Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, September 13, 2013

Obama Vs. Putin: Fighters Take Their Corners


by Wilson G. Lotastoff, CPW News Service

According to the Center for the Replication of Ongoing Conflicts' founder, Bernard D. "Flaming" Salvos,  the Obama vs. Putin battle over Syria is a tightly choreographed replication of the old Cold War dialectic:  Create the conflict.  The people scream.  Provide the solution.

"It's the Order's way of insuring that they will control both fighters and earn profits on the armaments, the inspections, the removal of Sarin, the rearmaments, the ticket sales and beer, Coca-Cola and popcorn concessions.  Then there's whatever natural resources are underground in Syria as well as General Wesley Clark's book that spells out how the U.S. Neo-Cons had planned the invasion of seven Middle Eastern countries in five years," said Salvos.  "They are behind schedule," said Salvos noting that Clark made his discovery of this revelation in 2001 just ten days after 911 as he talked with colleagues at the Pentagon.

Salvos believes that the current situation when seen in light of the failure of the U.S. to significantly engage the former Soviet nations in strategic partnership after the fall of the Berlin Wall, when coupled with the fact that Anthony Sutton and Zbigniew Brezenski have shown clearly that the Soviet's military technology was imported from the West.   Sutton spelled it out in his work for the Hoover Institute and in books written after his departure....blacklisting.... from the Hoover Institute.  Like  Smedley Darlington Butler his conclusion:  war is a racket.  Racket or not,  Putin is indeed beholding to Western exceptionalism.  This transfer of technology manufactured the dialectic known as the Cold War according to Salvos.  "You cannot have a National Football League if players from Chicago wear leather helmuts and the 49's wear state of the art equipment," said Salvos.  "The same is true of Super Powers.  If they don't exist someone has to create them and Sutton showed that our industrialists did.   The Ford plant at Gorki supplying trucks to Hitler's German and later to Ho Chi Minh and the balls bearings needed for intercontinental ballistic missiles were definitely a Western export."

"That's right.  The West excels in running a big fat war racket.  A very lucrative racket for a minority of the population, those who are the fight promoters.  These are the ones I call the 'MSG Boys," said Salvos.

"MSG," as in Monosodium Glutamate.....making them all nervous and wacky and leading us to invade Iraq when it had been neutered and when 15 of the 19 September 11th hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and not one from Iraq?" Salvos was asked.

"No.  'The Madison Square Garden Boys'.   The ones who promote the fights.  Publicize the event and sell the tickets.  We all have a ringside seat at a freak show.   What makes this fight even better is that now it's a white guy against a black guy.  Putin vs. Obama...well....a half black and half white guy.  The only thing better would be if they had been brothers of the same mother, but with different fathers or vice versa."

"What about Assad?" Salvos was asked.

"Well, any good fight promoter will tell you.....and this is where Ultimate Fighting Championships and boxing haven't caught up with the World Wrestling Federation, yet.....when people start to lose interest and become complacent about jumping into the fighting spirit you throw them a tag team event," said Salvos.  "After the longest war in U.S. history in Iraq and Afghanistan, you've gotta do something to snap people out of their growing pacificism," said Salvos.

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