Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Anne Korin, James Schlesinger and James Woolsey's Council For Energy Security Leaves Hydrogen In the Carbon Dust

Fossil Fuels Forging New Era Of Sludge Siphoning, Fracked Up Subterranean Aquifer Gouging and Coal Snorting

By Lowell N. Beholde CPW News Services

     It was in 2007 that Ford Motor Company's Fusion 999, a hydrogen fuel-cell electric car set the land speed record for the fastest electric car in history, 207 mph,  on the Bonneville Salt Flats.   Earlier that year Ford's CEO had taken a similar hydrogen fuel-cell car to the White House after having received an award for innovation.  George W. Bush pushed a $1.8 billion bill to develop hydrogen power, but did not significantly distanced himself from our OPEC allies and their cheaply extracted oil reserves which brought the Bush family substantial wealth over the years.

     With 75% of the earth's surface covered in water and 95% of the known water reserves in the world's oceans, hydrogen in H20 is infinitely more plenteous than salt or oil.  However, with 75% of the world's known oil reserves resting under the Middle East, Anne Korin says its time to make oil as plenteous as salt.   More specifically, carbon based fuel from oil, ethanol, methanol or coal, but not hydrogen based fuel sources,  has Korin and her colleagues jumping for joy with an assortment of recent history's most bureaucratic bait and switchers.  As  anyone can see the analogy of salt and oil quickly breakdowns like the skin and skeletal frames of James Schlesinger, James Woolsey, Robert McFarland, G. Boyden Gray, George Schultz and the other relics of the carbon coated era-past who promote the Council on Energy Security's carbon copy of past prognostications.

     Six years after the 2007 Ford 999's speed record, hydrogen was conspicuously absent from the televised Council on Energy Security's C-SPAN summit that included Anne Korin, James Schlesinger, James Woolsey, Robert McFarland, Greg Doken of the Methanol Institute, Daniel Cohn of MIT, Israel's Elli Groner who serendipitously announced the recipient of an Israeli prize of $1 million for energy innovation awarded to fellow Council on Energy Security member, G.K. Surya Prakash.  Professor Prakash was present to taut carbon-based methanol made in Iceland with help from clean power from geothermal steam.... pristine hyper-heated H2O presumably making power with which to make methane or to scrub carbon from a slurry carbon-catcher. According to Prakash this is a heavenly marriage made on a carbon-based planet.  By association the carbon molecules are beatified by water's baptism.  Water:  good enough for washing, but not empowering except in hydroelectric plants and steam turbines using gas or coal heated boilers. Prakash and his colleagues are fond of saying "carbon is no problem.  Nature washes it out."  

     Obviously, there are some carbon by-products that nature has a difficult time washing out and may leave some pressed into a carbon footprint long before nature, even nature aided by high technology, reverses the process.   What seems normal processes on the trash heaps of Bhopal, or Mumbai, Nairobi or Cairo, are less acceptable to a growing number of earthlings. So it is with ubiquitous water so that it will be later reverse filtered from dirty water into extruded plastic bottles made from petrol and trucked to your neighborhood grocery store at a premium.  Thanks!

     According to Scott Freeh, President of the Association for Pure Water To Pure Energy, or APWTPE,  an international consortium of hydrogen catalysis innovators, "as soon as Ford set the land speed record with the hydrogen powered Fusion 999 in 2007 giving Ford the appearance of dominance in the field and the unchallenged leader in hydrogen power the leading catalysis scientists closest to the heart of the oil cartel began dying.   They died mysteriously and swiftly.  So, too, had Stanley Meyer, who like Rudolf Diesel, who set sail for  the U.S. from Antwerp, Belgium with the revolutionary engine design that worked on a broader range of fuels than today's diesel, only to fall overboard in the North Sea, Meyer claimed that following a restaurant meal and meeting with two Belgium investors in 1998 that "they poisoned me!"

     Freeh who watched the U.S. Energy Security Council on CSPAN several times said "here's the same old axe handles at it again.  They are the equivalent of the Vatican Pontiff holding Galileo and Copernicus under house arrest....or in these mens' case.... under the house in a state of eternally arrested development."

     The old fossils, James Woolsey sitting to the right of a similar troglodyte relic, James A. Schlesinger, told of how when King Faud of Saudi Arabia,  on the eve of the Arab Spring in 2011, saw what was happening checked himself out of a New York hospital, flew his jet home to increase his budget by $140 billion dollars to pay the Arab men not to revolt.  Of course, at the same time Woolsey was telling of the power of OPEC with great ambivalence.  He painted a picture of OPEC's ability to influence worldwide oil prices through a dark star oil cartel of which Woolsey's handlers are, according to Woolsey, in no way a part.     It's those Arab bastards that make our energy policy, or lack thereof,  so precarious.  Our dark stars never backed Saddam Hussein, or the Shah of Iran,  nor had we any part in molding the Muslim Brotherhood, nor exporting Al Qaeda to assist the Mujahidin in Afghanistan and GWB and GHWB don't lick, kiss and cuddle Saudi bums.   The only solution, Woolsey claimed disingenuously,  is to break OPEC's monopoly.  He doesn't mention, of course, GWB's crib-sharing with Prince Bandar Bush.   CIA Directors, as seen in this case, have mouths on both sides of their pin heads," said Freeh.  "Woolsey's babble immediately raised the question, 'If fifteen of the 911 hijackers were Saudis and none were from Iraq, why did we invade Iraq instead of Saudi Arabia and now.....WHY DIDN'T THE CIA HAVE KING FAUD DETAINED AT THE HOSPITAL FOR SOME IMAGINARY DIPLOMATIC OR MEDICAL REASON OR TO TELL US MORE ABOUT THE 911 HIJACKERS WHICH THE BIN LADENS FAILED TO DO WHEN THEY WERE ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE U.S., YOU FOSSILIZED TWITS!'   Obviously there's no Oliver Cromwell or George Washington in this aged group that makes Ms. Korin appear to be a sacrificial Brahman veal calf sitting in a corral of discarded and dehydrated bull scrotum sacks.  Robert 'Bud"  McFarland looked like he had just missed his last Depends change at the nursing home, but didn't want to admit the truth of it," said Freeh.

     Freeh believes that the reason hydrogen was so conspicuously absent as a future fuel source in their discussions is that it is too plenteous and difficult for the existing inept Order to monetize to their benefit.  "Yep, as soon as Ford mythologized their place in inevitable future roll out of hydrogen's centrality in clean energy, the door was slammed shut like throwing Mr. Diesel into the North Sea," said Freeh.  "The Holy Grail of future energy is hydrogen and those like Stanley Meyer who have already demonstrated the power of hydrogen have been silenced by the same naysayers who control the myth and the patents.  The Hindenburg Orbiter, envisioned by Nazi rocket scientists as a vehicle to lift a rocket to about 110,000 feet with a hydrogen blimp that also uses the hydrogen for fuel when it is detached for orbiting, is surely known to the Lockheed scientists who know damn well that jet engines on conventional planes and rocket thrusters and future drones can use plenteous and clean burning hydrogen," said Freeh noting that the potential record altitude for hydrogen blimp/orbiters is now 173,000 feet before rocket liftoff. "Removing the carbon footprint for rocket fuel used to lift such a craft to 173,000 or about 33 miles is astronomical.  But the carbonized Cardinals of the petrochemical cartel keep their unholy secrets in their un-pristine chapel and send up only carefully choreographed smoke signals to point the dull and ignorant masses in the desired direction.  We will always need fossil-based chemical concoctions, but lets start with these fossilized forecasters and take them out of control so that a new age of enlightenment may freely flow!" said Freeh.

      Freeh was asked "Bartelle's Stanley Meyer claims to have created an electrolysis process that was so efficient that a vehicle would not need a tank, but could go directly from H2O to hydrogen injection."

      "Bartelle, the multi billion dollar government research firm with 22,000 employees where Stan Meyer and other hydrogen experts worked together, goes back to Ebenezer Bartelle who historically connects to Daniel Coit Gillman, a key figure in Anthony Sutton's America's Secret Establishment.  Stan Meyers claimed to have created the Holy Grail for electrolysis of hydrogen, but even if he didn't make that claim a reality, which I believe he did, the Ford Fusion 999 demonstration provided a glimpse of the promise that is too much to deny.  The only problem is that Henry Ford was part of the 1930's business plot that celebrated German Fascism as well as America's secret establishment, while claiming to be anti-monopolistic.   When it comes to protecting their petroleum-based revenue streams they will use OPEC to bludgeon oil policy into a form of their liking as Woolsey's double-talk clearly demonstrates," said Freeh who believes that the truth about hydrogen is widely known within the scientific community.  "Most scientists won't speak of it for fear of retaliation," he said. "Like Addison Bain or William Von Vorst?" I asked.   "I can't speak for them, though you may have noted that Bain didn't become really outspoken until after he retired as NASA's leading hydrogen expert, but consider that in the original screenplay of The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman was told by his father's friend not that the future lay in 'plastic', but in 'hydrogen'," said Freeh.

      Von Vorst had worked on a hydrogen car as far back as 1972 at UCLA.  Reporter, Asmit Asravala, had written of in the Wired 2004 article Nice Ride: The Hydrogen Gremlin in which he said:

     "Professors tend to be busy, and a lot of people were a little leery of hydrogen at the time," said UCLA professor William Van Vorst, now retired, who joined the project soon after the design competition in 1972.   Though researchers had experimented with hydrogen-combustion engines as early as 1820, the Hindenburg disaster in 1937 had tempered enthusiasm for the gas, especially in situations where the risk for accidents was high, said Van Vorst.   "The idea that you could run a modern car on hydrogen was considered pretty far out," said Van Vorst. "Frank (Lynch) was pretty remarkable in that he had the idea."   Lynch did manage to find a faculty sponsor, however, in engineering professor Albert Bush (who died in 1976). Together with students Joe Finegold, Ned Baker and several others, the group set out to collect the parts they would need to build a hydrogen-powered car.

     Freeh noted that in 1972 a pure hydrogen car was given an award for the best urban design.  The Hydrogen-Gremlin was created by UCLA students under the sponsorship of their professor, Albert Francis Bush, who died of an untimely heart attack in 1976.  Bush was replaced by William Van Vorst who would later team up with NASA hydrogen specialist, Addison Bain.  "Of course everyone knows that the German Nazi V-2 rocket was domiciled at the Mataram, Netherlands estate of Barron Von Vorst," said Freeh who knows of no known connections to William Van Vorst.

The award winning hydrogen car developed
by UCLA science students under the
sponsorship of Albert Francis Bush
and William Von Vorst and  now on sale
on E-Bay.  The car, unlike Stanley Meyer's model
ran off of hydrogen stored in tanks in the trunk.

      Freeh also pointed out that before hydrogen could be promoted by the monopolistic oil cartel moguls, they would first need to control the flow and price of the earth's water.  "What?  Yes. Unbelievable as this sounds...this is exactly what Bechtel, whose board member and former Secretary of State, George Schutz, another liver spotted, balding badger, attempted to do in the Lithium rich South American country, Bolivia,, in February, 2000, one month after GWB was sworn into office," said Freeh pointing to what has become known as the "Bechtel Water Wars."  Get Bolivia's water and you control car batteries, too! Or you get what you deserve.  Riots!  "I envision a future where water is $5 a gallon or where the masses have become responsible...meaning taking responsibility for population control and mindless consumerism... embracing energy reforms and demanding an enlightened leadership because they...the people....have nailed their demands to the castle door," said Freeh adding "for Bolivia it's a start, but only that."

      "I understand the Woolseys and Schlesingers, the Schultz's and McFarlands and Boyden Gray whose father oversaw the Oppenheimer Committee that stripped the Manhattan Project's leader of his national security clearance while insuring that Oppenheimer's leading detractor and high octane carbon fuel expert, Kenneth Pitzer, would remain a key gatekeeper on any new Galileo's or Copernicus-type scientists willing to tell the oil world that it is NOT the center of the universe.  Of course, Pitzer did not work alone.  Cardinals have Arch-Bishops and Arch-Bishops have Bishops.  Pitzer's close colleague, Norman Hackerman, a 1993 Vannevar Bush Award Winner, so served.  There are the Fascists masquerading as Federalists among us and the self-proclaimed power elites, but I also remember that some were part of the 1930's 'Business Plotters' and the brains behind the Ludlow Massacre and the repeal of Glass Stegall Act and the savings and loan scandal of the 1980's and the housing bubble, the 2008 Wall Street meltdown on the taxpayer's dime and war based on total bull shit," said Freeh.

       "I had driven my new gas guzzling white Land Rover with the dark tinted windows up to the gasoline pump.  It was night time, but the lights were bright beneath the canopy and as I filled the tank with regular at $3.29 a gallon I leaned forward toward the driver side back window and saw through the Rover's windows the finely dressed man pumping premium into the Bentley at the next pump.  He looked around scanning left and right, then inserted his right index finger into his nose pulling out what must have been a real slimy honker and put it in his mouth like it was Oysters Rockefeller at the Ritz-Carlton. He panned the area to make sure no one saw him, but he couldn't see me there.  I was going to go into the store and buy a coffee and something sweet, but the thought of the man killed my appetite.  I worried about the next person to use that pump.  I got into the Rover and scanned the back floorboard in hopes of finding a bottle of hand sanitizer and tried not to think of gasoline or pumps or food," said Freeh.  "There it was.  My bottle of Purrell.  I poured it on my hands and saw on the label 'ethyl alcohol'.  Ethanol.  Ha!"

     "Ms. Korin did plug the all-electric Tesla which no doubt would benefit from Bolivia's Lithium.  This caused Woolsey to jump in with his Prius and Volt stories and to further confuse us along side his assurances that King Faud would  never change and that monopolies are the problem.   I would expect Elon Musk of Tesla to come out in a few days to call the hydrogen car "bullshit"....good for Bain's rocket ships, but not for cars or for a wheezing planet," said Freeh.

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