Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wikileaks Releases Secret Dave Ramsey Emails Showing Real Wealth Building Strategy, Julian Assange Not Commenting

Financial Guru's Emails May Provide Clue to State Department's Anger  At Julian Assange

By Winsip Custer CPW News Service

If you always thought that the secret to Dave Ramsey's monetary success was transparency with the whole family unit, think again.  A series of Wikileak emails from the Fox News contributor and radio personality and captured by Wikileaks hackers shows something else.

A letter to a very close associate reveals that Dave's strategy was developed in Sunday School at the age of six when he first heard the story of Adam and Eve from the Bible.  "Women have never been straightforward with us, what, you think I'm not going to chuck that away for future reference?"

He did just that according to the email.  "Each year I report on my tax return my actual taxes...all legit, but in my monthly reporting on the family budget I include the PT Tax.  People are so stressed about taxes they never ask what the heck that is and if you don't ask, I don't tell. It'd be like telling Eve that there's an apple tree over there in the middle of the garden. It could be a payroll tax, but for what?  Workers at my business?  No.  For gardeners and maids?  Maybe, but no one ever asks," he said.

"So the wife sends me to the grocery store and I pick up some of the stupid air freshener that you plug into the wall.  Five bucks.  I just refill the ones at home with scented lamp oil for ten cents.  Then take back the new ones," said Ramsey.  "Same with the Swifter. My wife likes the house to smell like Pinesol, but Swifter doesn't offer that fragrance and if I move Sophia to a regular mop she'll quit, so I fill the swifter myself, return the bottles and pocket the money in the PT Tax.  At the end of the year I will have converted the dollars saved to gold or silver to help us ride out the coming financial crisis...if there is one.  And let me tell you over thirty years I've put away a handsome sum with this little step."

This comment seems to go against everything Mr. Ramsey has said about investing in gold or silver versus the stock market.  Also about openness in marriage.  "Before you judge me too harshly you must reread Genesis 1 over and over," said Ramsey.

A representative from Wikileaks, Arnold Perryman, had no immediate comment from Julian Assange, but another spokesperson for him, Cassius Luxembelt, said "this may be why Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is so angry at these leaks," he said.  "We have heard that several of her emails asked her husband, former President William Jefferson Clinton, to explain an identical posting in his monthly family budgets over the past thirty-five years. "We have it on good authority that it's the 'Poontang Tax", said Luxembelt who concluded 'the total money makeover' to which Ramsey ascribes, as we have found in our monitoring emails, at least in Clinton's case, is rarely total.

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