Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, September 16, 2013

Aaron Alexis' Employer and Boss, Thomas E. Hoshko, Not Just Anybody

Alexis' Employer Was High Wired

by Barron "Buck" Neyh Kidd for CPW News Services

     All news sources are reporting that the shooter at the Washington Navy Yard, Aaron Alexis, was a contractor with security clearance through his high wired employer, The Experts, a subsidiary of Hewlitt Packard.

     The Florida Secretary of State's office provided the incorporation records of the company.

     President of The Experts, Thomas E. Hoshko, has a dynamic history in communication and IT.  Most notably is his beginnings within the U.S. Pentagon. Hoshko's online biography provides the details.  Hoshko was the Director of the Special Intelligence Communications Center for the Chief of Naval Operations.  Hoshko was also the Director of Naval Intelligence and Joint Chiefs of Staff.  His work included, but was not limited to secure communications (DMS), sitcom and cryptography for the Department of Defense and the National Security Administration, White House and U.S. intelligence agencies. Mr. Hoshko's on-line resume reads:

Thomas E. Hoshko | President

Thomas E. Hoshko

Mr. Hoshko has over thirty years of experience in the Information Technology, Solutions and Consulting business.

He is responsible for start-up of PlanIT Group, LLC and securing prime DOD & Intel contracts, as well as, numerous teaming and business partnerships with the top 10 defense contractors, Intel and government agencies.

Mr. Hoshko has opened numerous branch offices and practices to deliver solutions on a global basis. Completed several strategic acquisitions to increase bandwidth and meet customer demand while scaling business with significant internal growth.

In addition to being the founder of three successful consulting companies, Mr. Hoshko has held multiple top executive positions with both private and public companies. Each company posted record growth and earnings during his tenure.

Mr. Hoshko is a firm believer of rewarding a company's top producers. He established the President's Club and the Chairman's Club, in which membership is based on performance goals. In addition, branch and regional managers are provided P & L incentive plans.

Positions Held:

*       The Experts, Inc. - CEO/President

*       Technisource, Inc. - President & Board Member

*       MPS Group (now Adecco) - SVP of Acquisitions & Integration / President of Modis (IT Division). Mr. Hoshko increased the IT division (Modis) of MPS Group to over $1 billion in annual revenue through 36 acquisitions and internal growth within three years.

*       CPI (Computer Professionals, Inc.) - Founder, CEO & President
CPI was acquired by MPS Group.

*       ATSI (Additional Technical Support, Inc.) - Regional Vice-President
ATSI was acquired by MPS Group.

*       Systemation, Inc. - Division & Group Manager
Systemation was acquired by Cap Gemini/Ernst & Young.

*       Technical Aid Corporation - Regional Manager

TAC Worldwide was acquired by The Goodwill Group Inc. (publicly traded in Japan on Nikkei)

*       Pentagon, Washington D.C. - Directed operations of the Special Intelligence Communications Center for the Chief of Naval Operations, Director of Naval Intelligence and Joint Chiefs of Staff, including but not limited to, secure communications (DMS), satcom and cryptography for the DOD, NSA, White House and intel agencies.

Mr. Hoshko studied MIS & Telecommunications and was accepted into the Master's Program at American University.


*       North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year in 1994

*       Inc 500 - 1993, 1994, 1995, 2004, 2006

*       Inc 5000 - 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

*       Fast 50 and Technology Fast 50 - ranked #1 in 1992/1993

*       Member NACCB & NATSS

*       Chairperson - Quality Committee - ISO 9000 Certified

*       HP Solution Partner

*       IBM Business Partner

*       Microsoft Solution Provider

*       Recipient of Blue Diamond Award - Quality and Growth

*       Numerous business partnerships and preferred vendor status

     Michael Ritrovato, Aaron Alexis' friend from Fort Worth, Texas painted a picture of a friendly man who was considered family to the Happy Bowl Restaurant where military photos hung on the walls and where Alexis seemed knowledgeable and comfortable with military hardware and weaponry.  Appearing on Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday night Ritrovato did not explain the connection of Aaron's room at the family restaurant and friendship with the owner, but he did say that Aaron had told him that his employer was slow in paying Alexis.

     Attempts to contact Mr. Hoshko to confirm or deny Mr. Ritrovato's comments were unsuccessful.  "With his success at his three companies that posted record earnings during his tenure it seems illogical that The Experts weren't paying Aaron Alexis timely," said Fred Rogers, a former Naval Intelligence "Actuator".  Rogers offered his speculation as to what might have happened.  "Either Alexis was a lone wolf that went postal because he hadn't been paid or he could have been suffering from PTSD following his Naval Reserve assignment/s which seems unlikely unless there were aspects of his Reserve service that aren't readily apparent.   Some health problem cannot be ruled out....like a brain tumor.  He also could even have been on assignment as a Manchurian Candidate by the Communist Chinese, North Koreans or white American or European supremacists who want to start a race war, but given the multi-racial victims as targets that seems unlikely or a very subtle mind bender.  An international cartel that wants the U.S. to back out of the 2nd Amendment so that it can be subjugated by marshal law?  A hard right crypto-Nazi "Business Plot" like in the 30's with mind control abilities?  You also can't rule out that he was a latent psychopath whose interest in violent video games was a window on a twisted mind or that he had some other undiagnosed psychological fracture.  Some have speculated that he had a case of reverse-Stockholm or Helsinki syndrome similar to that experienced in Los Angeles with a another U.S. Navy retiree turned policeman, Christopher Dorner."

     "Most people don't realize the centrality of the U.S. Navy to the intelligence community.  Those who have read The Nightingale's Song by Robert Timberg begin to understand the breadth of it, but not always the depths," said Rogers.

Mr. and Mrs. Hoshko in front of Milk Money the $44,500 per week yacht enjoyed at the 2010 Super Bowl.

Thomas Hoshko (l) wearing both "The Experts" shirt and Chevron badge.
Click photos for CCR article on the Chevron connection to Nigerian oil.
Nowhere in his on-line biography does Hoshko highlight
 "The Experts" work for Chevron.

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