Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, September 9, 2013

Amanpour's Following of Zakaria Leaves Peoria 5th Graders Stupified

P.M. on CNN:  Christina Amanpour Interviews Greg Theilman on Sarin Attack

A.M. on CNN:  Fareed Zakaria interviews General Wesley Clark and Paul Wolfowitz in Artful Dodging
by Mutiska Radalastoff CPW News Services

Greg Theilmann (l), Christiana Amanpour (c).

     Like a blown tire that's gone slick and lost its traction, Fareed Zakaria and Chistina Amanpou have retreaded the media coverage on Syria’s reported use of Sarin with the cast of the 911 Yellow Cake committee.
      The European paper, La Republica had reported that Greg Theilman had overseen 16 American intelligence experts who passed on the Silvio Berlusconi documents that provided false evidence of Iraq’s attempt to harvest yellow cake uranium from Niger.

     It was this information that Colin Powell used to provide justification to the U.N. for the invasion of Iraq in retaliation for the 911 World Trade Center attack, a terrorist event that included not one, none, zero Iraqi hijackers.

     “At the time, 16 analysts worked there under the direction of Greg Thielmann. Thielmann tells La Republica: I received the report in fall of 2001. We thought that Langley acquired it from their field officer in Italy. The agent in the field reports that Italian intelligence permitted him to see some papers documenting the attempt by Iraq to acquire 500 tons of uranium ore from Niger. So, SISMI purported the truth of documents it knew to be false to the CIA. There's a second confirmation. At Langley, Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson was assigned the mission to verify the Italian ‘story’ of the 500 tons of uranium,” said La Republica’s article of October 4th, 2005 titled Berlusconi Provided False Niger Yellow Cake Documents.
     Joe Wilson, whose wife, Valerie Plame found her intelligence career was destroyed, could not confirm the Italian story.  In fact, he flatly denied the possibility that Iraq had been seeking yellow cake from Niger.  Thielmann's retelling of the Italian lie sent Scooter Libby to jail, but was not deemed strong enough to impeach and imprison GWB, Dick Cheney and other players.  Thielmann was not proven to be a participant in the manufacture of false evidence.

     “Given that General Wesley Clark is on record as stating that Paul Wolfowitz and other Neo-Cons had hatched the dismantling of the Middle East, what is Clark doing with Wolfowitz on CNN this morning, September 9th without retelling his trek through the Pentagon ten days after 911?  What is Fareed Zakaria, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations like Thielmann, doing bringing in the same players into the fray without addressing the obvious?” asked Mildred T. Smithers of Peoria, Illinois.   “This doesn’t play very well in Peoria,” said Smithers a fifth grade school teacher who is concerned that her students are losing their trust in the nation’s leadership and institutions.  This is absolute bull shit,” said Smithers to an all adult audiences at the local VFW auditorium.

     "Why doesn't CNN grow some balls and have Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame on with General Clark to pull the lace curtains back on the slaughter house that the American power elites and even the Council on Foreign Relations is pushing like so much crack to the kiddos," said Mrs. Smithers noting that afterward Amanpour "slapped Henry Kissinger on the griddle like these kids' families don't know what a douche bag that relic really is.  There he was talking against involvement in Syria's Civil War when he had us jump in with both feet in the Vietnam's Civil War when General McArthur warned against it and Kissinger didn't mind bombing families there and spraying their foliage with Agent Orange for the sake of his clients' profits," said Smithers. 

     "I say Kissinger is a douche bag now, yesterday and forever and that Amanpour and Zakarias are lap licking the dark underbelly of  America's grungiest deviates,"  she added.   "Ever since that arrogant dildo, Ted Turner of CNN, who funded that God awful movie God's and Generals and sang about the Bonnie Blue flag without telling the American people that the same tricks that Kissinger's kind were pulling in Vietnam, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and now Syria, they did in America with their own people in our Civil War," she added noting abolitionist John Brown's connections to his "secret six" backers including George Luther Stearns who was a lead miner making bullets and banking on a U.S. Civil War.  This shows that Brown was a part of the Brown Brothers Harriman, Brown and Root and Kellogg Brown and Root fight promoters and war profiteers.  "They date back to the National City Bank's patron saint of sardonicism, Alexander Brown of Baltimore, and the group that influenced General Smedley Darlington Butler to write his book, War Is A Racket.  Butler's heroism in facing down these fascist goons has been chronicled by Jules Archer in The Plot to Seize the White House: The Shocking True Story of the Conspiracy to Overthrow FDR," said Mrs. Smithers who recommends both books to her 5th graders' parents.

     "I'm not saying that Henry Kissinger was alive during the War Between the States, he'd have to be a vampire to do that I suppose, but the 1833 founding of Skull and Bones Order put them at the center of our Civil War, otherwise there would hot have been forty hot-dog Union Generals buried in the same Cincinnati cemetery with a founder of Bones, Alphonso Taft," said Smithers noting an article on the subject by Col. E.M. Bolmer.

     "I am expecting that the Congress will vote on Obama's proposal of military strikes in Syria based on less than we had for Iraq which was false evidence.  If he puts it out there for all to see....the satellite photos or videos of missiles taking off from Assad bases.... it better be clearer than yellow cake uranium and verifiable by a cadre of well respected American analysts without a conflict of interest.  Will that happen?  No.  Congress knows that they are incredibly inept and untrusted with less than 20% approval, but that ineptitude is overlooked when there is the appearance of a national or international emergency.  They never miss that opportunity which is part of the Order's agenda.  Create a problem.  The people get all freaky and stupid.  Provide a solution.  Run for office again," Smithers concluded.

     Meanwhile, American are ignorant of just what is behind the real push to control the Middle East's historic trade routes.  "Oil?  Well, not exactly.  We could replace oil in a jiffy.  It's all about the pleasure and pain principles that drive most people," said Smithers referencing David Livingstone's book Black Terror, White Soldiers. (click to enlarge)


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