Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

High Flying Billboards: Bush Critic Takes Aim

1000 Stars Named by Previously Anonymous Eccentric

by Judy Indeskize, CPW News Service

     Taking advantage of an international star registry, Flavius G. Whipple of Roswell, New Mexico, has paid for the naming of 1000 stars which he calls “power pointers to prevaricated puke piles” and "galactic billboards warning of earthly sludge dumps."
    Like Ivor Downie’s Toronto based International Star Registry, the "power pointers" do not use the same list of stars as the company that Downie sold to Phylis Mosele who then moved its headquarters to Ingleside, Illinois.  "That's the one you hear on the radio all the time," said Whipple.

     Criticized by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), a highly respected and internationally recognized organization that identifies and registers stars, asteroids, planets, comets and other heavenly bodies according to international rules, the registry that Flavius G. Whipple used to publish the names brought no criticism from a wide ranging assembly of international astronomers, astro-physicists and highly respected scientists.  "I think that you can take from this that their genuine endorsement comes out of their silence.  They are not shy.  Their silence really is golden when coupled with certain obvious analogies."
     The ISR freely admits that they have no authority to name stars and have said as much in its publications:   "Q: Is my Star Name "officially" recognized? A: No. We offer our service/services [sic] as a unique gift idea. All stars are numbered and we offer the gift idea of putting a name on that actual numbered star. The name is recorded in our book Your Place in the Cosmos© and the book is listed with the US Copyright Office. However, the scientific community does not recognize our star names."

     Flavius G. Whipple’s 1000 stars are registered with the IGSL or Inter-Galactic Star Log an ISR rival that has already shut its registry.  “In other words my 1000 stars are all that will ever be in the IGSL registry, but that’s okay with me,” said Whipple who paid an undisclosed sum for each registered name.
    “Stars 1-500 have the identical name before the ascending number “George Bush Sucks-1”  Stars 500-1000 are named George Bush is a Scum Bucket-500, and so fourth to 1000.”

     Asked if there was any significance to the number of stars.....1000....Whipple said,  “Yea, they’re 1000 points of light to shine down for as long as they last on the truth as I and many others see it,” said Whipple.

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