and challenging times,” said Doughe "and keep looking up.  Literally!"

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