Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Judge G. Todd Baugh Reaches Out For Responses

Montana Judge Asks For Your Opinions…write him at mconsidine@mt.gov

 Was 30 Days Too Little for Rapist?

By Amazonia Steinam, CPW News Services
     Judge G. Todd Baugh, the 13th District Court Judge who sentenced a rapist to 30 days in jail, wants your opinions about his decision.

     “Judge Baugh is a fair and sensitive man with a desire to see justice done in every case that comes into his court.  If a person is named Morales or Buwadawingole it doesn’t matter one iota,” said Phyllis Bosch Kohl of Billings, Montana.
     Ms. Morales, raped by her 54 year old teacher, Stacey Rambold, was only 14, but Judge Baugh said “she was far older than her chronological age and as much in control of the situation as her teacher.”  Ms. Morales subsequently committed suicide. Her family is understandably devastated.

     Of the famous German Widder Kuhn (ram  and bold) clan the name was transliterated into English as "Rambold".   The most famous Rambold was Adolf Rambold who worked for German company Teekanne. In 1929, Adolf Rambold invented the modern form of tea bags with two chambers, an idea which reportedly came to him as he entered puberty. He is also inventor of a tea bag packing machine.  “Where German engineering was needed in specialized packing and other applications the Rambolds excelled,” said Gunther Sputsch of Geneos-Germania Magazine.
     Criticism of Judge Baugh's assessment of Ms. Morales was deflected by some friends.  "Judge Baugh meant that she was mature for her age and she may have been in control of the situation, whatever that was, up until the time that the teacher pounced on her and held her down.  Granted, she was a student and he was her teacher, but this apparent imbalance of power was, understandably, not apparent to any normal middle-aged white male in Montana. This was just an unfortunate misinterpretation of Judge Baugh's verbalization and frankly, I have always been worried about him being saddled with the unlucky number 13 on his District Court wall and door.  That hasn't helped him." said Phyllis Kohl.
     A petition bearing the names of 47,000 signatories has expressed their displeasure with Judge Baugh’s judgment.

   Judge Baugh would like your candid but short assessment of his judgment.  Write to web address provided on his District 13 web site: mconsidine@mt.gov..

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