Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Elon Musk: Toyota is Nuts....Hydrogen Fool Cell! Toyota: Musk Oil To Mars!

Space X Champion Poo-Poos Toyota's Brave New Move

by M. Jason Mitayle and Dee Penta Gonne

Leaving aside the problems of automobile recalls that have plagued not only Toyota, but every major auto maker, Toyota announced that they would be making a hydrogen powered automobile for 2015, the Mirai.

"It's hydrogen fool cells," said Elon Musk of Space X, the founder of Tesla Motor cars who reached for outer space in his move to the new space exploration and commercialization company.  Musk's Tesla Company was also the sponsor of a celebration of the aviation accomplishments of Linden Blue whose Predator and Reaper drones have delivered lethal loads of depleted uranium salvos to the world's battlefields made from the enriched uranium that was retooled from nuclear reactors.

"Elon Musk moved to Houston, Texas which is ground zero for the world's fossil fuel cartel and here you have Elon tongue lashing hydrogen like Kenneth Pitzer and William Liscum Borden did of Robert Oppenheimer when he wanted to develop nuclear energy while Pitzer was President of Rice University, home of the James A. Baker Center for Public Policy.   That was before the committee that disgraced Oppy as a commie for wanting to improve energy supplies and that lynch-mob was chaired by Gorden Gray, father of GHWB's legal counsel C. Boyden Gray, both father and son being heirs of the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company that didn't give damn dinkle-berry about your health and humanity," said Farnsworth Wiggins of Seabrook, Texas and a survivor of Benzene induced Aplastic Anemia.

Mr. Toyota, the grandson of the Toyota company's founder said "Elon Musk is suggesting what?  That we use musk oil to power our interplanetary explorers?  To use fossil fuels our future space travelers will need to find planets with carbon-based life forms that have decomposed to a sludge-like crude oil and so far there are not enough dead extra-terrestrials in one place to provide an oil source.  We can't even find enough extra-terrestrials to provide a good view of one.  Not ONE!   So, whether its oxygen or hydrogen fuel mixtures or ion engines that's one thing, but to get Elon's Space X crafts to Uranus on hydrogen 'fool cells', fossils like Elon must go bye-bye," said Toyota.   "The future belongs to an abundance of clean energy.  I like hydrogen and if the Hindenburg had been filled with gasoline the fire would have been much more dramatic!" said Toyota.

Dr. Yoshika Yamamoto of the Center for Japanese Fortitude in the Wake of Near Nuclear Annihilation or JFWNNA said "nothing stalls gumption like personal trauma and nothing was as traumatic as the threat of near annihilation like the Japanese suffered at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.   Now that the earth faces the slower, but surer annihilation from fossil fuel back wash Mr. Toyota has found his family's sea legs again and it is quite refreshing to see!"

"It's one thing for the Americans to blow up an atom bomb or make a bigger hydrogen bombs or to recyle spent fuel rods into battle field radio active sabo rounds with a million year half-life, but to do something pleasing for the planet and to nurture Mother Earth....that is not in the oil cartel's vocabulary, but it's a language they must, MUST, learn to speak." said Yamamoto.

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