Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

XM-25 Smart Weapon Goes Back To School

Smart Weapon Had Bad Day At Orphanage
by Winsip Custer   CPW News Service
When Omar Elam Nefrizi and two of his fellow Taliban cohorts began firing on the US Army vehicle on the outskirts of the small village east of Kabul, they had no way of knowing that the vehicle was equipped with the Army's new XM-25 super weapon designed to determine the distance from the gun to the open window through which Nefrizi and his men were shooting. 
XM-25 Smart Weapon
has mid-level IQ
The XM-25 with a range of 2500' sends a smart rocket shell on target and explodes at precisely the point at which the distance is set.  The distance is determined by a laser sight and the shell is adjusted to that distance plus 2 meters to place it in the room.   Designed to reduce collateral damage and announced the week that the Wikileaks publication nighmare hit the worldwide news channels, the XM-25 is demonstrably more powerful and timely than the helicopter gunship which became the focus of the 2007 mishap in Baghdad which Wikileaks unveiled.
"They just didn't know that Mr. Nefrizi was running into an orphanage where there were 33 four-year-olds sleeping on their cots," said Staff Sgt. Michael Frisbee.  "But the XM-25 was still smart.  It was smart enough to do what it's designed to do.  Now if we could get one that would pause and think before it detonates we'll be home free," he concluded.

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