Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Amy Strickland, Booker T. Washington High School And Cheerleading the Proper Line

 Booker T. Washington High School, Amy Strickland and the Control of Class Distinctions: An Interview With Lowell P. Wigglesworth

By Guy Dwyer, CPW News Service
    Following the walkout by black students at Virginia’s first chartered all-black high school  in protest of a photograph tweeted by the school’s recently appointed Vice-Principle, Amy Strickland, a “teacher of the year” from another school, but with a prior background in public health administration and bio terrorism, it was obvious that it was time for someone of Lowell P. Wigglesworth’s stature to weigh in on the subject.

GD:  You are concerned that there is more to this story than meets the eye?
LW:  Of course there is.  Look at the timing of this.   Look at the timing of the Bill Cosby crisis….and for him it is a crisis....and of Ferguson, Missouri.  Sixteen women coming forward in Cosby's case and he was an ace in the whole for Anglophile power elites who likely have followed him like a poker player following his aces.   Why now if most of their cases were settled out of court some time over the past 20 years back when Cosby’s testosterone and judgment were running wild, out of control and obviously swelled  by his own sense of self-importance and celebrity?  Why now when everyone looking at the photo from BTW might find a subtle mental suggestion,  mind manipulation by association, that even the finest looking young black man from BTW or Temple University like Cosby will rape you?   Why now when two black men were the first to die of Ebola on U.S. soil?  Why now when  the first black, well, half-black President is under attack in ways that are not hard to separate from racial motives?  Ferguson is only slightly different.   Young Mr. Brown's aggressive stare down of the shop keeper that just preceded his death was enough to bring sympathy for the policeman, but the system was flawed.  Flawed to the bone by the lack of black representation on the police force.  Would young Mr. Brown have been coping an attitude if he had grown up in a city where more than half of the policemen who lived and worked there were black?  Maybe, but if not there would have been no basis for protest against a systematically and racially regulated society in Ferguson.

GD:  What is it about the Booker T. Washington High School incident that bothers you the most? 
LW:  That the kids are falling prey to the cultural and media manipulation and that the culture is being controlled by forces greater than the media manipulation.    Reverse the roles.  Suppose that in 1963 a dozen white boys stood with a dozen  beautiful black girls for a photo op as they went together to a prom?    Petty high school jealousies aside, the message would have been about “power”….”we have the power, the collective power to inflict our individual and collective wills on the culture so screw you.”    Is this a solid basis for a relationship between any man or woman?  In the case of Booker T. Washington, a school that has lost its Virginia Board of Education certification this isn’t saying much is it?  I think it is, but not in the way one might first expect.   That loss of accreditation could be manipulated.  Engineered.   Remember that Richmond, Virginia was the capital of the Confederacy and the Civil War was not fought over slavery.  Do you hear me?  That is the unabashed great American myth.   It was fought over a rail route to the Pacific and to the Middle Eastern opium beyond.   Abolition of slavery was the lace curtain covering the slaughter house window.   I have written extensively about this unmentioned fact of American history and have documented the details that are too compelling to deny.   The U.S  Navy would control the shipping lanes and insure that the trade routes that we appropriated from the British with a bigger and faster fleet of war ships was ours.  Many of the kiddos at Booker T. have parents who work for the Norfolk and Portsmouth Naval shipyards.    On the U.S. Naval Academy grounds is the tomb of William Cushing, Abraham Lincoln’s “first commando”….the first U.S. Navy Seal….and his brother who died at Gettysburg was just given a Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously by circumventing Congressional protocols for the medal, but the key Cushing…..besides the one for whom Cushing, Oklahoma was named and which controlled the benchmark price of crude oil for more than a century and the city through which the polluting sludge of the Keystone Pipeline will pass on its way to Texas that will chug out benzene and other chemicals in its difficult refining…..is Caleb Cushing who negotiated the Wanghia Treaty with China.   That treaty replaced Britain  with the U.S. as China’s leading trading partner and set the stage for the American power elite opium traders  to control the world’s poppy fields in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Iran and Iraq.  Caleb Cushing from Boston was close friends of Jefferson Davis and  also a slaver.   If he had to use the abolition of metal chains as the pretext for getting to the opium across a fast flat rail route  from California , so be it, since the drugs would re-enslave once they were securely controlled.  
GD:  That's interesting, but so the students who will graduate from BTW will find it doubly hard to find a job in the private sector?  But how does this China and Middle East connection effect them?
LW:  The poor in China and the U.S. and elsewhere in the world are the market for drugs.  It numbs the pain of poverty and is a hidden and untaxed tax on the poor in a constant state of prohibition.  Poverty is perpetuated as a market for drugs in the U.S. just as in China during the Opium Wars, Boxer Rebellion leading to the Chinese Cultural Revolution.  Without science, math, history and the rest they won't have a clue about the real issues.  They will serve the sludge buckets of the old whaling ships turned opium cutters turned  oil and drug cartels and war profiteers and we will be stuck for another generation with the status quo.    Science and technology is being held captive by the power elites as much as Copernicus and Galileo were held captive by the power hungry Vatican and Pope and we will all suffer for it.   We are still slaves to carbon fuels, fossil fuels and we could be running the earth on clean fuels including ubiquitous hydrogen, wind and solar. Meanwhile the emphasis is on whether little black boys are going hand and hand with little white girls to a prom?  Good grief!  Well, we should all have a dream and it should be a whole hell of a lot bigger than that!

South Central L.A. and every other American city has found its youth, particularly its poor youth, suckered into the druggie life that runs hand in hand with the oil sludge buckets.  If these students fail to succeed in math, science and other academic endeavors they will find open arms in the military and help to extend the rails of empire in places like Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria.   They need to remind themselves that the underground railroad that the Northern power elites controlled stopped not in Chicago or New York, but Canada with Liberia, Africa awaiting them as colonist in U.S. sponsored re-colonization of Africa.
GD:  I see.   Like with cocaine in the Iran-Contra case and Gary Webb's book Dark Alliance?
LW:  Bingo!  Yes.   Dark, but not in terms of skin color.   Dark like the lightless life of termites tunneling under your house, our house.  It hurts when you are from a non-accredited school and your college admissions director looks at the test scores.   So many will join the military where there is greater acceptance of racial differences.   This is something to be proud of, but for the fact that Marine General Smedley Darlington Butler, the two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner criss-crossed the country telling the U.S. and the world that war is a racket.  General Colin Powell was an agent of that racket when he sold, like the old slave, Stephen, at Candyland in DJango Unchained, yellow cake uranium as a pretext for war with Iraq.    Now he's pushing education, but his credibility and cover was blown.  There have been good black and white soldiers who have held to Butler's principles.....Colonel Theodore "Ted" Westhusing in Iraq and while some will wrongly disagree, there was a black soldier in Burma whose life story is being made into a film by Spike Lee.  He had a first-hand view of China's Silk Road during World War II and the fight for control of the opium there.   In Baghdad, Iraq, Westhusing was standing in the middle of historic opium smuggling city of David Sassoon.   During the height of the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. the ROTC at Vanderbilt University was integrated in their barracks while the school's dorms were not.  Vanderbilt’s Chancellor, Harvie Branscomb, decided to rid the school of all dormitories foreseeing the  natural mixing and mingling that didn't seem to really bother Jefferson Davis all that much and so he was working to get Vanderbilt out of the housing business altogether.   You see what I mean?  But by taking the military option in a country that has replaced Britain as the Empire…..and this is the problem with all empires….you serve the great beast of botched ambitions as Smedley Butler pointed out.   There have been communities in even the South where integration was not a problem.  I ran into one community where someone was asked "so this all changed after the Supreme Court ruling?"  They said, "No.  It never changed.  It was always 'In Christ there is neither East nor West, Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female."
GD:  You are concerned that the public health administration factor is a part of the BTW incident?
LW:  The first man to die on U.S. soil from Ebola was black.   The second was black.   The white doctor in New York who worked at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital lived in Harlem, there was a type of guilt by association.    The CDC and Emory University in Atlanta use the same infectious disease physicians and researchers  and they have patented the Ebola virus in the U.S. and Europe.  They will say that is to protect the research and future vaccines, but is it?  Ebola does, after all, share some major parallels with the Marburg virus that was manufactured in a post-WWII IG Farben related virus production facility in Germany.   The leading health administration researchers to study the 1989 outbreak are at the University of Texas and the Chancellor of the UT system if former U.S. Navy Admiral and head of the JSOC, Admiral William McRaven.   You see where this is going?   Then you have a little cheerleader with a background in health administration which was, as others have pointed out,  the point of origin for both Mary Harriman’s Cold Springs Harbor eugenics program and the government sponsored Tuskegee experiments and there’s little you can believe about what we are seeing and hearing.
GD:   The CDC can control the evidence in the Ebola death cases.  Isn’t that true?
LW:  Yes.   With a monolithic health policy linked as it is to national security policy and anti-terrorism policy the American medical community is poised, not unlike Hitler’s Germany, to use medicine and vaccines as an instrument of national, now international, policy.  
GD: What would you say to the students at BTWHS in light of this tweet and the spotlight that the school is under in other ways?
LW:    I’d tell them to study not just Howard Zinn’s book A People’s History of the United States, but my own work, or heck, just a summary of it like the one that Justin Tyme wrote.    These kids will leave school never having heard of Smedley Darlington Butler, much less Howard Zinn, unless they picked it up after hearing Zinn mentioned by Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting.     As good as it is there’s so  much that Zinn doesn’t cover.   Consider that the head of the CIA who brought out of Germany the best Nazi scientists, rocket and jet propulsion engineers, medical scientists, bio-weapons scientists and the like who were hidden in American cities.   Operation Paperclip Nazis were resettled in San Antonio, Texas, not just in South America. I have seen black Americans lament their treatment following World War II and the acceptance of German soldiers in POW camps in the States.   Was that about skin color or the perception....a false perception to be sure....that the Germans were from some advanced culture?  San Antonio, Texas, for example was a place known well to Dwight D. Eisenhower, but also to Robert E. Lee and even physicians like Dr. Ashbel Smith who was a Yale grad with a clear Anglophile agenda in the 1800’s.   In the 19th Century Robert E. Lee lived there and in the 20th so did Eisenhower.   At the same time that William Tecumseh Sherman was working for the Northern railroad barons before returning east to join the Union Army to destroy the South’s railroad system before it could reach the Pacific before the families of Caleb Cushing, Alexander Brown, William Huntington Russell and even the Delanos and Roosevelts all were aware of the American love affair with Germanic peoples.  In our Civil War neither side took the real moral high ground in admitting the real motivation for war.   You want proof?   Caleb Cushing from Boston was good friends with Jefferson Davis.  Look at Union General Sherman's treatment of freed slaves at Ebenezer Creek, the short period of Reconstruction and the discovery in the 1980's of the U.S. government's participation in the drug trade during Iran-Contra.    Alan Dulles like the Dallas and New York Hospitals where the Ebola scare first hit us was Presbyterian.  His cousin, Avery Dulles, was a Roman Catholic Cardinal like Boston’s Richard Cushing.   We know that the Roman Catholic Church had conduits through France and Germany to Brazil, Chile and Argentina after World War II and that they helped usher out of Germany  many Nazi war criminals.   Buried in the Vatican are the bones of  Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Scottish prince who sided with the Roman Catholic Church against the British Parliamentarians and anti-monarchial Puritans.     In America, Amy Strickland’s alma mater, Old Dominion,  though Anglican,  took the name "Old Dominion" from Charles II, King of England whose wife was Roman Catholic.  The Roman Catholics and Anglicans shared a reverence for monarchs.  In fact, Old Dominion's mascot name is "The Monarchs".  A school that traces its beginnings from William & Mary College, the current Chancellor of William & Mary is former CIA Director and Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, the consigliore of the most monarchial family in American politics.   The Bush family  follows the routines of primogeniture succession and family dynastic privilege like a Tudor or Saxe-Gotha heir apparent.
     By the way,  Like Henry VIII's wife, Charles II's wife could have no children.    Charles proudly noted, however, that he had 12 illegitimate children.    Is that a father's biggest nightmare?  Thomas Jefferson was a graduate of Old Dominion, but he didn't take Sally Hemings to the Old Dominion prom.    Don’t forget that the British monarchy during WWII was suspected of being loyal to Hitler since the British Saxe-Gotha-Colberg-Windsors were from Germany, not England.   The Duke of Windsor abdicated the British throne for the hand of Wallace Simpson, a known American-Nazi spy.   The Windsors have made fortunes in both enriched and depleted uranium used in the same way the U.S. military complex is making its money in defending oil, gas and mineral resources with incredibly dangerous and carcinogenic battlefield weapons that many of the young BTWHS's finest may be asked to pick up on a foreign battlefield with no real knowledge of the effects.   You'll find the German-American Bund that FBI agent William Flynn was investigating was laying its network in the U.S. well before FDR tightened the screws on American fascists including the 1930’s “business plotters”.     Hitler’s oil agent, William Rhodes Davis, was shipping oil out of Brownsville, Texas for the Reich.  We know that across the Rio Grande River from Brownsville was Bagdad, spelled without the “H” like Baghdad, Iraq, but there is a huge clue to the transshipment of   drugs across Mexico to the Caribbean even as far back as the U.S. Civil War.  Britain’s opium supplier in Baghdad, Iraq was the David Sassoon family who moved his operations from Baghdad to Bombay India.   From there opium was shipped to the Orient and Great Britain was essentially the army for Sassoon’s empire in the drug trade.   Sassoon essentially bequeathed to Britain the Chinese port of  Hong Kong for opium trading for silks and spices.     When the Suez Canal punched through from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf the British needed an Eastern Mediterranean fortification to protect Sassoon’s routes.   Egypt and Malta were key British ports and the arrival of the Turks in Lebanon and Syria triggered the arrival of T.E. Lawrence whose close friend were both Rothschilds and Sassoons in Great Britain as well as the Saudi Royals.  Of course there was no love lossed between the Brits and the Turks as Gallipoli proved during World War I.  I would encourage BTWHS students to watch two films:   David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia and Brian Desmond Hurst's The Malta Story.
     Malta was a key island port for Britain in the Mediterranean.   The Germans and Italians wanted it during WWII.   Consider the Nazi assault on Malta in 1942 and the U.S. ship Ohio, owned by Texaco Company which carried petroleum to the embattled British at Malta.   The Ohio had been fitted with guns at Galveston,  Texas, home of boxer Jack Johnson in May 1942, but the Ohio was also filled with 103,576 barrels of petrol at the Sinclair refinery in Houston before sailing to Britain where it was summarily requisitioned by the  British government.  Texaco executives protested, but not by the U.S. government and not FDR.   We know this from Michael Pearson’s book The Ohio and Malta.     President Roosevelt had to have known that through Hitler’s agents in Texas…chief among them men like William Rhodes Davis who claimed kinship to both the President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, and Cecil Rhodes whose DeBeers diamond mines in Africa were making Texaco, Rhodes and the Rothchilds rich.     Sassoon was married into the Rothchild family and the Rothchilds and Sassoons  were both up to their elbows in the “Transfer Agreement” and the “Balfour Agreement” that sold out poor Jews in Germany to create Israel  via dollars from Jewish power elites’ circumventing the trade embargos against the Nazis.   That embargo went hand in hand  with the fact that FDR, Churchill and the Allies set in place trade restrictions on Germany that the fascist American “Business Plotters” had also violated…..among them some of America’s leading mercantile families.

GD:  I had read that the “Business Plotters” included Rockefellers, Firestones, Burroughs, Ford, Lindberg and even Prescott Bush.   There were others?

LW:   Others?    The connections to Germany were longstanding.  Those were the key players, but the German/American alliances stretch back to  Albert Pike, the top Indian Affairs man for Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy and the future chief legal counsel for the KKK and head of the Austrian-based Scottish Rite Masonry in America, linked up with the Northern power elites in 1909 when the son of Alphonso Taft, a founder of Yale’s Skull& Bones, joined the Scottish Rite lodge of his father shortly after he was elected President of the U.S. in 1908.   That was William Howard Taft.
I would tell these minnows at Norfolk that if they hope to be more than goffers for the U.S. military industrialist complex picking up Linden Blue’s spent depleted uranium shells on the some god forsaken foreign battlefield in some resource rich land and writing to their white, black, yellow or red wives back in the states, they had better get an education that tells them more than the drool that the power elites have dribbled out in the history and civics classes…and read a whole lot more than the pabulum they have been fed by  the same powers that might well have placed their VP, Ms. Strickland, at BTWHS.

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