Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, October 5, 2012


And the Flame Thrower He Should Use:  My Second Term: Killing the Monopolistic Oligarchy with its Too Big To Fail and Too Small To Succeed.

by Winsip Custer, CPW News Services

   The proffered reasons for Obama’s passionless first debate are many:  It was his anniversary and his mind was elsewhere; he was ill prepared to do combat because of a proclivity to reasoned judgment that is excellent for a world leader, but bad for a politician needing to duke it out with a vulture capitalist;  He was suffering from jet-lag and a maladjustment to oxygen depletion at 5,000 feet in the Denver Rockies.  So his performance was, well, rocky.
    According to Farnsworth Livermore, chairman of the Society for Devilish Debating Tactics, Obama must face his darkest….or in this case whitest demons….as he enters the next two debates.  “Obama is not in a bad position.  He didn’t drool all over himself.  He made no serious gaffs.  He was just far too kind.  He must never again use Donald Trump’s name in his debate.  So Trump is considered by Romney as a small businessman. Make a joke of that in the other direction.  Trump is no small businessman. He's a monopolist like the one's that Teddy Roosevelt took on as a Bull Moose.  Be a Bull Moose!  If Romney is penis waving, show him that yours is, indeed, longer!" said Livermore.  "The important thing is that when Obama raised Trumps name he also dropped the birth certificate issue on the table like an anvil.  He doesn’t need that.  At all.”

     Livermore, believes that Obama must look defiantly into the camera and smile assuredly as he whittles Romney down to size.  “Rick Perry is a very respected Republican leader, Mr. Romney, who considers you to be a vulture.  And don’t say that he has his flaws.  We all have his flaws, but he is not part of a religious group that Howard Hugh’s people called the Mormon Mafia.  Does your Mormon faith forbid mafia style tactics as mine does, sir?  Vultures eat road kill and that is what your kind have made of the U.S. economy and its workers.  Did your father help American workers like Clint Eastwood's Walt Kowalski? Or did he shut them down?  And if he didn't why don't his genes run through your veins, sir?  You sir would have killed the company that made the Gran Torino (never mind that Ford made the Gran Torino....let his fact checkers point that out later and since Ford was a monopolist, too, his myth needs to do double duty as tribute to the nation for Ford's place in the  "business plotter" of the 1930's that would have had us marching in goose step with Hitler's Nazi Party), just like you wanted to do with GM?  GM the company that bought H. Ross Perot’s, Electronic Data Systems, a proud Texas company that made Mr. Perot a billionaire by supporting Social Security , its management and efficiency.   Why should we put your kind back in charge, Mr. Romney?  You, sir, believe in too big to fail and too small to succeed.  And when I said that if you were successful in business, you didn't get there on your own, you, Mr. Romney, are a perfect example of that.  Lee Iacocca is an example of that.  AIG whose initial fortunes were made from a guaranteed U.S. government assured mail route across the Pacific is another.  Henry Ford needed the assembly line workers and the taxpayer's roads, did he not?  Or are all Ford's car off road vehicles?  Was Las Vegas built in the desert without the Hoover Dam and its cheap electricity made by the WPA partnership with American Capitalism and its people and their taxes?  Did NASA go to the moon without government partnership with private businesses... many new ones?  Will the energy crisis and ecology problem be solved without this partnership?  It was Republican leadership that tore down the wise and balanced restraints that would have prevented the need for a bail out by Mr. Bush, Mr. Paulson, and Mr. Greenspan who admitted his ideology was flawed and that we all know has now left to the future the job of sweeping up the mess they left in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It is your party, sir, that pushed the hardest for the export of American jobs, so to say that you are now a jobs builder is a bit disingenuous.  No! It's laughable, then solemn and then sad when coupled with the way the too big to fail banks are sitting on the funding that could build and sustain the middle class.  I am not willing to strap our future to your vision or pummel it into the ground with the hope that your are being truthful about the direction you will take us.  How can we trust your values when they are vulture values?  Well America is NOT a carcass, sir.   (Yes, you MUST continually resurrect the vision of Romney putting Nixon's little dog Checkers on the roof of the car and also egging on the homophobes!) Why else have our jobs flown like a giant sucking sound out of the country while your kind withholds loans to flexible, agile small  businesses, then complains of the sluggish economy and proposes to profit off of a system that has educated students for the 200 plus years of American history as an investment in our future.  Your kind, sir, would cut the backbone of this great country into pieces, while your supporters are slicing and dicing our once proud businesses to get at their retirement programs and other assets?  In my second term I will take on the monopolies in a way that will make Teddy Roosevelt look like Casper Milquetoast to bring a revitalized nation back into balance and power.  I will offer a prescription for a nation liberated from the control of the business monopolies and their deadly principle:  Too big to fail and too small to succeed.  That is a vulture capitalist’s dream and a monopolist’s creed.   It is also the assault on America's middle-class.   Well that’s a thing of the past.  The future of this country is in new opportunities and a dismantling of the old business models.  Enron, WorldCom, Columbia/HCA, Countrywide, Tyco, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, the graceless narcissism or raping and pillaging of the U.S. economy will stop in my second term.  We went to the moon with government help and a consortium of new businesses that like the integration of the U.S. military during World War II helped everyone become better off....that's needed now.    I stopped the $60 billion dollar Iraq War that now has cost us $4 trillion.  That will not happen again just to line the pockets of  your buddies on Wall Street while real innovations in sustainable projects are bombed into oblivion.  We'll fight terrorism worldwide with sanity and hope and not death and destruction.   Something like that, Mr. Custer,” Livermore continued.

Teddy Roosevelt's iconic bear
now made in China for FAO Schwarz
     Livermore said that CNN’s Chris Mathews’ criticism of Obama needed to be tempered. Who was Tip O’Neil’s aide?  Mathews.   Chris needs to remember that Obama does not have the history in street fighting that John F. Kennedy had as a Boston Irishman caught between his father's fascist leanings and poor minorities of Boston.  “Kennedy had to know that if you take on this group with a populace idea….like the fact that monopolies are bad, while making new opportunities and  the required bank funding for new American enterprises are good….and what bigger monopoly is there than the trade agreements that shipped our jobs to totalitarian governments where the workers make pennies a day while the vulture capitalists sock away their money in the Cayman Islands….that they will come after you.    Today, FAO Schwartz makes Teddy Roosevelt's iconic "Teddy Bear" in China for pennies an hour.  Obama must look himself in the mirror and ask himself ‘Do I really want this job?  Am I really willing to pay the ultimate price?  What if it means that my wife is holding my head in her hands?  That is, after all, what happened to an Irish Catholic, what might happen to an African-American?” asked Livermore who did not feel that Mr. Obama's accomplishments could be compared to the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln.  "Lincoln was a Republican lawyer who worked for the railroad interests whose primary design for the South was securing a flat rail route from their Southern ports to San Diego, California.   The high road of abolitionism was used to secure a speedy rail route to the Pacific and the power elites' riches from the China Trade of the New Englanders who used the Irish Catholics to fight their battles for them," said Livermore who also noted that Michele Obama worked in the Springfield, Illinois law firm of the Republican lawyers who represented Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln.

     "There will be those who point out that Teddy Roosevelt failed in his Bull Moose bid and was eclipsed by the leader of all international monopolists and corporate cabals, Woodrow Wilson.  Why recall Roosevelt's loss?    Because the issue is the same today as then when Roosevelt lost and then supported his close friend Robert Taft who is a much a monopolist as J.P. Morgan, Jay Gould or E.H. Harriman.  The issue is the same, only more pressing than ever.  Instead of an American power elite, a Roosevelt, calling for change, it is someone who has inspired the greatest change in America since George Washington, MLK and JFK. Strike a match, Mr. President.  Light the pilot.  Let'er rip," said Livermore, "but before you do go and read what George Washington faced from England's monopolists if he had lost.  You know what happened to JFK and MLK already."

     Livermore believes that if Obama is absent from the next two debates as he was in the first, then he was all along a shill for those who wish to give Americans the illusion of a choice, but without really giving them one.  "If he refuses to go after the monopolists and Romney as their agent of the status quo and their return to Enron and bail out years, then Mr. and Mrs. Obama's connections to the Sidley Austin and Brown and Wood law firms of Springfield, Illniois and New York, combined with Barack's silence means that he provided a respite from the brutality that defined the Bush legacy.  His silence would support the U.S. power elites who would reconstitute that brutality so that they can continue to kill the middle class, the environment and the nation as it circles the drain with Obama lounging in the accomplishment of being the first 'man of color' to get this far, but not as crazy as Washington, JFK and MLK in wanting to go further," said  Livermore.  "Controlled by what John Perkins has called the 'corporatocracy'", Obama's silence will be evidence that they got to him," Livermore concluded.

     "And if Obama fails to go for the jugular in debates two and three, Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic Convention about the Republicans wrecking the economy and Obama not cleaning it up fast enough for them, will have been a smoke screen.  Bill Clinton, you will recall, signed into law the death of Glass-Steagall, the bill that had policed Wall Street after the 1929 Great Depression from 1933 to 1999, just before GWB took office and tanked the economy.  Combined with Clinton's support of GATT and NAFTA, Obama's silence will be evidence of the fact that it is always darkest just before pitch black.  Clinton's governorship of Arkansas during the Iran-Contra years when Mena was used as a drug transhipment site for the Reagan-Bush White House pipeline to the Sandinista, would be evidence of Obamas' complacency and of Clinton, too," said Livermore.

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