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Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Vatican’s Pope Francis Helps Seal Deal Between Obama and Raul Castro

Separation of Church and State Disregarded in Policy Coup
by Ira Hymen Levin, CPW News Service

      D. Harte Uvdematur, President of the Intra-American Society for Veil Splitting Analysis of Cuba/American Relations or IASVSACAR  is not sure that the blatant disregard for the separation of church and state in the announcement of the Obama/Castro program was not contrived.
     “Contrived?  Contrived?  Are you kidding?  Here you have a Pope who stands in the tradition of jailing Copernicus and Galileo because they could prove that the earth was not the center of the universe, a Jesuit Pope who hired McKinsey & Company as his PR agent and as his in-house Vatican PR guru , Greg Burke, from St. Louis, Missouri, a Columbia University graduate, former Time Magazine reporter and self-flagellating Opus Dei member.  Do I need to remind you that the Jesuits were responsible for the Spanish Inquisition?  Here they are taking a front seat in the new direction in Cuba/U.S. relations?” asked Uvdematur.

     Simon Rosenberg, former Bill Clinton campaign advisor, helped to negotiate the deal between Obama and Raul Castro with Vatican help.  That deal included the release of 50 political prisoners including spy Alan Phillip Gross who had been jailed in Cuba in 2009 as he worked for the U.S. Agency for International Development, a State Department contractor.  His crime?   The import of clandestine technology used to create the internet in Cuba which, in typical tyrannical and dictatorial fashion like other despotic regions has no First Amendment practices and protections like the U.S. has increasingly relinquished.   Bush’s administration saw to it that Gross’ company went from a $70,000 operation to a $500,000 operation before Gross was jailed by the Cuban dictatorship for spying, but it was not at all clear that the Bush agenda was increased freedom of speech and protection of liberty.  "How could it have been when Bush invaded Iraq based on 911 when 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and none were from Iraq?" asked Uvdematur.
     McKinsey & Company is an odd bedfellow for the Vatican according to Uvdematur.  “McKinsey & Company is closely connected to aerospace….which means companies like Global Atomic, McDonald Douglas, Lockheed Martin, Northup Grumman which make eye-in-the-sky drones that can deliver deadly incentives to the good, bad, ugly and innocent alike.  Furthermore, McKinsey serves over three quarters of the leading 25 aerospace and defense contracting companies.  Thank you Jesus!  What do they say about their work?  Here,” said Uvdematur…..

McKinsey's Aerospace & Defense (A&D) Practice brings direct experience and deep expertise to commercial and government organizations grappling with significant shifts in demand and funding for aircraft, equipment and defense-related services. Our experience extends from strategy and R&D to product development and logistics performance. We serve more than 75 percent of the top 25 aerospace and defense companies in the world, and support numerous defense agencies in both mature and emerging markets.
Who we are
McKinsey is committed to helping aerospace and defense organizations realize their strategic visions and meet mission-critical goals. We continually invest in developing unique capabilities, insights and tools to serve our clients. Our global practice comprises more than 500 consultants with defense experience and over 100 professionals with direct A&D and military experience. Our global teams of supply chain and logistics experts help our clients address the complex business-management issues at the heart of aerospace and defense.
     The Vatican has a long history of using the sword to lead people to the waters of redemption and faith, but is that legitimate?  Global Atomic's founders, Linden and Neal Blue were business partners with Anastosio Samoza who had CBS reporter Bill Stewart shot in cold blood.  The same fate was parceled out to Arch Bishop Oscar Romero who sided with the poor and was murdered for his compassion. Bill Stewart's murder was captured on camera when it happened in Honduras on June 20, 1979  just before the 1980 Reagan/Bush election and their Iran-Contra build-up in Central America. Can you imagine how hard it would have been to prove  Samoza military's killing of Stewart had the Blue brother's drones been in Samoza's arsenal?  The Vatican also took a lead in Odessa, the Nazi operation to export leading Nazi war criminals to Latin America after WWII....to Argentina, Chile and Brazil where the Jesuits ruled as the top-dog extensions of the Pope's directives in the region.  The Vatican has a hard time claiming its impartial brokering of a humanitarian breakthrough with Cuba when it harbors pedophile priests and its overall history is so blatantly dark.   Take the body of Bonnie Prince Charlie buried in the Vatican and the Jacobite movement that his life represented.  A leading Jabobite in the 1850's in the U.S. was Albert Pike, the Roman Catholic founder of Scottish Rite Masonry.  He was also the Confederacy's top Indian Affairs Agent, a slaver and after the U.S. Civil War the chief legal counsel for the KKK.   It was reported that Alan Gross was handing off his equipment to Cuba's top Masonic leader.  Wow, what progress!
 And don't forget Jewish Mafioso, Meyer Lansky, was the kingpin of Cuba, the very criminal enterprise that Castro and Che Guevera sought to expel in the 1959 revolution and played as Hymen Roth in the film The Godfather.   They may well be seeking to solidify the Cuban leaders’ power much as China has done with its appearance of progress and its poorly hidden repression.   Is the release of Alan Gross, a Jew, an indication that we are dealing with a totally new Vatican? Hardly.    One must be knowledgeable of the evolution of the Balfour Declaration in Britain, the “Transfer Agreement” that built Israel on the backs of poor Jews in Germany by their rich brethren who helped bypass the Allies' embargo of Germany as well as the evolution of the America’s power elite and the German American Bund that supported Fascist Germany and its proclivity toward slavery and genocide.    They have no problems playing one side against the other.  Anthony Sutton has laid that issue wide open in his many books on the subject.   The West funded with Western technology the Soviet Union.  Let me say that again.   The West created the Soviet Union whose missiles were shipped to Cuba.  That’s in Sutton’s book The Best Enemy Money Could Buy.    Nothing helps to build consent for the war profiteering of the military industrialist complex  like a panicky American tax base.   That's what we got in the "Missiles of October" and that card has been played and played, served up and used by those little blood suckers well for 50 years.  Now what?  Good God almighty.  I hesitate to say, but its looks slimier than a dead eel in an Anaconda's gut.  It could all be a well-choreographed hoax used by the Order in a dialectic devil dance,” said Uvdematur noting that Wall Street was up 8% on the day of the US/Cuba announcement.  “This has all the appearance of a PR bamboozle with a Christmas and Hanukah ribbon around it, but hey, bamboozling is all we Americans know anymore and if you think it’s bad now, which it is….just wait till JEB Bush slithers the Bush agenda back into the White House.   Enron may reincorporate in Cuba along with WorldCom, Tyco and all the rest and yellow cake will be more ubiquitous than crumbs at a cake walk, ” Uvdematur concluded.

    Uvdematur also has his concerns about the impartiality of the Pope given his history as head of the Jesuits in Argentina during that nations "Dirty War" in the 1970's.   Much of that concerns stems from lack of support for two Jesuit priests who were kidnapped and tortured.  They are reportedly reconciled to this Pope, but how do we really know for sure that the injustice against them wasn't overhauled into another PR bamboozle?  The church that kept Copernicus and Galileo under lock and key could well do that, too!" said Uvdematur.
     Uvdematur further noted that the appointment by Obama of Ashton Carter as Secretary of Defense with his emphasis on aerospace and eye-in-the-sky defense systems that can be easily used for offensive measures is curios given the Vatican's hiring of McKenzie & Company as its PR adviser with the same emphasis.
     The article that pinpointed Mr. Gross' relationships in Cuba, "Bay of Piglets: How the Freemasons Got Caught in a Plot to Topple the Castros," by Jeff Stein of Newsweek on April 7, 2014 exposed Akram R. Elias, a U.S. Scottish Rite Freemason with membership in the Washington D.C. Masonic Temple of Albert Pike.  "This story's failure to mention the difference between Scottish Rite Masonry's connections the Roman Catholic Albert Pike and its linkage to Protestantism in Cuba is as off-base as Lowell Bergman's coverage of the death of Osama Bin Laden's older brother, Salem, in a BAC-111 instead of the ultra-light aircraft that flew inexplicably into high power line in Shertz, Texas," said Lowell P. Wigglesworth.  "It's another big bamboozle!"
     Stein obviously had no serious and informed peer review of his article before Newsweek released it. "Why Elias?" asks Stein. "Why Cuba? Because in yet another twist, Elias was a high official in Freemasons, the centuries old, secretive Protestant organization with a long history in Cuba when right-winged ideologues in USAID decided to take another run at overthrowing the Communist regime."  
     According to a number of serious U.S. historians, Lowell P. Wigglesworth among them, this confusion over Albert Pike's Germanic/Roman Catholic roots in Scottish Rite Masonry that commandeered the York Rite Masonry of George Washington and Ben Franklin is the educational equivalent of Joseph Goebbels' propaganda attack on citizen of the Third Reich. "Stein, like Bergman is dealing bull-shit to a guppy group of ill-informed Americans whose curiosity has atrophied.  Pike was the KKK's legal adviser, for Christ's sake!  He was a slaver and he delivered the old York Rite Masons into the depths of darkness under the guise of helping kids and taking the high moral ground in his books of gnostics, dogmatic babblings.   If you are chief bamboozler you get a monument to your ugly memory in D.C.  What can I say....and a little Temple to boot  Watch out for little temples.  It's all a hoax. Goddamn it! What do I have to do to get America to wake up!" asked Wiggleworth? "Stein's article on the Protestants controlling the Mason's in Cuba is a total fabrication, but one that the American populace will guzzle down like quick Bud or Coke at a carnival ride. Elias' Scottish Rite Masonry is Albert Pike's and Pike was a slaving, Germanic/Catholic into conquest and control. The same New England opium dealers like Caleb Cushing whose buddy was Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy and whose leading Indian agent was Albert Pike who spread the non-egalitarian anthesis to York Rite Masonry across the country.   They were all....Davis, Pike, Cushing and don't forget William Walker whose Germanic roots are undeniable as well as his support from Franklin Pierce and his family ties to George Herbert Walker in St. Louis, home to the Vatican's Greg Burke and good golly Miss Molly!  They were all anxious to extend slavery into the entire Carribbean and if they couldn't use metal chains they'd use chemical ones and here they are again.  They haven't gone away!" said Wigglesworth.


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