Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, November 9, 2012

Free Tattoos From Funeral Home

O'Malley's Funeral Home in Trenton, NJ Giving Away Free Tattoos

by John Jay Byrd for CPW News Services

O'Malley's Funeral Home offers free tattoos

     Jumping on the bandwagon of the immense popularity in skin art, a New Jersey funeral home is offering free back tattoos for anyone willing to carry a tastefully placed chest tattoo on their body.

     "We find that this is the most caring thing that a person can do for their loved ones.  When you have a beautiful back tattoo that is meaningful, however traditional or avant garde the image, than the front tattoo has all the more meaning. 'Oh how sweet of Freddy to make the decision about his burial for me so that I don't have to stand in the doorway or stairwell trying to tell the EMS guy where to take his body,' one patron told me," said Farsi Obalwami the owner of O'Malley's.

   Susan Fitzsimmons Short whose husband Dick died in August said "Dick had a beautiful angel on his back and a the telephone number to O'Malley's on his front with a simple three letter instruction to the doctor in the ICU.  That little forethought saved me so much agonizing grief that words cannot express to you what an angel Dick was.  So caring.  So thoughtful.  So unselfish," said Mrs. Short who has worked for twenty seven years for Acme Casket Co. in nearby Plantersville.

   Tattoos vary in price according to design, color and size.  "How do you determine a fair size and price for a tatoo?" I asked Mr. Obalwami.

    "That is predetermined by only one factor. Age.  We offer five back designs of the same size for  people 65 and older.  They are up to five by seven inches in one color.  Black.  Then we offer five designs for anyone under 65 but no younger that 40 that are three by two inches and also in basic  black.  Under 40 and you get the tattoo of your choice of any of five designs in a lovely one by one inch tattoo also in black," said Obalwami.  The chest tattoos are all the same size according to Obalwami who claims that his family was embalming royalty in the Middle East over four thousand years ago.

     Thurman Frisdale, president of The Continental Self Burial Corp, is opposed to human embalming and burials which use toxic waste products, plastic coffin liners and other non-biodegradable elements at exhorbatant prices.  Frisdale does, however,  is in favor of tattoos that instruct survivors to contribute the bodies of their loved ones to his not-for-profit corporation whose sole purpose is to "replenish the world's blood....oil".

    Frisdale notes that he has volunteer tattoo artists who will give people who opt for his practices a free frontal tattoo of roughly the same size as any other tattoo that they purchase.  The address of The Continental Self Burial Corp. must be included with the 800 number of Fed Ex that provides rapid transport in their patented cryopac containers with burial costs equalling only the cost of shipping and handling.  "Handling is always $99.95 reguardless of age, height and weight," said Frisdale.


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