Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, December 29, 2014

Ion Plasma Engine Magnetos Could Power Earth For 2.8 Billion Years

Xenon and Solar Solution To Your Electric Bills

by Karl Trotsky Marx, CPW News Service

    According to Jack O'Malley-James, PhD  and astrophysicist at St. Andrews University, Scotland, the sun will end its earthly life in 2.8 billion years.   By then the earth will be uninhabitable because of a steady rise in temperature (Andrew Fazekas, “The Sun Will End Earthly Life in 2.8 Billion Years,” National Geographic, October 28, 2013).
     Benjamin  D. Seevers of NASA Watchers a Melbourne, Florida citizen's research group says “the earth could be powered by solar energy for much of that 2.8 billion years if we didn’t gunk up its atmosphere, deplete its ozone, trash its water and kill off its vegetation first.”
     Seevers believes that an Ion plasma engine that is currently the rage in interstellar travel could be used to power a near frictionless Ion plasma magneto making oil and gas unnecessary.  “Near frictionless high-speed trains use magnetic levitation to reduce friction.   Ion engines are capable of 200,000 mile per hour in the vacuum of space and are 10 times more efficient than chemical propulsion engines that can reach seventeen or eighteen thousand miles per hours in low space orbit.  If the train only  goes 500 miles per hour over time (estimated at 5.5 centuries of acceleration) developing its thrust slowly as an Ion engine does in space, then it is still capable of energizing the entire earth using solar power.  Propelling a near frictionless magneto around a giant track with an Ion plasma engine is entirely possible,” said Seevers who admits that it is a long-term project.   "We could have done it already had we not wasted billions on that damn Super Collider crap," said Seevers.
     Seevers believes that with the Ion engine being ten times more efficient than chemical engines means that a potential speed on earth is somewhere near 1/10th of 200,000 mph or 20,000 mph over time…a phenomenal speed for a giant generator fueled by Xenon and solar energy.  "It's electrical output will really curl your hair," said Seevers.
      Seevers is not confident that the James A. Baker Center for Public Policy at Houston’s Rice University will encourage scientists at Rice or other leading universities to challenge the world’s oil cartel for such an enlightened new energy source. “Rice University’s Kenneth Pitzer helped to hang Robert Oppenheimer’s career on the nation’s fence post and stripped him of his national security clearance for pushing nuclear energy while Pitzer was developing chemical fuels for the aviation industry.  Academic excellence is a relative term,” said Seevers.  “It’s hard to make old fossils see anything but fossils,” said Seevers who also believes that small magnetos could be in everyone's backyard and power their house and the whole neighborhood, but he was also concerned that researchers working on the IPM or Ion Plasma Magneto could meet with the same fate as University of Texas researchers working on high efficiency permeable membranes used in hydrogen fuel cell technology.  "They need tight security," said Seevers.
     Seevers believes that if the Iranians would halt their desire for nuclear reactors as a peaceful energy source and pump their oil dollars into the new IPM they could lead the world in this revolutionary, long lasting and non-polluting  technology.   "Silica will be the new currency in this powerful new energy source used for solar cells and there is no greater source of Silica than the Middle East's deserts.   Sadly, this will be, along with water, the next hotly fought over natural resource which is why everybody wants their own nukes.   Will we ever grow up?   Answer: No.  As Schwarzenegger said as the Terminator....'you humans are destined to destroy yourselves."

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