Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, October 1, 2012



by Winsip Custer, CPW News Services

     With George Walker Bush’s  eight year plunge of the U.S. into a fiscal morass and unnecessary wars that Barack Obama desires four more years to correct and as Mitt Romney,  his critics charge, wishes to reconstitute with renewed deregulation, Ross Perot is returning to the political stage, but from the wings .

"Does Ross Perot not know that David Walker is a talker and NOT a real walker?"  
                                 -Portnoy Seather
     As Perot appears in interviews with CBS and CSPAN this week, David Walker, former U.S. Comptroller General, says that Ross Perot’s 1992 candidacy set the stage for eight years of the Clinton era's fiscal maturity with a resulting budget surplus.  Since then, war with its unbridled military budgeting had George W. Bush appointing Stuart Bowen as the head of  Iraq reconstruction effort.   Bowen’s staff members criticized Bowen’s oversight of his $50 billion budget, a number that was within $10 billion of Bush’s initial total projection for the entire cost of the Iraq war which is now over $4 trillion.   Bowen would  earn for his questionable work in Iraq the David Walker Excellence in Government Award for Performance and Accountability.  Former Perot supporters are lining up to ask Mr. Perot to explain how the waste and fraud in the Iraq War would deserve an award in performance and accountability.
     Ross Perot had warned in 1992 that the passing of GATT and NAFTA would mean the loss of U.S. jobs and the death of the U.S. Middle Class.  George Herbert Walker Bush supported the GATT and NAFTA bill as did Mr. Clinton whose sex scandals were accompanied  by a close relationship with a Chinese lobbyist whose company’s workers are essentially slaves of a totalitarian regime.  In May 2000, just after GWB's appointment by the U.S. Supreme Court, Bill Clinton's work of normalizing trading relations with China, a 2000  page document during the '92 debate, initiated over the previous ten years spanning the GHWB, Clinton and GWB administrations, was nearly 30,000 pages when it was passed by Congress and signed into law by George Walker Bush.  This gave China a place at the World Trade Organization table as an equal trading partner in spite of its abysmal human rights record.   China also failed to hold the U.S. accountable for its partnership in keeping the Chinese people enslaved from roughly the middle of the 19th Century by the "China Trade'.  Enslaved by drugs during the historic East-West opium wars fueled by an economic battle over who  would control the exploitation of the Chinese population as the British empire lost out to the U.S..    This foreign domination led to the Chinese Cultural Revolution and its distaste for Western Christian missionaries and to a new  Communist Chinese political ideology that, not unlike unregulated Capitalism, has disregard for the actual ecological stewardship costs that would responsibly include proper care of human "capital". 
   Others pointed out that while Bill Clinton left the nation with a surplus after eight years and identified with the oppressed, his home state of Arkansas was the base for known drug smuggling through Mena with its airport being a key link to the Iran-Contra program and to Barry Seal's drug distribution system and its CIA employment of Eugene Hausenfus, the clandestine pilot whose downing blew the lid off the Iran-Contra network.  Little Rock was home to the key Iran-Contra bank, BCCI.  The Arkansas politician saddled with protecting Seal as a Federal witness, Asa Hutchinson, was promoted to the highest DEA office after Seal's murder.  "Was GATT and NAFTA more than a vacuum for American jobs?" asked another critic of the Bush/Clinton trade agreement.

"We Are beginning to look more and more like extinct dinosaurs with too much armor and too little brain."   -William Sloane Coffin
     Portnoy Seather president of the Council For Guileless Transparency in Bethesda, Maryland asked of the new union between David Walker and Ross Perot, “Does Perot not know that David Walker is talker and not a real walker?  I believe that David Walker, like Scott Walker, Governor of Minnesota, is a member of a criminal family in the U.S. that ties to the brutal 19th Century filibusterer, William Walker, who was, like Aaron Burr, always trying to carve out his own kingdom and appoint himself monarch or dictator-for-life.  He wanted a world where slavery was legal and the social and ecological cost of his ventures were never accounted for.  For that the Hondurans shot him, while many of William Walker's  military misadventures inspired among his followers and kin in the Western Hemisphere  a private imperialism hidden beneath the umbrella of the 'Monroe Doctrine'.... a political position which many Hondurans today call the 'Moron Doctrine.'" 

     Seather continued...."Ross Perot dropped out of the 1992 presidential campaign citing danger to his family.  What the hell was that all about?" asked Seather.  "And if he was so articulate during the 1992 Presidential debates about the screwing that the U.S. was going to take with the ‘giant sucking’ sound  of jobs heading out of the country that is still buzzing in our ears, why is he not being more transparent about all these other dubious connections?”

     Seather questions Perot's sincerity.  "If I find out that Perot who made his fortunes by computerizing Social Security records for the U.S. government, is close to Rev. John Franklyn Norris, the Ft. Worth/Dallas preacher who was a close friend of the John Birch who was killed in China evangelizing on the one hand while keeping silent about the U.S. drug connections on the other, and whose dubius mission was memorialized by Fred Koch of Koch Industries who paid for the creation of the John Birch Society and was building Hitler's refineries in Germany while men like Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs and Prescott Bush comprised the 'Business Plot' of the the 1930's and whose push toward chemical pesticides has been killing the world's bees?  Well then!  And with George Walker Bush living in Dallas not far from Perot and with General Edwin Walker, a known John Bircher,  who was supposedly nearly assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, I'm going to understand why Perot dropped out of the 1992 Presidential campaign on such short notice.  But if he wants to leave a really lasting legacy for his children and grandchildren, he should join with us in the Council for Guileless Transparency and go totally clean.  There's no disinfectant like sunlight and openness," said Seather.  "Winston Churchill said '...that in time of war the truth must be guarded by a body guard of lies.'  Well, these guys are all trained in endless warfare so you can't believe a goddamn thing they say.  Nothing. Nada. Zippo!  If these leaders don't grow up and lead or move over and let someone else do so, we are in for a long dark winter of discontent leading to annihilation," complained Seather as he adjusted his toupe' and his left lifter-loafer, both made in Communist China.

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