Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, December 9, 2010

President Obama Makes Spiritual Shuffle Toward Dr. Joel Hunter

Spiritual Shuffle Like Moses Moving Toward the Burning Bush

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

Appearing on MSNBC on Thursday was President Obama's spiritual director from Florida, the Reverend Dr. Joel Hunter. Dr. Hunter is a former president of Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition, but Hunter's new group which evolved from Robertson's group is now called Christian Coalition of America. Ralph Reed took daily control of the Coalition back in 1989 before Reed faced charges for his involvement with noted lobbyist Jack Abramhoff. When asked by MSNBC anchor, Thomas Roberts, about the contents of the day's devotional that was sent to President Obama who receives them on his Blackberry, Hunter said, "I stay away from political messages.  It's a personal devotional."

Joseph J. Winston of the Center of Non-Politicized Spirituality in Sacramento, California, said that it is not unusual for a President to move toward a more evangelical stance as he is confronted with major national and international challenges. "You realize that the problems are so great and you are so small that you need all the help you can get. Rev. Jeremiah Wright gave Mr. Obama the courage he needed to envision himself in the role of President, but once there the view is substantially different and religious sentiments can change rather drastically, but this has absolutely nothing to do with politics.  It is purely spiritual."

Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Dr. Joel Hunter

Former President George W. Bush

When asked why he thought that Dr. Hunter looked so much like former President George W. Bush, Mr. Winston gave comment.  "You mean favoring GWB in speech and mannerisms?"  "That' right," I said. "I'd say that's an attempt to politicize the purely spiritual motives of the President," said Mr. Winston.  "President Obama may even reinstate a department of Faith Based Initiatives which becomes a huge recipient of healthcare money.  Afterall, Jesus was called 'the Great Physician'," he said " and I wouldn't be at all surprised if maybe he'll join the Bohemian Club and attend with General Collin Powell," said Winston.

"Is this like Moses before the buring bush?"  I asked Mr. Winston.  "Sort of like that, but not exactly," he said.  "On the other hand, as we learned with the attempts of Pope John Paul XXIII to reinvigorate the Roman Catholic Church with an identification with the the poor and suffering as Christ intended, the iron-clad rule for all presidents is 'don't do that," said Winston.  "Which is why Rev. Wright has taken such a beating.  In fairness to his critics, however, moving up the socio-economic ladder may have caused Obama to shed old friends, but it's likely that Rev. Wright is guilty of the same thing. Whatever ever rises must converge," said Winston mentioning that Noam Chomsky has given perhaps the best overview of the issue that united, then separated Mr. Obama and Rev. Wright.

For video of Dr. Hunter's GWB-like appearance see

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