Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

History Channel Promotes Big Lie

History Channel Propagandizes American Public
By Dewey Shanker for CPW News Services
 In the History Channel’s new series The Men Who Built America, the popular purveyors of American mythology chronicle the life of steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie.  Correctly accounting for Carnegie’s bridge building accomplishments, his being ahead of the curve on America’s late 19th Century urbanization and need for high rise housing using Carnegie steel the program stalls in telling the story of the standoff between Carnegie’s brutal manager, Henry Fricke, and the unions.  "Stalls"... is according to some critics, a meek description for what they say is a program that tumbles headlong into a timely, but monumental historical error. 
    According to the History Channel, Fricke was determined to eliminate the labor union from the Carnegie mill at Hempstead by employing the Blackwater of his day, the Pinkertons.   Stating that “the labors unions were a recent development in America”, the program’s die is cast for redirecting the entire presentation toward the bastardization of the American dream by the importation of what Ayn Rand and others would call the “mindless collective”.  Communism.  Socialism.  It then equates unions with anarchists who track down Fricke for retaliation after the Pinkertons killed 9 workers and seriously injured hundreds of others at Hempstead.  A modern Nero, Fricke and Carnegie by association would be remembered for brutal business tactics and also the disaster at Johnstown, Pennsylvania where a dam burst killing 2,209.
     “Unionizing and collectivizing led to the Magna Carta in England.  The entire American resistance to the tyranny of England’s King George, it can be rightfully argued was unionizing,” said Dr. Jackson P. Steele Miller, head of the Society for the Demystification and Debunking of the American Myth. “America was always a union effort.  Why else call the Yankees during the Civil War the Union Army?   The patriotic colonists were, well, colonists! George Washington, Ben Franklin and others were Free Masons....and not Scottish Rite Masons who were formed in the early 1780's in Prussia by the Prussian monarch and whose leading promoter in the U.S. was Albert Pike, a Roman Catholic whose trails lead through Scotland, as did Andrew Carnegie, and whose sentiments were not shared by Carnegie's Protestant hero, John Knox, who hated the Roman Catholic Queen, Mary Queen of Scots, "Bloody Mary",  and the tyranny of wayward monarchs.   Pike, was the Confederacy's President, Jefferson Davis' brutal indian agent and a seasoned slaver, as well as the future chief legal counsel for the KKK.  Pike's Scottish Rite Masons caused a bifurcation within the Free Mason ranks with the steady progress of men like Washington and Franklin was cancelled out.   Through Pike, whose Masonic Temple is in Washington D.C. where he is buried, but whose first lodge was erected in Savannah, Georgia not far from Walker County, home to Augusta National Country Club, sparked a growing courtship between the idea of the personhood of corporations and the recently undeclared slavers and their like-minded Northern kin, like the New England Brahmins who had hidden their low down war profits beneath the high road of abolitionism.   Hiding behind the high walls of their exclusive clubs men like Carnegie and Frische could hide from public scrutiny, like the pharoah atop his pyramid.  Moses was also a union organizer which has always put the Jews on the hit list unless they have agreed to suffer, like Hank Paulson, Henry Kissinger or Alan Greenspan, from Helsenki Syndrome, or as they are known among devout Jews...."The Coats of Many Colors Men".   The Washington and Franklin non-Scottish Rite Free Masons were nothing if not a huge union built to resist the tyranny of monarchs and Popes in Europe who pushed for lower and lower wages, longer hours and increasingly dangerous working conditions.  That’s why their Mason ancestors put the gargoyles on the high church parapets to mock the SOB’s who had so little regard for the common person.  Carnegie workers would often stamp steel girders with CIASOB for 'Carnegie is a S.O.B' and 'FID' for 'Fricke is dead',” said Miller.
     "Who runs this insane History Channel?" asked Miller.

     A subsidiary of Discovery Communications Inc, the corportion's founder John S. Hendricks' missions statement reads from its own website:

     Discovery's leadership is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct, and to fulfilling the original mission spelled out by Chairman and Founder John Hendricks in 1982:   "To satisfy curiosity and make a difference in people's lives by providing the highest quality content, services and products that entertain, engage and enlighten."

    "Entertain, engage and enlighten.  Well, two out of three gives them a C- or D+ average," said Miller.  "Not a very good average for a keeper of the corporate American myth that owes its union to the 600,000 American boys, North and South, many of whose brothers and sons worked in Carnegie steel mills and could not afford to pay someone else to do battle for them...kind of like George Walker Bush did in the National Guard.  Remember that America was built on the backs of the steerage passengers like the ones in the belly of the Titanic whose simpler life was entrusted to the great, brilliant, titan-like builders and planners up in the high and dry main salon where caviar and champagne flowed freely....for a while!" Miller explained.

    "'The Men Who Built America?  All by themselves?  Really?  Oops!" said Miller.

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