Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, October 12, 2012



By Romulus Roeamerson for CPW News Services

    With JP Morgan Chase Bank announcing record profits for the third quarter of 2012, and as its CEO complains of too much regulation, skeptics are increasingly aware that bailout money that would have been used to fix the toxic asset problems or to fund small businesses, instead has been “pocketed like a sick old widowers’ peanuts in the jowls of his cheeks which he swallows when the doctors and nurses aren’t looking,” said Festus Green Pusley of the citizen bank watchdog group Brazen Banks Back At It Again.  "According to Sheila Bair the head of the FDIC during the meltdown, less than 5% of community banks failed.  Meaning that they were doing a good job in regulating themselves.  It was the gluttonous Mr. Potter's crushing little George Bailey's S&L, just as Frank Capra showed us in his moive It's A Wonderful Life.....de javu all over again," said Pusley.

     “Think of old JP Morgan’s bulbous nose sucking up taxpayers money from the Hank Paulson bailout we were told would be used for one thing and then the bank inhaling it for another and announcing a huge profit.  Now, get ready for JP Morgan’s  engorgement to work its way through JP's equally disgusting intestinal track to plop and drop another big one on the U.S. economy only to tell us how good this is for everybody," said Pusley looking to the coming bond bubble.
    Pusley believes that the quicker the banks can be challenged by the placement of the entire Social Security System on the gold standard the better off the nation will be as it digs itself out of its $14 trillion debt.  "The SS Gold Bank can loan members 20% of their SS gold value for only 60 months," said Pusley.  "That's long enough to grow a garden in your back yard and some chickens to feed your family, but don't mortgage your house again if it's paid off.  A hand full of Rhode Island Reds will drop a couple of thousand eggs a year.  Omelets for everyone!  If you're house is paid for, but you can't afford the electricity, try turning your swimming pool or spa into a fish farm.  The future looks bright especially when we know it is backed by gold."

    “If we secure the Social Security Program with gold and leave the U.S. fiat currency on the “In God We Trust” formula allowing people to have their “gives us this day our DAILY bread” instead of socking it away like Mitt Romney and his mega wealthy cronies, the country will move forward nicely, steadily, but while shrinking JP Morgan’s gargantuan snot locket.”

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