Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1930’s USA “Business Plot” Would Have Killed All That Jazz

By Hilda Giles Roper for CPW New Service

Duke Ellington and Django Reinhardt  1946 Tour Would Never Have Happened

      The Great Depression was decompressed with the sound of music.  A special music that was uniquely American.  Jazz.

     In Nazi Germany, Hitler’s storm troopers were rounding up Jews, Gypsies and socially undesirable persons for elimination by extermination.  In America, the work of the German American Bund and its alliance with the pseudo-science of human eugenics headquartered at New York’s Cold Spring Harbor catalyzed Hitler’s European program.
     In the 1930’s as Hitler’s Mein Kampf mentality  came to power it was further fueled in America by the  “Business Plot”.  The aim of that plot was to throw FDR out of office through a military coup led by two time Congressional Medal of Honor winner General Smedley Darlington Butler. 
     Dr. Albert C. Fischer of the American Society for the Recovery of Reality, says “99.25% of the American public has never heard of the ‘Business Plot’ which included Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs, Charles Lindbergh and Prescott Bush, the father of two American Presidents.  The fact that the American electorate allowed children of the plotters to be placed in the nation’s highest office shows the degree to which the American public has been blindfolded.”
    Some have pointed to a photo taken of Reinhardt, four Blacks and Jew together with a Nazi officer in Paris during the Nazi occupation as evidence that they were treated well.  "Yea," said Fischer, "and talented musicians played Mozart and Beethoven outside the concentration ovens just before their audience went up in ash and smoke.....as would Reinhardt had the paralysis in his left hand been more pronounced."

     Fischer argues that this episode in American history has been systematically weeded out of American text books and periodicals by the powerful media moguls, themselves controlled by the U.S. power elites.  “In the same way that the work of Pulitzer prize winning reporter Gary Webb’s disclosure of a CIA backed drug distribution program was derailed by his bosses at the San Jose Mercury News, controlled as they were by Knight-Ridder, so the ‘business plot’ never made it into America’s social studies classes or college textbooks. 
     “It’s not unusual for a high school or college level teacher of significant educational and academic accomplishment to hear of it at, say 50 or 60 years of age, and to scratch his or her head,” said Fischer.  “But it is true.  It happened. “
     “How was this story derailed in the American culture?”  he asked.  “Those who sought to expose it found their arguments opposed by the notion that Butler would have been the most unlikely candidate to lead a Fascist coup, since he was already such an outspoken critic of Fascism that no one would have attempted to recruit him into the Fascist fold.  Preposterous!” said Fischer.    “That’s exactly what such a movement would have required,” Fisher believes.  “It fits hand in hand with the German perfected ‘Big Lie’ of Hitler’s propagandist, Joseph Goebbels,” said Fischer.
     “And if you don’t trust that conclusion,” said Fischer, “consider that for 50 years after Europe banned lead paint because of its health risks, for nearly that many years after the discovery of asbestos risks and long, long after American physicians had been used in the sale of cigarettes, American industrialists were still sticking it to their people.  Fifteen of the nineteen World Trade Center attackers were Saudi Arabians and we are told that Iraq is the problem….we must invade it.  It’s the big lie from the big liars,” said Fisher noting that Donald Rumsfeld purchased Misery Plantation, the site where Civil War era abolitionist, Frederick Douglas, was openly renditioned,” said Fischer.   “Had the business plot succeeded we’d have had no American tour of Duke Ellington and Django Reinhardt in 1946,” said Fischer noting that Ellington was black and Reinhardt was a Gypsy.

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