Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Anticipatory Crimes Against NSA Next on Agenda

Edward Snowden receiving the Sam Adams Award, better
known as the "Anti-Tory Test", according
to Smedley Darlington Butler Martin
from Broken Arrow, Montana.

by Connie Steele Reebar, CPW News Service

     With the arrival of four U.S. intelligence community and law enforcement whistle blowers in Moscow to deliver to Edward Snowden the Sam Adams Award, the New York Times announced on October 10th the revelation that the CIA missed a chance in 2009 to label Snowden with a 'derog'.....agency jargon for 'derogatory assessment'. 

     "Mr. Charles B. Sowell, a former top official in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, is providing a confession of a clear indication that he, too, is feeling remorse about serving an agency that has as its agenda the trampling of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights according to some government watchdog groups and public defenders of America's historic freedoms," said one NSA employee whose pained conscience has not yet led him to join the foursome who delivered to Snowden the Sam Adams Award.

     The Sam Adams Award is named for CIA whistle blower, Sam Adams, who in the build up to the Vietnam War refused to fudge the number on the troop strength of the North Vietnamese, which would have raised too many concerns about the actual cost of the U.S. involvement there.

     "We thank Mr. Sowell for providing this timely information right in the middle of an event that would prove problematic for any and all employees who wish to receive a paycheck.  The crux of the matter is that when it comes to warrantless surveillance conducted by the NSA on civilians the agency would prefer workers without a conscience and preferably without any knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights which developed in the face of British tyranny.  Therefore the evolving 'Tory Test' for the disclosure of anticipatory crimes against the NSA failed to shut down Mr. Snowden and the four whistle blowers who arrived with the Sam Adams candlestick holder....a symbol of light and truth," said Smedley Darlington Butler Martin of Broken Arrow, Montana.

     "While every publicly elected U.S. official is sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, more work is needed to sever the conscience of the NSA, CIA and other covert workers who are asked to provide their services without concern for the cranial-anal impaction that secures the nation from the endless, pervasive, ubiquitous threat of destruction from unseen forces of evil," said Martin.

     "The NSA will need a more finely tuned device to secure its workforce if it expects to avoid messy clean up operations like those needed in the cases of Mark Lombardi, Danny Casalaro, Barry Seal, Gary Webb, Pat Tillman, Theodore 'Ted' Westhusing and others," said Martin.  "A stronger 'Tory Test' is the agency's only hope of quietly shutting down the employees they consider traitors," said Martin.

Charles B. Sowell
(click photo for full bio)

     Martin's study of U.S. history has led him to believe that most of the NSA higher ups, would have been Tories during the American Revolution including many in the CIA.  "Georgia was a Tory stronghold and Savannah was where Albert Pike brought the Germanic Thule traditions associated with secretive Scottish Rite dogma to the U.S where it connected with the 1833 'Order'....Alfonso Taft's Yale secret society with its deep Germanic/Thule Society roots.  Of course Walker County, Georgia is known for the secretive Augusta National Country Club and golf's George Herbert Walker, which has had real trouble with Tory sentiments over the years, but that area was a Tory stronghold for King George.  I personally believe that golf was created by the British at St. Andrews in Scotland in the hopes that the freedom loving Scots would lay down their Claymore swords for a putter.   Following the American Revolution the German Hessian troops which could not return to Europe after losing the Revolution on the British's dime, migrated to the Western frontier.  During the last decade of the 19th Century they began to reconnect with the leading American industrialists including those who would support the German American Bund and those involved with the 1930's "Business Plot"," said Martin.  "Since 1833 the U.S. has been at war with its better self," he concluded.
     Before being reactivated as a U.S. Navy NCIS agent following September 11, 2001, Charles B. Sowell had worked as a security analyst for several large private U.S. companies.

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