Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WikiLeaks Undermines Winning Hearts And Minds

WikiLeaks Unveiling Leads to First Afghan Casualty
by Winsip Custer  CPW News Service

Fears that internet publication of sensitive U.S. State Department documents would lead to the deaths of Afghans who have helped American troops was realized today with the first casualty.

A Kabul carpenter named Omar Elam Nefrizi and his two co-workers, initially reported by Staff Sgt. Michael Frisbee to be Taliban insurgents, were running from angry Afghan neighbors in the small village east of Kabul where they had been making chicken cages.  Knowing that they had been outed by the Internet publication of the Wikileaks revelations they had taken their rifles with them to the job site. 

When the angry Afghans chased the three men, they were able to run to the other side of the village losing the mob, but unknowingly passed a U.S. Army vehicle on patrol.  They took refuge in the Peace of Allah Orphanage.  Meanwhile, the mob, approaching down a side street, received the three men's rifle fire from an open window in the orphanage.  U.S. Army Rangers returned fire with the new XM-25 smart weapon.
The death toll was set at three adult males, two women teachers and thirty-three four year olds.  Seven other Afgans listed on the WikiLeaks website from the Kabul area are reportedly now living somewhere in Nepal having taken a chartered flight hours after the incident.  "Murphy's law again," said Staff Sgt. Frisbee.

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