Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hoshko's Consulting Questioned by Huffington Post

USN Shooter's Employer Quick To Solicit Clean-up Opportunity

Intelligence 'Actuator' beats Huffington Article by Five Days!

by Barron "Buck" Neyh Kidd, CPW News Services

      The Huffington Post has reported that Thomas Hoshko, the US Navy Intelligence-connected CEO of The Experts which has provided security consulting for a variety of U.S. companies including Chevron Oil, solicited potential business that resulted directly from the massacre.  The law suit between one of Hoshko's clients, Chevron,  and the Nigerian protestors requesting that the U.S. company take the lead in shutting down the oil production by moving onto a Chevron oil platform, turned into a Nigerian nightmare.  Chevron paid Nigerian security forces to remove the protesters who were subsequently tortured and murdered.  A U.S. judge ruled that Chevron liability in the case was questionable because Nigerian political leaders are corrupt and regularly receive security payments from international oil producers, not just Chevron.

     Fred Rogers, a retired navy intelligence "actuator" who previously reported in Aaron Alexis' Employer and Boss, Thomas E. Hoshko, Not Just Anybody, on September 16th, five days before the Huffington Post article said, "well, this is definitely a case of a U.S. judge providing cover for bottom feeding siphoners." 

     Rogers was circumspect in his assessment.  "When in Nigeria do as the Nigerians!  Especially if not doing so is a threat to your bottom line. Remember the bottom line. I wouldn't want to be in that judge's position because with the U.S. going to wars around the globe on the premise that we are THE champion of democracy, the experts are saying that Chevron is just following the downward descent toward the bottom line....right on into the law of the jungle in Nigeria in order to power the practice of democracy at home.  It's ugly.  Really ugly, and it helps us in this context to understand that old joke about 'experts'......'rightly defined an expert is a spert under pressure.  Sperts are messy.  It's a messy world, but Hoshko can clean it up....for a price."

     Rogers, who had drawn Hoshkos' connections to Chevron and Chevron's to Nigeria said, "with somewhere between ten to twenty percent of the oil from the Nigerian river delta being skimmed by the local gang leaders and whatever politicians are working with them, the rest does little to raise the standard of living for Nigerians.  Unlike, say, oil rich Kuwait, Nigerians don't have as unified a cultural heritage like Kuwait's.  It's cross-tribal. Kuwait, whose oil revenues are pumped back into the nation, enjoy an unparalleled living standard.  This is what made Kuwait such a prize for Saddam Hussein.  The Kuwaitis, however, always believed that other Arab nations would come to their defense against Saddam Hussein, but were sorely awakened to the fact that blood is no thicker than water when it comes to oil dollars and military plunder.  Into these and other power vacuums rushes all type of opportunists....some like Hoshko with significant ties to the world's intelligence, oil production and military assets.  I could envision that the U.S. Navy or private duty former navy experts sitting off of the Nigerian river delta would put American entrepreneurs and their non-aligned projects in a favored position for getting some of the 20% skim.  The game goes right up the chain as we saw in Saudi Arabia not taking a more active part in Kuwait's defense.  We did for Kuwait what they would not do for themselves and which their blood brothers wouldn't do either....but of course they paid our oil companies well for their influence in triggering the use of our military.  How did we get repaid?  Fifteen of the nineteen 911 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and we invaded Iraq a second time to finish what Saudi Arabia and Kuwait's Arab 'allies' should have done to begin with.  So our $60 billion war, soon swelled to trillions paid by tax payers who were subsidizing the oil companies through our military.  You know.  Those free market Capitalists who don't believe in socialized medicine believe in subsidized misadventures for their profits.  As the comedian Lewis Black has said 'there will not be oil independence in my lifetime because it's just too damn hard!'  Yea, well, with this stuff going on he's absolutely right.  There's simply no grand vision.  No real leadership. No well-thought-out and widely embraced plan and resulting policy.  Only the sludged-up bottom feeding of the industrialized past ad nausea.  Is there any linkage between Aaron Alexis' mind-set at the time of the brutal slayings and Hoshko's service to Chevron and the case against Chevron?  Not yet, but this thing is getting crazier and crazier with the passing of time and new revelations."

     Rogers said the move by Hoshko to solicit a job to help beef up security in the Navy Yard was the equivalent of Al Qaeda offering to provide security at Ground Zero in New York City during the clean up of the World Trade Center or the U.S. decision to invade Iraq when none of the hijackers were from Iraq....opportunists waiting for an excuse. "Hoshko's one ballsy SOB.  I guess he considers it good work if you can get it, but.....damn!" said Rogers.


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