Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, October 7, 2013

Visible and Invisible Borders

Tunneling Under Karl Rove's House of Cards

By Leif S. Browning CPW News Service

     While the European Union argues that their fiscal and societal alliance is a good idea, in the wake of the continuing erosion of the economies of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Latvia and Italy, some are seeing that old borders were like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  “When portions of the reef are in decline and give up their barrier effect and protection for the onslaught of the ocean’s chaos, other portions of the reef remain healthy and provide the necessary protection from the pounding,” said aboriginal polymath and economist, Mollynook Goondiwindi, from the Maralinga region of Australia.
    Goondiwindi believes that the rise of the European Union was by the design of those who wish to “tinker with the wisdom of the ages and take over as gods on earth.”
     Another polymath from Mexico, Guillermo Pollo Pico from Durango, believes that Goondiwindi’s assessment is correct.
     “Borders are important interfaces that provide structure and stability to the whole.  It was under the illusion of unity that the Tower of Babel came tumbling down.  These one-world-government people are living with a sick illusion and when you look and see whose behind it all, which is about as hard as boiling water, it becomes clear.”
     Guillermo P. Pico has studied the U.S./Mexican border and believes that he has found there a fine specimen of what he calls “visible and invisible borders.”
     “There is the visible border...roads, bridges, checkpoints, fences and motion sensors. There may not yet be a two thousand mile fence from Texas to Baja, but there is a physical border none the less.  Then there is the invisible border.  That is a cultural reality that is not visible to the naked eye, but is none-the-less real.  It is seen in the institutions, particularly the businesses and educational institutions that provide insulation for the rest of the nation and serve as something of a cultural gatekeeper and filter for the ideas, philosophies, stories and mythologies that are allowed entrance into a nation whose Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of speech....even in a language other than English.  This function is as serious for some as Jeremiah Brown's 13th Century job of confiscating Scottish bagpipes along the English and Scottish border.  Latin America and the U.S. are prime examples of what we are witnessing in Europe.  The English don’t trust the Spanish.  Why should they?  Henry VIII screwed over Catherine of Aragon and Queen Elizabeth sank the Spanish Armada, but the Castillians were brutal.  I'm glad the Anglos won that one.  Similarly, in the Americas Teddy Roosevelt, Zachary Taylor and Robert E. Lee beat the bloody day lights out of the Mexicans…as did Sam Houston.   Whenever the U.S.'s cultural gatekeepers celebrate Latin language writers like Roberto Anayla or Jorge Borges, it is always with a sense of one-upsmanship,” said Pico.  “The historical breaks in the cultures and the new interfaces that evolve between them are like the old sections of barrier reef welded together in a patchwork of incredible strength and stamina. Broken bones often grow strongest at the fracture line. You will never have that if some bosa de la ducha's projection of a single world-wide political order becomes a reality,” said Pico.

     Pico is convinced that those who aspire to this one-world paradigm can never get it right and hide their afflictions behind a misguided and insincere appreciation for the cultures they seek to subjugate.  “Take Karl Rove,” said Pico.  “Rove’s favorite Latin author is Jorge Borges the Argentinean master-wordsmith who for all of his flowery hyperbole was a culturally disconnected whomp.  At least two modern critics of Borges, Clives James and Eduardo Labarco, know how problematic Borges, an admirer of Augusto Pinoche as well as a conflicted critic of the fascism of Juan Peron, really was.  Rove's love of Borges is not unlike Heinrich Himmler's love of De Sade," said Pico.

    “I see Karl Rove as a type of Henrich Himmler looking for the Holy Grail, but who is damn sure that when he finds it?  It had never been held by a dark skinned Aramaic Jew.  When you consider that Borges was buried in the same Geneva, Switzerland cemetery where the French Huguenot, John Calvin, was buried while on Borges’ tombstone is pictures of Vikings, it’s hard to deny that there’s some damn crazy stuff going on.  So when Borges became a visiting professor at Rove’s  alma mater, the University of Texas, where he was celebrated for his literary skill and storytelling abilities, we must not miss the obvious.  He was serving more than the Latin people with whom he shared a common tongue.  To have entered the canon of Spanish literature as it is beatified by Western culture, dominated as it is by Anglo sentiments and as that culture has been commandeered since 1833 by the Germanic social engineers at Yale and their literary pimp, Harold Bloom, Borges is a marvelously disgusting shill.  Borges was not dancing around the Temple of Baalat as he hammered out his poetry and prose, but around the courtyard of the Teutonic Black Knights who found solace in Argentina and Chile after World War II.  Why else would Karl Rove, of all people, flash his literary sensitivities before such a disbelieving audience....of at least four.....Goondiwindi and me, James and Labarco?” asked Pico.

     Pico believes that some of the same, but to a lesser extent, can be said of Rudolfo Anaya whose Bless Me Ultima, has received praise and awards by the Anglo-American literary canoneers who defend their cultural borderlands tenaciously.  Bless Me Ultima, at its heart,  characterizes the Latin people as simple merry Mary-worshippers willing to accept the pompous predictability of the Patriarch-God-of-Capriciousness because of the Roman Catholic Pavlovian practices that the Anglo power elites’, the 1833 Order, so adore….not in themselves, but in the others they intend to dominate.  This is why Charlotte Iserbyt, whose father was a member of the Order and who provided Anthony Sutton with the background for his work on the Order following his departure from the Hoover Institute, said “then to bring that wretched system of operant conditioning to the U.S. of Pavlov or Skinner, whatever you want to call it, out of the laboratory and into the classroom in Leipzig, Germany of Wilhelm Wundt and get it adopted by leading American educators was an abomination.”

     According to Pico, Anaya's descriptions in Bless Me Ultima shows the type of operant conditioning that is perfectly aligned with the Order's agenda of dumbing down the masses through routinized conditioning like that inherent in the Roman Catholic sacramental system and the Mariology that supports it. 
     “Si, Anaya y Borges son lame bota,” said Pico.  “Anaya and Borges are boot lickers.  Why else would Anaya have married an Anglo woman, Patricia Lawless Anaya, who for 50 years was member of the mysterious and secretive P.E.O. Sisterhood which Alvin J. Schmidt’s Fraternal Organizations (p. 259)  calls ‘whites only’.    Well, Rudy is almost white,” said Pico.
     Pico said that when you look at the leading U.S. teaching awards,  they are given to those teachers who hold to the Wundt properline.  “Take, for example, Harold McGraw III, of McGraw Hill textbook publishers.  His name is always attached to excellence in teaching, but it’s also connected to people like Matthew J. Slaughter, a Bush economist, or to Rex Tillerson of Exxon and heaven knows that John D. Rockefeller was not too much of an Anglophile and neither were Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs, Charlie Lindberg or Prescott Bush….all names implicated in the 1930’s “Business Plot” that would have overthrown FDR, not for Anglophilia, but for Arianism.  They had deep ties to the German/American Bund.  You’ll find McGraw also on the Emergency Committee for American Trade with Arthur K. Watson of IBM and ever since Edwin Black’s book War Against the Weak showed the relationship between IBM, Mary Harriman’s Cold Spring Harbor, New York eugenics programs that informed Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’, the truth is out,” said Pico.
     Pico is sure that the future belongs with those who resist top-down domination and what he calls “squirrely social engineering by bozo-ish bimbologists.”  Pico puts Rove at the front of this social engineering class.  "Has there ever been a bigger one," Pico asked referring to Rove's clearly clumsy dance steps.
    "Mi casa es mi casa y tu casa es tu casa, pero de todas formas eres bienvenido," said Pico.  My house is my house and your house is your house, but you are welcome anyway.

    Pico was asked, "But Clive James in an interview with Bill Moyers argued rather convincingly that the world needs the U.S. if for no other reason than to come to the aid of the world when some despot like Saddam Hussein or Assad throws humanity to the wind, don't you think James' is right?"

   "James is describing the U.S. before 1833.  After 1833 the U.S. has been at war with itself and its best self is losing.  Consider that the American Civil War was not fought for the abolition of slavery, but to use the high moral ground of Abolitionism to fund the Order and their railroad across the U.S. to the Pacific where their China Trading opium dealers could profit from their dirty dealing.  This legacy survives to this day and a window on this reality is seen in the Iran-Contra fiasco and the outing by Barry Seal and others in the  Contra-cocaine connection to the poisoning of inner city poor.  It's not Sarin, but it's in the same family and more profitable over time.  No, if James was correct....and he uses the Yanks' aiding Australia during World War II to support his conclusion, but if he were correct and the U.S. should take out despots for gassing their own people, George Herbert Walker Bush would have killed Saddam in the first Gulf War.  You must always remember that Vannevar Bush was responsible for much of America's Manhattan Project and used Dresser Industries' pumps extensively in the cooling towers needed in the harnessing of nuclear energy.  Neil Mallon, for whom Neil Mallon Bush is named was head of Dresser for decades and gave GWB his first job.  When Harry Truman said "the buck stops here," he didn't know what he was talking about.  The decision to let Hirohito survive while vaporizing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians is what the Order's power elites do best.  Why?  Because they thrive on nurturing a brutal imperialistic inner circle of like-minded bastards who help to spread the wealth around after the war and share the buried booty.  As Sterling Seagraves' The Gold Warriors has shown, Hirohito's Pacific Rim booty wasn't fully commandeered by the Order until the Philippine's Ferdinand Marcos gave it up after it was hidden there as American troops advanced on Japan in 1945.  Nope.  If Clive James was correct, the U.S. would have acted more like Oliver Cromwell....not opposed to loping off the head of the emperor," said Pico, "but they would have also done it to the Shah of Iran for his brutality.   Harry Truman, the haberdashery owner from Missouri?  He didn't make the decision to scapegoat the civilians and to spare the little grizzly Japanese sun god all by himself.  Meanwhile the plundered wonder when they will get their gold back.  Ayn Rand said 'achievement without plunder', but that idea is not in the Order's vocabulary."

    Pico noted that when during World War II a handful of Germans knew that Hitler had to go and that the Generals were too corrupted to do it themselves, the Colonels....."You know the not yet rotten apples floating around in the putrefied and rotting barrel, rose to the occasion.  The same was true of an American Colonel named Theodore "Ted" Westhusing, the American Von Stauffenberg, who confronted General Petraeus in the Green Zone after he discovered just how screwed up things were in Iraq and just how the U.S. was at war with itself," said Pico referring to the first chapter of Christian T. Miller's book Blood Money .  "This is the world that Karl Rove knows and loves and whatever he thought he was saying in declaring his love of Borges, I'll be damned if it's not really, really obvious," said Pico.

      Pico noted that Edwin Black's research had traced the direct aide to Germany by American industrialists that paralleled the direct capitalization of the Soviet Union through exported technological transfers which were the point of Anthony Sutton's trilogy on the subject that was verified as accurate by Zbigniew Brezezinski and summarized in Sutton's book National Suicide. 

     Pico ruminated.  "Since 1833 you Americans aren't in Kansas anymore.  Rove?  He's in Bavaria of the 1930's!"

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