Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Gambling Man No Obama Fan
Mormon Agent No Peeping Tom Jefferson

By Les Ishmore Truly for CPW News Services

     While at the Las Vegas Freedom Fest, C-Span’s Peter Slin interviewed two “liberative-conservable” authors who both claim that Obama is bad news for the Republic.
     Paul Skousen is the son of Mormon apologist and John Birch Society supporter who died in 2006, Cleon Skousen.  Cleon Skousen had written The Naked Communist while Paul, building upon his father's legacy, published The Naked Socialist.  Slin, to his credit, pointed out that Skousen had criticized the 14th Amendment which provided freedom for slaves.  Slin failed, however, to ask the former CIA agent who told of how as an agent appointed to the Reagan White House, he could peer into the Oval Office and see the goings on, how he could so cavalierly dismiss this part of the book when the Mormon Church has historically been a bastion of racism.  A strong Tea Party supporter, Skousen did not mention that Fred Koch, the father of the Koch twins who battled over control of their father’s chemical and petroleum empire, was also a founding supporter of Robert Welch’s ultra-right John Birch Society.

     Skousen pointed out that his father, Cleon, had sold over a million of his books in the 1950's.  No surprise considering that this was the decade of Senator Joseph McCarthy's "Red Scare".  Skousen claims that Cecil B. DeMille gave his father, Cleon, a former FBI Agent and Police Chief of Salt Lake City, the name for his book, The Naked Communist saying "Cleon, you have stripped Communism naked".  One critic of DeMille's assessment of Cleon Shousen's book said "not naked enough.  Anthony Sutton did that in National Suicide by showing that the West provided the essential industrial technology that brought the Bolsheviks into the 20th Century while Henry Ford's trucks were being supplied to the North Vietnamese from Russia's Gorki plant during the Vietnam War....a charge supported by the respected U.S. security advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski."  

     It is widely known that DeMille's fellow Hollywood movie mogul, Howard Hughes, whose companies built planes for the CIA and who provided his ship, the Glomar Explorer, built under contract by the CIA to raise a submerged Russian submarine for the U.S. government, was also fond of employing the "Mormon Mafia" to run his Las Vegas Casinos. According to Las Vegas watcher, Newton P. Wayne, "Mr. Skousen could likely tell us a thing or two about the connections between Salt Lake City, the "Red Scare", the Mafia control of Vegas and the hypocrisy in the FBI's relationship to the Underworld." said Wayne.

     Not surprisingly Skousen was followed on the same C-Span coverage from the Freedom Fest by Columbia University educated New Yorker, Wayne Allyn Root.  Root has written The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide.   Root promised that the book would help readers to profit from the economic downturn under Obama.  Root, the valedictorian of his high school class at Thorton Donovan School in New Rochelle, New York, a school with 175 students that Wikipedia lists as having two notable alumi, Root and Joey Kramer, the drummer for Aerosmith, is equally sure that Obama is a socialist.
     “Root is very energetic in his presentation.  A regular Dale Carnegie instructor who intends to run against Nevada's U.S. Senator Harry Reid.  A political science graduate from Columbia University from the same class as Barack Obama, Root claims he never met Obama while at Columbia.  While Root clearly dislikes Obama, he loves Las Vegas and encouraged all who want a positive non-socialistic environment to relocate there,” said Brooks Foster of Foster Consultants, an expert on business investment in Las Vegas.  “Root compared the Obama government to the Gambino crime family and then said he took it back, because he didn’t want to offend the Gambinos who he considers more just and equitable than Obama,” said Foster.  In a previous article on business life in Las Vegas, Foster said “The U.S. was in a depression, the Great Depression.  The economy was dead in the water.  Henry Ford’s cars weren’t selling and Harvey Firestone’s tires were rotting in their racks.  So what did they do?  They decided to support  regime change starting with FDR,” said Foster.

     Foster, who blew a fog horn on shady healthcare practices,  noted that this was the “Business Plot” of the 1930’s that sought to employ General Smedley Darlington Butler in a fascist coup.     Foster reiterated his belief that Las Vegas was totally dependent not simply on American greed, but on FDR’s New Deal:  "So when they were outed by Butler, FDR seized the opportunity to hold the New Deal gun to their heads and garnish their support. Then came the WPA power projects like the Tennessee Valley Authority and Hoover Dam, which by the way, created Lake Mead and an abundance of electricity without which Steve Wynn's Bellagio's fountain would be shooting sand instead of water. Heck, there would probably have been no Ceasar's Palace either. In reality, Jay Sarno, the Jewish businessman who built Ceasar's Palace would have been more correct in calling it 'Spartacus' Palace' because it was built with money from the Teamsters Union. Do truck drivers look like Caesar to you? So Sarno, whose people were oppressed by the Romans must have laughed all the way to the bank, don't you know."

     Foster is still as critical of what he calls the "propagandizing peanut gallery".  "I'm not saying that Obama doesn't have socialist leanings or that he isn't a shill for the bigger fat cats that Butler called the 'National City Bank Boys', but Anthony Sutton,  Stew Webb and Gene 'Chip' Tatum have shown that U.S. bankers are the biggest socialists of all.  Why else didn't they all just agree to fall on their little liaise faire capitalistic swords and go bankrupt like they expect the small businesses in America to do instead of taking tax payers' sovereign dollars in a bailout that didn't do what they said it would while providing obscene executive payouts to a bevy of bozos while growing the national debt?" asked Foster.  "As Hank Paulson mumbled about economic collapse in America 92% of the local banks were solvent because they didn't play the games that the Wall Street Bankers, most of Wall Street bandits taking courage from the son of Columbia University Sociology Professor Robert Merton, the economist, Robert Merton Jr. who created 'credit default swaps'.  So Bill Clinton leads the assault in 1999 on the Glass-Steagal Act and opens the door to the GWB replication of the savings and loan scandal years of his father, GHWB, under the guise of 'de-regulation'," said Foster.  "As George Carlin said, 'it's all BS folks....and it's bad for you."

What did not happen and why Anthony Sutton's
assertion that bankers are socialists with open hands for
sovereign tax payers' dollars.

    Meanwhile, according to Foster, Wayne Allyn Root is the spokesperson for Houston, Texas based Wealth Masters International.  Wealth Masters International has become the talk of the town through The Ripoff Report.

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