Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, December 13, 2010

U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson and Supreme Court To Be Circumvented by Lindsey Graham Bill

Southern Senators Provide Breakthrough For Insurance Impass
by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

The solution to a national health insurance plan that would not exclude preexisting conditions is standing in the wings of the U.S. Senate ready to pounce on the decision of Virginia Judge Henry Hudson. "We should have seen this long ago," said Lindsey Graham, from the porch of his lake house on Stonewall Jackson Drive outside of Beaufort where he was enjoying some genuine Southern Comfort.

Fed. Dist. Judge in Virginia
 Judge Henry Hudson
"Sweden has only 5% of its military that are paid professionals," said Senator Graham. "Training is 18-21 weeks per year for about twenty thousand people who keep their own personal weapons at home for defense. We will need to have many times that number, but what's wonderful about it is that national conscripts are ages 18-50 and ours will receive free healthcare during their years of service in the military which for most will be that long. This is a plan to which no one objects in Switzerland. Our program offers conscripts a free Remington, Colt, Smith and Wesson or other weapon on a list of 424 gun manufactures and the government pays the cost. Conscripts who wish to have larger weapons, say a mortar or trailer-able Tomahawk Cruise Missile with conventional warhead are free to purchase them for additional protection. We figure that the larger ranchers and farmers and some smaller cities would like to have one of those in their pastures or parks for a deterrent to invasion and profits from these sales will help to defer costs of Medicare for those over 65 as well as fill in the donut hole," said Graham.

"There is a donut hole between ages 50 and 65, but this is to also be covered by private security firms which will proliferate under this plan. A blue-ribbon panel of Ex-Special Forces retirees will determine if and when the U.S. Military should be sent into other nations...but, never unilaterally.  The President is still Comander in Chief, but he has them to back him up if he ever needs to take on the U.S. Military Complex.  This group will have commission status.  Major American corporations with interests in foreign markets will be free to hire their own private security firms, but at their own cost and with no promise that if their ventures run into some unmanageable situation or opportunity, the U.S. military will not automatically bail them out.  The bigger the corporate prize in some country and they will have to ante up for their own para-military support, not the tax payers who will find the booty shipped to some distant country for processing at the expense of American jobs.  A special tax on these private security firms will also underwrite the national militia health care plan," he continued.

"What keeps these companies from just relocating elsewhere?" I asked.  The Senator said, "The high cost of securing the nation where they land.  This is the free market system at its best.Why should the U.S. corporations use the U.S. military as its private socialized global security system?   Meanwhile, the safest place to produce products is the U.S. with its serious system of shared representation and military service unbeholding to anyone, but only to the nation as a whole and to the individuals for which it stands," said Graham as he placed his hand over his heart.  "Land, labor and capital are the factors of production.  We got the land and we got the labor and here comes the capital!" said  Graham humming a few bars of "Give Me The Simple Life"....."give me tomatoes and mashed potatoes, pheasant slides off my knife.....just give me the simple life."

I asked if the U.S. Military favors this move or whether it is just a clever way to provide a route around Judge Henry Hudson's court decisions concerning the unconstitutionality of nationwide healthcare. Senator Graham said, "There is a compromise element in this new package, but one that makes everyone happy. We have invited Switzerland's Lt. Gen. André Blattmann to Washington to explain how the program works there. Swiss Banks are delighted. They will handle many of the issues of premiums, accounting and payout for claims. We feel this is only fair in order to make it a neutral decision that keeps the companies like AIG or Blue Cross and Blue Shield and competing American banks happy. We are after all moving into global economies and if the U.S. corporations complain we will point out that what is good for the goose is good for the gander," said Lindsay who is calling the bill the "Smedley Butler Bill."

"When asked if he thought that the private security firms backed by U.S. Corporations would lead to a proliferation of regional conflicts in far away places," Lindsay said, "well we always knew that the when the Cold War ended that would be a natural outcrop of the loss of equilibrium and parity between East and West.  This takes that serious inevitablity into account while shifting cost from the U.S. middle-class and poor to those who create jobs in America, the rich.  But the rich can no longer use the U.S. military as a private security support system...and kind of butler for Blackwater.  People who want to make more money than in the domestic economy may want to think in terms of creating security companies or going to work for one," said Graham. "And I'd suggest you save up for you're own flack jackets,  Blackwater was kind of stingy with that kind of stuff."

"Won't these security companies face very heavy scrutiny from the world-wide news media, specifically from muck rackers like Wikileaks?" I asked. 

"Probably, but we'll also be able to shave enormous sums off of our intelligence budget which lost the confidence of the American people with Mk-Ultra and the CIA backed take over of Cambodia and its Golden Triangle opium crops that cost our boys their lives.  Read Expendible Elite by Daniel Marvin.  Hell he ought to lead the Special Forces Commission.  He knows.  That's a story very close to my South Carolinian heart.  There was the  yellow cake uranium and Valerie Plame and Pan Am 103 and Iran-Contra debacles.  A brand new day for the CIA on a short leash and we'll be keeping Hillary Clinton grounded as we move toward the 2012 or 2016 elections.  Healthcare is a matter of national security," said Graham with a determination in his eye not seen since the 2000 Presidential election's "hanging chad" issue.  "You hear me?  It's a matter of national security."

Fort SandiBrown

When asked if the new recruits to the militia would train at Fort Hood, Fort Bragg or other existing facilities, Graham said "thats' the finest quality of this change.   They will train at Fort SanDiBrown."  I told him that I had never heard of that fort.  "It hasn't been built yet" said Graham.  "It is a twenty foot wide base that starts in Brownsville, Texas and ends 1,996 miles west at San Diego, California.  It has no permanent facilities  Its' strictly latrines, MRE's for food and tents.  Anybody seeing it for the first time thinks 'what hath God almighty wrought?'  Sorry KBR, you won't get the ice cream consessions. Aren't any.  We know that the initial 10,396,320 soldiers needed to march the distance during their basic training period will need to take more time initially so they will be recruited from the unemployed who have just been approved for 99 additional weeks of funding.  That ten million number is less than 5 percent of the entire U.S. population so many, many more will be in reserve and they will be proud of it," he concluded.

I asked John Boehner for his opinion of this new Senate Bill and reaching for his handerchief and blowing his nose he said, "they pass it today and we'll pass it tomorrow."

"Is this a compromise?" I asked him.  "No," he said, "it's common ground.  Very common.  I like it.  It's simple. Straight forward.  It has everyone pulling the load and proud of their contributions.  It reminds me when I was having to sweep floors in my family's pub.  We were left with not knowing how the Founding Father's wanted us to solve the slavery issue. So we worked it out ourselves only to find our jobs exported overseas.  This bill will give power back to the Republic.  The best days are still ahead.  Why, hell, I'll be the first person to walk the 1,996 miles just to show my solidarity with my fellow Americans to whom I owe so much."

Admittedly a long way, I asked if he thought soldiers were up to a 2,000 mile march.  "Yea," said Boehner.  "Especially when they're marching on common ground and this is common ground.  The House version may add that any non-documented aliens who sign up and walk the line with us will get automatic U.S. citizenship.  For any soldiers fighting the battle of the bulge, we run 'em back through Fort SandiBrown and they're back in shape in less than two months and every soldier will be locked and loaded all the time so we don't have any screw-ups like happened with that maniac at Fort Hood," said the trim, bronze skinned Congressman as he reached for his handkerchief, again.

Boehner's right.  Iraqi War vet Gunnar Swanson marched from Dallas, Texas to Minnesota in just over a month.  For a view of Gunnar Swanson's trek see....


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