Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, December 11, 2014

International Mixed-Race Children’s Choir To Spread Holiday Cheer

I'm Dreaming of an Off-White Christmas
By Jaime Blanco Negro for CPW News Service

     With the arrival of the 2014 Christmas season, the International  Mixed Race Children’s Choir will be touring  seven major U.S. cities…Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia and New York.
     “We are delighted with the reception that the music community in these culturally diverse cities has shown to our 100 voice mixed-race  children’s choir from around the world,” said Dr. Sanjupta Patel from Mumbai, India the program director.

     “The choir was the brain child of friends of Princess Diana of Great Britain and Jodi Fayed.   A group of anti-authoritarian  royal well wishers  who were toasting the couple in Paris in July 1997 when they were making future plans for Christmas.   That was the night of Diana and Jodi's tragic deaths. They all wanted to hear the African Children’s Choir that is such a joyous music group of little singing nippers.   Well, after Diana and Jodi's deaths one of the group took up a collection to start the  International  Mixed Race Children’s Choir in honor of Jodi and Diana if they had lived to have children,” said music coordinator for the choir, Dr. Rosemary Sage of Tucumcari, New Mexico.

     “Diana was so against war and bombs and all manner of land mines and booby traps that hurt kids and Jodi loved trying to have kids of his own with Diana.  We now know that the British Royal family came into power with a $500 million fortune that is now $14 billion made mostly in uranium….both enriched and depleted.    This is where Americans Linden and Neal Blue who built the Predator and Reaper drones that rain down on the world’s battlefields mainly in poor nations of dark skinned people made their money by government contract and sale of uranium investments to the German/British Saxe-Gotha-Coberg-Windsor family.  Comedian George Carlin had told Diana and Jodi that “if you live in a country filled with dark skinned people you sure better watch the fxxx out because we Americans and Brits will bomb the holy crap out of you,” said the spicy Rosemary Sage quoting the late comedian.
     Among the 100 voices in the choir are children who stepped on land mines.    Three were born with birth defect believed to have been caused in Vietnam by Agent Orange residues and four from an Iraqi  villages that was the recipient of  a few dumpster loads of spent and depleted uranium shells fired from drones and Blackhawk helicopters.
     Sage said, “My brother from Odessa, Texas ran an oil tool delivery company in the States until he found out that his $400,000 a year tool company could go to Iraq and become a military contractor picking up depleted uranium shells.   His company now makes about $40 million a year which is less than half that made by the two psychologists who sold the CIA its enhanced interrogation , waterboarding, sleep deprivation, ice bath and hang-you-by-your-arms intelligence gathering system that led to the recent Democratic Torture Report.    My brother is a proud sponsor of the new International Mixed Race Children’s Choir, but he and several of his employees have recently come down with acute leukemia and won’t be able to make this year's Christmas tour....or ever," said Sage.
     On their list of songs this year is the widely popular new “I’m Dreaming of An Off White Christmas.”
    When asked why so many of the children in the choir appear to be all-white Sage said, "Oh, those are the sons and daughters of Americans of English, German, Irish, French and other nationalities whose parents married native American Indians or Australian Outbackers who married Aborigines long ago and they kind of whitened up over the years like the great great grandkids of Thomas Jefferson and Sam Houston over there.

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