Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NPR Highlights Whitman-Walker’s Role in Obamacare Rollout

Critics Say It’s Silas Lynch At His Best

Silas Lynch in Birth of A Nation

 By John Paul Henry CPW News Service
     As physicians decry the Obamacare rollout and nurses fear that their time-honored role as America’s front-line for healthcare delivery is changing while wondering about what's in store for their profession, citizen are also coming forward.  One Senator, Ted Cruz, was so skeptical that he was reading to the Senate from Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham, perhaps wondering if the new Obamacare plan would cover food poisoning.   The system faces greater and greater regulation and oversight and citizens are asking penetrating questions.  “I thought I’d look closely at Whitman-Walker’s role in the rollout,” said Phineas Farley of Farmington, Missouri. 

     “I’m from the ‘Show Me’ state and I’m as hard headed as a Missouri mule,” said Farley.
     Farley studied the history of Whitman-Walker, a healthcare provider from the Washington D.C. area that National Public Radio said on it October 1st coverage was taking a lead in signing up citizens for Obamacare. When coupled with the fact that Mrs. Michele Obama worked for the Springfield, Illinois law firm of Sidley Austin which merged in 2000 with the New York law firm of Brown and Wood with its deep ties the National City Bank and to Alexander Brown of Baltimore, the progenitor of Brown Brothers Harriman, then I believe that the President is acting in the role of a Presidential Silas Lynch.  Yep, you see it right there. Sidley Austin was the historic law firm of Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln and Mrs. Lincoln, bless her crazy soul, was kept out of the nut house by the attorney’s there at Sidley Austin….the Republican law firm closely aligned to the Union Pacific Railroad and every railroad lawyer in the nation including 'Honest Abe' himself," said Farley.
     Farley believes that as time progressed, the U.S. power brokers in Yale’s Skull and Bones continued to solidify their power.   “That’s right.   Dr. Lowell P. Wigglesworth has laid out the case succinctly that Abe and particularly Generals William Tecumseh Sherman for the North, General Grenville Dodge for the North and even General Braxton Bragg in the South were shills for the Union Pacific.  Their push across the continent in  a blazing rush to get to the China Trade that New Englander, Caleb Cushing and his Brahman buddies, had long developed under the tutelage of the Brits, Wigglesworth laid out like a filleted mullet,” said Farley.    D.W. Griffith's Birth of A Nation envisioned that the South was subjugated by the North over slavery, but that is, as Wigglesworth has clearly shown,  poppy cock!   They were after the poppies.  Middle East opium from Afghanistatn, Turkey, Pakistan and sold to the Chinese and under the table back home while their “Order” passed laws to prohibit.  The Union Pacific’s  Harrimans were the last of the Tammany Hall boys who said it clearly….’We must be careful to keep the laws even as we are breaking them,’ said Farley.

     If the real reason for the Civil War had been ending slavery and not securing a flatland route to the Chinese opium, the Underground Railroad would not have ended in Canada with ships waiting for transport to Liberia and the Iran-Contra fiasco wouldn’t have shown these same power elites willing to re-enslave the Blacks of America’s inner cities in the 1980’s replacing metal chains with chemical ones while harvesting the booty,” said Farley.  “So what will we get with this new health program?” he asked.  “People are far too trusting,” he said.  “Trust, but verify your little ass off.  And meanwhile fight the phony war on drugs!” 
     Farley pulled the names of the Board of Directors of  Whitman-Walker….named for Walt Whitman, the famous New England Brahman poet and Mary Edward Walker, the only woman to ever receive the Congressional Medal of Honor as a nurse and Union spy.  Her penchant for cross-dressing was rarely discussed outside of the Beltway and only sparingly within it.

     “I have no doubt that Walt Whitman and Mary Edwards Walker were good people, well I may have some doubts.... and that they had a heart for others, but the Brahman class from which they came, and people always have to come from somewhere, has a long history of micro-managing what they perceive is their empire.  You see it in the film The Good Shepherd directed by Robert Deniro who was himself the product of an element of ‘The Order’s’ order….the Little Red School House in New York…..created by the American ‘Progressive Movement’ which was really the liberal wing of ‘The Orders’ left-right dialectic.  Deniro’s school also produced Angela Davis, the radical Civil Rights activist in the 1960’s.  A recipient of John D. Rockefeller’s funding and Rockefeller was also a big backer of the New York church where Dr. Martin Luther King delivered his anti-Vietnam War speech. That speech was probably more responsible than anything else for getting MLK killed.  This is the same ‘Order’ that two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, General Smedley Darlington Butler, warned Americans against and of which the Bush family has long been a part.  The Skull and Bones founder, Alphonso Taft, who is buried in Cincinatti, Ohio provides a non-living testament.  Beside him in the cemetery he is surrounded by 40 Union Generals who felt obliged not to be planted on Robert E. Lee's estate at Arlington.  You know.  The seed-group for which Smedley Butler said “I was a goon for the National City Bank Boys on three continents’ before he wrote War Is A Racket.  When you consider that Lee's followers, had they lost their projected railroad route to the same Chinese opium and to the silk that softened their cotton when blended...a route laid out personally by Jefferson Davis in the 1850's, the South would have lost anywhere from sixteen to twenty four sections of land per linear mile as the U.S. Government promised for their right-of-ways,” said Farley.  "There's 640 acres per section, not to mention the power and prestige and financial boom from a railroad passing from Savannah to San Diego instead of from the Midwest to San Francisco."
     In Deniro’s film, Matt Damon speaks to Italian Mafia Don played by Joe Pesci.  Pesci asked “The Blacks have their music, the Irish have their homeland, we Italians have our family, what do you have?”

     The Yalee Good Shepherd, Daman, Farley noted... said, “We have the United States and the rest of you are visitors.”
     If that sentiment is true, you would expect that the new Obamacare rollout would be accompanied by well-placed members of “The Order” who are always at two strategic points in the Washington D.C. power structure like the Castilian Conquistadors at the base of Machu Picchu bearing gifts before the onslaught.  They are at the money spigot and at the money hydrant handle.  Yep,  there they are!  By golly!  A biographical analysis of the Whitman-Walker Board rolls out much more than the Obamacare program says in any brochure,” said Farley.

Adam Falcone—Chair
June Crenshaw—Vice Chair
André Eleazer—Secretary
David Messing—Treasurer

Gerald Beaulieu
Thomas Bullock
Ceci Connolly
Mark Edward
Jehan (Gigi) El-Bayoumi, MD
Steve Elmendorf
Alison Gill
Leandrea Gilliam
Ed Harris
James Hawkins
Paula Lantz, PhD
Gardiner Lapham, MPH, RN
Michael Manganiello
Hayes Nuss
Winifred Quinn
Mary Tierney, MD

     "I could more freely embrace Obamacare if I didn't know who was in the saddle when a Civil War was fought to fund a Transatlantic Railroad to the Middle Eastern opium and who for well over a hundred years still knows how to fuel civil wars in various places for profit.  Or who was running things when the Tuskegee Experiment offered a free trial to willing partakers or who when Mrs. Mary Harriman funded the Eugenics program at Cold Springs Harbor, New York, or when Bushy made us eat yellow cake or when Henry Paulson and those died-in-the-wool laissez faire capitalist bankers of Wall Street didn't fall on their swords and go bankrupt in 2008 like the 92% of the local U.S. banks would have been forced to do if they hadn't been solvent because they didn't play the credit default and toxic mortgage bundling BS and blaming the housing bubble on the dummies who accepted their high pressure marketing tactics.  When Paulson made Bank of America's president, Ken Lewis, hold his nose and take the bailout money so that he could be forced to buy Merrill Lynch, formerly Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith....of which the Pierce is related to President Franklin Pierce, the faithful backer of the filibusterer, William Walker, whose Golden Circle of Slavery in the Caribbean wouldn't have had any healthcare at all....and who I believe is related to both the Walker-Bush clan and to Barbara Pierce Bush?  I'd feel better about going under the knife for this gall darned hernia I've been suffering from for three years because of a crappy insurance policy," said Farley.

   When asked to point out which Whitman-Walker board members concerned him, Farley said "do your own goddamn research you lazy twit.  This isn't rocket science!"

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