Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012 Election Rigged

2012 Election Follows Nader/Carlin Script

    by Winsip Custer CPW News Services

     There is only one option….black or white…..Republican or Democratic.  Yet, there are 7 colors in the visible color spectrum.  Polish pollster, Lech Lamasther, asks "Why are Americans limited to two choices?"
     "With the hoopla now behind them and the votes cast, many are asking “what’s the real difference?   Was Al Gore whose campaign chairman, Tony Coelho, who now sits on the George W. Bush Presidential Library Board light years away from the Republican "drill here and now" boys ?   Did Obama not reappoint or leave in place GWB's financial advisers?  Did Obama announces a NASA style initiative for bringing clean energy to this soot-chugging planet?"
     "Is Barack Obama whose wife worked for the historically Republican Springfield, Illinois law firm that kept the wife of Abraham Lincoln out of the mental institution, really significantly different from the Republicans?" Lamasther asked.
    Fritz Von Albertson of the Institute for the Study of Dialectic Non-Alternatives said in Washington on Tuesday, “Ralph Nader and George Carlin are 100% correct.  The only real choice you have is between paper and plastic and both are made by the Koch brothers….plastic bags from their petrochemical plants and refineries and paper from their Georgia Pacific paper mills that dump the effluence into your drinking water while they buy up water supplies and install distillation and reverse osmosis bottling plants to sell it back to you at a profit in plastic bottles.  You see, Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer for the big railroads who wanted a transcontinental route across the less expensive and flatter South.  The high moral road of abolition that they hoped would bring not only war profits to the American power elites and railroad tycoons, but a new rail route, which thanks to the pesky Southerners and the Apache Indians proved more difficult to obtain than E.H. Harriman and the others first thought.   So they had to proceed with the central route through Promentary Point,” said Von Albertson pointing out that as soon as they did Reconstruction ended.  There came simultaneously the KKK led by Scottish Rite Mason, Albert Pike, which would link up with the Yale Skull & Bones class of 1833 in a power-pack and eventually with the neo-Nazi John Birchers supported as they were by Fred Koch and J. Peter Grace of W.R. Grace & Co.," said Von Albertson noting that the China Trade of Caleb Cushing's New England Brahmin's used Christian missionaries essentially as corporate spies causing an eventual Chinese Cultural Revolution and expulsion of all Western Christian missionaries....a view held by American Pulitzer Prize winning author, Pearl S. Buck.  "Buch was an insider, a female version of Jim Morrison of the Doors and son of the U.S. Navy Admiral who was charged with running the Gulf of Tonkin affair or of William Ayers, the Weatherman son of a major Chicago military-complex industrialist or some even say of American Taliban, John Walker Lindh, whose father is a chief attorney of Pacific Gas and Electric, the company that poisoned the Hinckley, California water wells and which Ralph Nader has shown plotted the rape of the California power grid with the help and criminality of Enron," said Von Albertson.  "Pearl S. Buck was the daughter of Presbyterian Christian missionaries to China who wrote The Good Earth which she believed was being spoiled in the name of unbridled capitalistic greed under the guise of some invisible hand that Adam Smith, as Alan Greenspan now admits, had lodge somewhere up his invisible bum," said Von Albertson.

     "The opium men and railroad and shipping tycoons followed the route tauted by Horace Greeley whose book had provided an imaginary ride on the train ten years before the completion of the first Transcontinental Railway titled, An Overland Journey From New York To San Francisco in the Summer of 1859.  Jefferson Davis, a hero of the U.S.-Mexican War, had personally surveyed the Southern route across the Gadsden Purchase, a route that could have easily been diverted to William Walker's intended annexed region in Baja that was supported by President Franklin Pierce, an ancestor of Barbara Pierce Bush.  Jefferson Davis was a close friend to Boston's opium kingpin, Caleb Cushing who negotiated the first U.S.-Chinese trade agreements.  It was at Feniuel Hall near Caleb Cushing's Trinity Church at the site of the Boston Massacre that Andrew Jackson delivered his  cheered speech defending slavery and where Frederick Douglas felt he must speak against it as Gary Webb would speak against the re-enslaving of American minorities with the inevitable chemical dependency brought on with the help of CIA imported drugs.  Horace Greeley paid the bond releasing Jefferson Davis from prison after the Civil War and Greeley's  was the first name listed on the official bond record," said Von Albertson adding..."Go west young men! On the rails that my newspapers promoted and bring back the Chinese booty as you read my papers for the next big thing!"

     Von Albertson also noted that the transcontinental railroad would cut months off of the shipment of their opium supplies by sea from the Orient.  "The U.S. Navy guaranteed safe passage of their cargoes to San Francisco or San Diego, the proposed Southern terminus of the Southern transcontinental route and headquarters of the U.S. Marines where Smedley Butler trained.  This is precisely why the U.S. Navy, like no other branch of the military, enjoys such a prominent place in the inner workings of the U.S. intelligence community and National Security Agency or NSA," said Von Albertson.
     "When Michele Obama’s former law firm merged in 2000, one year before the fall of their new home, The World Trade Center, following its merger with the New York firm of Brown and Wood, it was apparent that the Brown Brothers Harriman connections were at play all along,” said Von Albertson as he pointed to a flow chart of Kellog Brown and Root and to Alexander Brown of Baltimore and of Elihu Root of Yale's Skull and Bones. 
     "Six hundred thousand American boys dead not just to free slaves which anyone who has seriously read their Bibles, particularly Exodus, they should have done with the stroke of a pen, but also to fund the Northern railroad tycoons with E.H. Harriman’s Union Pacific later employing not only Prescott Bush, but earlier the father and grandfather of former Secretary of State, James A. Baker,” Von Albertson continued.    The ancestor of  Confederate General Braxton Bragg, also a hero of the U.S. Mexican War with Davis and promoter of the post-Civil War Southern transcontinental rail route, C. Wright Mills who wrote The Power Elite, the radical sociologist from Columbia University grew up on the family ranch in Texas not far where Bragg died in Galveston also the place where William Walker's failed attempt to annex Baja was followed by his recruiting mercenaries for the annexation of Honduras the site for a new Atlantic-Pacific canal in Central America.  I believe that Nathan Bedford Forrest knew instinctively that Bragg was a shill for the rail barons.  These are the same factors that celebrated soldier and self-professed 'goon for the National City Bank boys', U.S. Marine General Smedley Darlington Butler related.   Butler single-handedly foiled the 1930's Nazi 'Business Plot' of Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and John Burroughs and wrote as a result his book War Is A Racket.  Butler warned against what Dwight D. Eisenhower said as well on his way out of office....a rare parting shot by a Republican to the Republicans....and Democrats....and let's never forget they are twins in an essentially evil dialectic that will do what is advantageous to them, but not essential for the planet, and never forget what Carlin said....'Germany lost WWII, but the Nazi's won the war,' reflecting Harry Truman's criticism of Eisenhower whom he claimed made a comfortable living off of the very complex he criticized."

Christopher Hitchens protesting
the 2000 exclusion of
Nader from the Bush/Gore debate.
     Noting that the 2000 election was a debacle, Ralph Nader was refused a place in the debate between Bush and Gore, a debate which Ross Perot had fought to secure in 1988 in his Presidential bid against George Herbert Walker Bush and William Jefferson Clinton.  "George Carlin’s humor concerning your choice at the poll is correct and while I don’t agree with Carlin that you should therefore just not bother voting, your lack of choices will eventually lead to a new revolution or to the return to slavery.  Did Democrats prevent jobs from being shipped overseas which Republicans like Romney and the Bain Capitalists championed?” asked Von Albertson fatalistically.

     Von Albertson noted that the Presidential Debate Commission which excluded him from the 2000 Presidential debate between Bush and Gore is headed by Frank Fahrenhaupf the 73 year old lawyer, chairman of the Republican National Committee from 1983-1989 during the Reagan-Bush era and current CEO of the American Gaming Association (AGA).  "'Mr. Casino' and his buddies would like to turn the entire U.S. into a giant casino and parking lot.  One big crap shoot.  Which when you look at what happened to Wall Street in 2008, or to the waters downstream from the Koch brother's Georgia Pacific plants or downwind of their petrochemical refineries....is what it has become," said one Nader supporter.

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