Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, November 21, 2011

Louis Freeh To Investigate 'Nitwitty Liars' In Penn State Scandal

By Winsip Custer CPW New Service
11.21.11 State College, PA.
     The Board of Penn State announced the hiring of former FBI Director, Louis Freeh, to conduct an internal investigation of the University’s handing of the Sandusky scandal.
Louis Freeh
     Freeh, who was born in New Jersey and received his Italian citizenship on October 23, 2009, was appointed by George H.W. Bush as a Federal District Judge in New York and President Clinton appointed him to head the FBI in 1993 where he remained until 2001.  During his tenure he faced the aftermath of the Ruby Ridge affair and the Branch Davidian debacle as well as the Sicilian “Pizza Connection”.  One Penn State board member was overheard saying "I hope he can tie the loose ends of this Medusa-like hydra together better than he can tie a bow-tie."
     We queried Penn State supporters for their take on the appointment.  Foreman P. Wilburson of Bittlesworth, PA asked “Will his investigation of the 'Nitwitty Liars' be able to tell us whether or not the Omaha, Nebraska Franklin Cover Up was covered up like the ashes of the Branch Davidian compound after all those kids were torched?  What about his knowledge of the Texas Youth Commission's pedophile scandle which appears to have been white washed by former U.S. Attorney General Roberto Gonzalez?  We now know that a top Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, bought Godfather’s Pizza from a man who ran with Franklin Savings founder and alledged Washington 'call boy ring' leader, high ranking Republican politician, Larry King, in Omaha.  Were Cain’s pizza delivery boys involved in the 'Sicilian Pizza Connection’?  The Boys' Town scandal?  I know that like U.S. Attorney, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, Louis Freeh is a devout Roman Catholic, but so was FBI agent Robert Hansen and 37 Philly priest-pedophiles.  Should we be worried?   With 37 Roman Catholic pedophile Priests from Philly being announced in June, 2011, will Louis reveal any possible connections from Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile Foundation to the parish halls or parochial school locker rooms and showers in the area? And will anyone shoot my wife while she is holding our baby for my asking these questions...though our screen door?"
     Betty Smithers Robynski, a 48 year old mother of four, from Centerville, PA. asked, “Is Mr. Freeh primarily there to uncover the truth about what happened or to limit Penn State’s exposure to financial ruin or even more importantly to steer the investigation away from even bigger pedo-piles....piles....of pedophilia?   And Newt Gingrich is trash-talking about the repeal of the child labor laws just as in 1994 he was suggesting that First Lady Hillary Clintron rent the movie Boy's Town as a solution to the problems of America's orphans.  That was just after the height of the Franklin Savings Scandal and S&L debacle with its pedophile ring operated at Boy's Town in Omaha by Key Republican fund raiser, Larry King.  Will Louis Freeh look into what Newt knew about that, too?  When Newt and Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay were doing K-Street politicos did their connections include Larry King?  Penn State could help set an entirely new course by really unpacking this obviously extensive national disgrace.  Maybe Penn State should open a new department of Forensic Science called the Paterno Center for Pedophilia Policing within a new Criminal Justice program that focuses only on pedophilia and exposing the human flesh traffickers that promote it," said Mrs. Robynski who added...."and how about stripping Sandusky of his pension and putting him to work as a janitor at the big Boy's Town...prison!  After the fair and impartial trial."

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