Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

No Blackfish In Whitey Bolger’s Pond

Stephen Rakes’ Caffeine Fix Poison Pill

 by Lilly Bell Hooker CPW News Service
     In a year when high profile actors with motion pictures in the works either died or saw their films derailed by on-line cyber terrorism,   Waylon D. Eiszhout of the social media analysis group Spiked Ratings LLP said “this has all the earmarks of a media tweeking campaign that leaves doubts about the dubious nature of the media gobbling public relations industry.  It’s like the old Murder Incorporated  ploy to make money using other people’s misfortunes.   It’s hard as hell to prove, but smells like putrid plate of rancid Lungfish.  That cyber attack on Sony by North Korea, is a mystery and a perfect media grabbing bubble of slick licks," said Eiszhout.

     Eiszhout believes that another example of the close proximity of Hollywood and film making to the slimy underworld of manufactured unintended consequences is seen in the Shark Tank’s leading shark, Mark Cuban, chief investor in Magnolia Pictures’ Blackfish and the Magnolia documentary Whitey: The United State vs. Whitey Bolger.  Blackfish was neither a fish nor black and whoever had the bright idea to feature a live witness against Whitey Bolger in the Magnolia film about this Irish slimeball should be tarred and feathered.   When his killer gave a cup of McDonald’s coffee to Stephen Rakes just after the screwball Boston police, DA and FBI failed to give Rakes adequate protection it was laced with potassium cyanide. There should have been a massive outcry.   Magnolia might as well have funded a snuff film!” said Eiszhout.

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