Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, September 2, 2016


by Fabian Colbachi, CPW News Service

       Houston, Texas has been ground zero for major American bamboozles.  In Houston, Enron dropped onto the world stage as the premier, but severely compromised, gas brokering business based on an incomprehensible metrics model of mark-to-market and "theoretical-future-value" accounting and an indiscernible "black box" maneuvering of dummy companies that would have had the five New York crime families drooling...kind of like they are drooling over the Clinton Foundation arrangement with the U.S. State Department that seems to reflect Mussolini's definition of Fascism ("Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power").
     Houston was also, according to Peter Brewton, author of the 1992 book ..."that Simon & Schuster signed, but would not print"....The Mafia, CIA and George Bush:  Corruption, Greed and Abuse of Power in the Nation's Highest Office, ground zero for the connections between the Iran-Contra program and its S&L-based money laundering through incorporated savings and loans that were propped up against failure by the FDIC.   The multi-billion dollar S&L swindle of the 1980's was dress rehearsal for the 2008 housing bubble burst and bailout also based on another big bamboozle....credit default swaps.  While the creator of that 2008 bamboozle received a Nobel Prize for economics as his metrics user at Goldman Sachs demanded sovereign tax payers' dollars to cover the losses....initially for the upside down homeowners who swallowed the entrée without seeing the bill, Bill Clinton claimed that the Main Street banks that lost out by not being able to invest in the Wall Street engorgement and which were solvent in 2008 by a rate of over 90%, shouldn't complain.  Bill Clinton painted their adherence to core values as their own missed opportunity in an interview with Jake Tapper.  By acting like they were still under Glass-Steagall Main Street banks across America missed out on the blood money.... a deal with the devil.  Not ironically Houston's place in the bamboozle had been well documented before the reporter for Henry Luce's Fortune Magazine which pumped Enron in 2000, then found its reporter, Bethany McLean, questioning Enron's value by March 2001 in "Is Enron Overpriced?"  The yin of Wall Street and Washington-gone-brain-dead-de-regulation was running over the yang of Main Street fair play. Clinton's wife would give a weak showing in 2007 saying to her Goldman Sachs supporters that they should straighten up and fly right, but by then the vultures were on their way to the Caymans, Bermuda or Isle of Jersey with Jimmy Savile or Jeffrey Epstein. 
     Bethany McLean had been educated in the petri dish of future "applied journalism" journalists and "applied history" notables, Williams College.  Williams is alma mater of Presidential historian, Michael Beschloss and of the OSS's Director, the Office of Strategic Services that became the Central Intelligence Agency, from 1942-43 and President of Williams College, Phillips-Exeter educated, James Phinney Baxter, III. 
     "Houston's housing market and modest-house-to-magnificent-mansion move that reflected the whole nation's obscene love affair with the housing bubble covered over the fact that the middle class jobs were disappearing while putting to work the out-of-work in nailing roofing shingles and door frames on the luxury mansion they couldn't afford.  The hammering masked that "giant sucking sound" of  U.S. jobs heading overseas that H. Ross Perot warned about in 1991 and 1992 from his Dallas mansion near H.L. Hunt and Toddie Wynne, the business partner of Clinton Murchison.   That giant sucking sound had been muffled by the housing bubble bubbling and accompanying sub prime meal munching frenzy from 2000 to 2008 when it came crashing down.  The DOW continued to rise in spite of the bailout, but now dragged a staggering multi-trillion dollar debt behind it with unknown consequences for the immediate future. 
      Clint Murchison was not only part of LBJ's Houston-based Lamar Hotel, Suite 8F Group, but owner of American Liberty Oil Company which shared a name and philosophy with the American Liberty League which was closely aligned with those opposing Franklin Delano Roosevelt  and his New Deal that would be repeated in LBJ's Great Society of guns and butter.   The 1930's focus of the American Liberty League and the "business plot" became the focus of the McCormick-Dickstein Committee of Congress' investigation and as the U.S. moved into World War II, the conflict between the ultra-right and FDR essentially disappeared after his 1937 meeting with Clint Murchison and his allies.  The American Liberty League was also aligned with the 1930's America First Committee, a name obviously resurrected by Donald Trumps' 2016 President campaign.
     What Peter Brewton had discovered and which was of special interest to Gary Webb in 1996 as he was putting together his 1998 book Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion, at his position as reporter at the San Jose Mercury News, was that Houston is a magnet for corruption and dirty dealing.  Operation Lone Star, the Florida-based drug and money laundering that included Carlos Lehder and connected to Robert Vesco and an underworld that was pipelined directly into Houston and Harris County.  While Brewton was not overtly concerned with this aspected of the old Iran-Contra network, Webb was, and in as much as Brewton had shown that the Iran-Contra operation was linked to Houston which found the same players funneling money through the S&L's of the 1980's S&L scandal in a galaxy of compromised banks like BCCI, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, on whose board was Saudi royal banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz, and GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate, James R. Bath, the Brewton and Webb wires would spark fire and ash when crossed.  This was especially true for Webb who focused on the drugs and weapons angle of a story he may not yet have known had a tight and high voltage Florida to Texas to California connection.  His unpublished works, published since his death, sheds new light on the trust of his investigation which the mainline press had been anxious to derail.
    Webb's work on Dark Alliance would even have an enlightening relationship to the Washington Post's editor, Steve Coll, now the Henry Luce Professor of Journalism at Columbia University in New York and Managing Editor at the Washington Post of both Vernon Loeb and Jeff Leen, a student of the University of Missouri's Journalism Professor, Steve Weinberg, whose campus delivered the spectacle of Melissa Click shutting down free speech from within Walter Cronkite's alma mater's journalism and communication schools.  Weingberg and Leen had teamed up at the IRE debate between Leen and Webb as a 'good cop' and 'bad cop' tag team to discredit Webb....a reality that came blatantly to light just after the movie Kill The Messenger as Leen wrote for the Washington Post the article "Gary Webb Was No Journalistic Hero."   In truth he is as close as America will get and they don't give journalists like Webb or ABC's Bill Stewart  Congressional Medals of Honor.  The skin comes off the Leen/Weinberg
tag-team at 42:40 in the debate when Webb specifically mentions Peter Brewton to Leen's ire.
     In Houston beginning in the 70's and up to today, Jim Bath is business partner at Ellington Field's Southwest Airport Services with William E. "Bill" King, an attorney at Bracewell & Patterson which became Bracewell & Giuliani law firm before Giuliani left for the former Washington D.C.  law firm of convicted K-Street lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, in November 2015. At Bracewell & Giuliani King double-teamed with Patrick C. Oxford, B&G's Managing Partner, in their work to privatize the Texas fire fighter's and teachers pension funds in a move that smelled of  a repeat of the S&L and 2000-2008 deregulation that tanked the economy of the middle-class.  This came as no surprise to NYFD fire fighters who had seen Donald Trumps' possible choice for the new Director of Homeland Security, Rudy Giuliani, in action before and after 911 as he sought to gain political capital from the tragedy causing the firemen to produce a scathing video account of
Giuliani's performance.
     With Donald Trump promising to build a wall along the US/Mexican border and employing the support from victim-families of people who have been murdered by illegal aliens, some are concerned that the Trump and Giuliani association, as with the Trump and Chris Christi connections may not be free of more major bamboozling.  In this mix of mushed ambitions murders could well be orchestrated for a specific result....murders not based on passion or revenge for injustice, but as a cold, calculated business decision, like a mob or CIA hit for some planned political result.   A man at a stop light is shot in the head by a unknown person, a stranger, who is an illegal alien with a mysterious past.  A woman walking with her family on the San Francisco bayfront is likewise killed by an alien for no apparent reason, but at a time where such acts are of great political importance in a Presidential campaign.
     Mark Cuban's Magnolia Pictures and 2929 Entertainment documentary on Enron that used Bethany McLean's book as the primary script would speak of the Enron cast being "useful idiots".  The smartest guys in the room were "useful idiots"?   If them, then who else?  This was the scenario painted by Peter Brewton in The Mafia, CIA and George Bush.  The Mafiosos were "useful idiots" like Henry Hill telling Goodfellas actor Ray Liotta that  "they could do whatever they wanted.  They double-parked in front of a fire hydrant and nobody ever gave them a ticket."   NPR's Terry Gross said in a Liotta interview "they sure set their ambitions low."  Liotta defended their need for affirmation.  It's that need that the truly devilish exploits to turn them into truly "useful idiots" on an increasingly larger scale and then leaves them, like Ken Lay, Jeffrey Skilling, Andy Fastow and Cliff Baxter, holding an empty bag, unless they had, like the Wall Street scions who along with Lou Pai and Rebecca Mark-Jusbasche and umpteen unknown stock investors, jumped ship early enough not to be sucked under.   It's essentially a game of chicken played on a large scale with significant collateral damage to those innocent people close to the drag racing lane.
     Brewton lays out a long list of useful idiots in his Houston Post reporting and 1992 book....Herman K. Beebe, Mario Renda, Robert Corson, Walter Mischer, Leonard Capaldi,  and so many others whose faces became well-known within the Harris County judicial system where on the political side names like those associated with LBJ's F8 Group who met routinely without the lower level Mafiosos at the Lamar Hotel showed that the criminality had no real political core value beside power and control.  This was the devilish dialectic at work described by former Hoover Institute member, Anthony C. Sutton, author of an array of books on America's secret establishment.
      With Dresser Industries in Houston both providing the cooling pumps on the Manhattan Project with Neal Mallon as head of Dresser, whose name would be given to Neal Mallon Bush, younger brother of GWB, and with Dresser's Vannevar Busch, a name that is difficult, but not impossible to connect to the Bush family's dark galaxy, with his hand more squarely on the Manhattan Project than even General Leslie Groves, we begin to see just how Houston's Rice University figured so prominently into the move to strip Robert Oppenheimer of his influence on the development of nuclear energy.  Rice President was Kenneth Pitzer, a name associated with the woman who at the Anne Armstrong Ranch witnessed VP Dick Cheney plastering the face of Goliad, Texas rancher and Austin attorney, Harry M. Whittington, with buckshot.  Pitzer was also a chemical engineer working on high octane fossil fuels when he became Oppenheimer's nemesis before the Gordon Gray governmental commission on atomic energy.  Gordon was the father of Bush legal counsel C. Boyden Gray the heirs of the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company that merged with Brown & Williamson which was featured in the CBS 60 Minutes stories of Lowell Bergman who misreported on the death of Salem Bin Laden in 1988 saying that he died in his BAC-111 jet when it was an ultra-light crash at the Cibolo, Texas airport owned by the in-laws of the Offutt AFB and National Reconnaissance Office Commander who had oversight of the NORAD stand down order on 911.   Even the most brilliant of the world's leading physicists were reduced to being "useful idiots" and the Houston oil cartel was at the center of the game with its oil pipeline and the control of benchmark crude running right through Cushing, Oklahoma, with Cushing's name going back to Boston....to whale oil and opium-based China trading with local armories at Springfield, Massachusetts and with Remington, Colt, George Luther Stearns' lead bullets, wound-makers and pain killers.....an unstoppable business model for the racket of endless war.
   Enter Trump.  "When did a wall keep angry hordes out of China?  The Soviet citizens from breaching the Berlin Wall?  The Visigoths out of Rome?  The Huns out of Paris with the Maginot Line?  The American and British out of Normandy? Or as for a wall of propaganda.....the Democrats from crossing Chris Christi's bridge to get to work or to poke him in the throat with the obvious transparency of the ploy?  The Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth and the NYFD fire fighters from believing that NYC's 911 was another bamboozle only bigger and bloodier and using science to refute the official story of how those walls came down in order to motivate the new black hole swindling of bigger and better bamboozles?
     The supporters that Trump recently rallied, families of murdered victims, didn't, couldn't shoot back.  Some have.  One Houstonian said "I was concerned when Joe Horn blew away two illegal Colombians stealing his neighbor's stuff in Pasadena, the hometown of BreitbartTexas.com's head, Brandon Darby, an FBI informant, not because Joe Horn wouldn't make a great neighbor, but because the Castle Law just came out in Texas and old Joe could have been set up.  There were undercover officers in the area who didn't quickly respond to Joe's 911 call.  Suppose they told old Juan and Pedro, or whatever their names were, that they would split with them the booty, point out Joe's neighbor's house and watch Joe go to work doing what they knew old Joe would do.  Bingo!  Murder Incorporated couldn't have rigged a better propaganda machine for the gun lobby....and I'm an NRA member!  The fact is, historically, and as Gary Webb proved, there is a dark element within the American establishment that profits from the laws to prohibit, passes the laws and then passes up their enforcement or as said by Martin Scorcese in The Gangs of New York...."We must appear to keep the laws even as we are breaking them."
     BreitbartTexas.com's Editor, Brandon Darby, whose hard life in Pasadena, Texas and his eventual role as an FBI informant in a 2008 plot aimed at disrupting the Republican National Convention, a case that had the two convicted by Darby's testimony crying "entrapment", was the subject of the 2012 film Informant written and directed by Jamie Meltzer.  Darby had also worked with the FBI on a meth case, but with the suspicions about the FBI's complicity in corruption from FBI Agent John Connoly's relationship to Whitey Bolger in Boston; Brian Bruh's liason to the Knapp Commission and the FINCEN investigation that essentially stood down on its task of investigating Saudi influenced peddling in 1992 that could have.....left in place.....shown the depths of the money flow between the Saudi royals and state-side terrorism that surfaced in the 28 pages of the Official 911 Report; to the Ruby Ridge shooting of Rebecca Weaver and her family; to the FBI's commander at Ruby Ridge becoming the Sheriff in San Diego, California and his use of high frequency sound weapons at public meetings to discourage dissent; to Waco's Branch-Davidian Affair for which they took over from the ATF with horiffic results; to the failure to catch the 911 plotters; and more recently the questions about James Comey's conclusions about Hillary Clinton's emails and it's easy to see why Brandon Darby's role with the FBI brought resentment from a wide range of critics.
     Giving the appearance of law and order, of serious concern for regulation, is not always sincere. Consider Bill Clinton's failure to veto the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act as the shady Bill Clinton, whose Mena Airport connections to Iran-Contra and Jackson Stephens' connections to BCCI were hardwired, handed off to GWB the 2000-2008 era ripe for the rape of the nation beginning with Glass-Steagall's repeal which Clinton said had been, like our immigration laws, breached already, anyway.  You see the problem?  Brewton noted that the leading Iran-Contra mule, Farhad Azima, was a leading contributor to the Clinton Presidential Library after he had run Buffalo Airline in Waco, Texas where South Carolina's Trey Gowdy went to Baylor University, home to the the McClennan County White House, the gun-dealing Branch Davidians and Baylor President, Kenneth Starr, an ancestor of AIG's Conrnelius Vander Starr, whose company profited handsomely in the insuring the China Trade about which most Americans haven't a clue and leading historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth to make their education his mission.  And we wonder why George Carlin told the National Press Club that the politicians' overriding concern is 'how much soft money can I trade for my core values?'"  Hopefully, Trey Gowdy's apparent sincerity is real and his desire to hold a Republican President accountable is, too. 
     In fact, sincere conservatives are some of the most dependable muckracking truth-seekers among us.  When Col. Dan Marvin wrote Expendible Elite and told how he rejected his CIA assignment in Vietnam to lead a Cambodian coup and was sued for libel by the U.S. Special Forces Association in Gowdy's South Carolina, Gowdy's constituency found Marvin innocent of the charges.  Will, as Gowdy maintains from his current role of Grand Inquisitor, he hold a Republican President like Trump, should he be elected, to the same standard?  It remains to be seen.
     A Houston Chronicle series by reporter, Lise Olsen, on the bizarre life of a serial murderer who skipped a Houston judge's uncharacteristically low bail after blowing away an ex-Marine, Larry Dickens, in Pasadena, the Houston refinery-row town made famous in the John Travolta film Urban Cowboy, the killer jumped bail to hide out with his father in Panama where his father worked for the State Department.  The story found Lise being pulled off of it when her new Managing Editor became Vernon Loeb, the former Washington Post Metro Editor, who authored the embellished, consent for war-building, and propagandized stories of Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch before he went on to co-author All In:  The Education of General David Petraeus with Paula Broadwell.  Loeb arrived in Harris County which had seen issues at its Medical Examiner's office under former Washington D.C. M.E., Dr. Joyce Carter, investigated by Michael Bromwich, the firewaller for the Reagan-Bush White House during the Iran-Contra hearings that sacrificed Caspar Weinberger, John Poindexter, Eliott Abrams and Oliver North.
    Olsen's writing led some to conclude that the infamous I-45 Corridor between Houston and Galveston which includes Kemah, where James R. Bath's business partner was Mayor and which finds the CIA-linked Ellington Field where Bath and William E. King also owned the fuel concessions, may well be a training ground for the seediest of human vermin.  It became the home for the widow of Nicaraguan dictator who ordered the murder of newsman, Bill Stewart, in 1979 and whose namesake, Anastasia Samoza, spoke from a wheelchair at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.  It was home to the Bay of Pigs paymaster, Paul Helliwell, and of a Cuban ex-patriot turned international drug runner and money launderer and CIA asset, Guillermo Hernández-Cartaya.  
     Few know that Jim Bath and Khalid Bin Mahfouz, the Saudi royal banker, bought for the brother of Osama Bin Laden, Salem Bin Laden, the nearby Houston Gulf Manor Airport which was razed after the Bin Laden family left the country after 911.  Salem, the Bin Laden first-born like Prince Bandar and GWB, controlled the Bin Laden building empire whose favorite architect, Minoru Yamasaki, had built not only the World Trade Center in New York on a model of Mecca in Saudi Arabia for the New York Port Authority, but the infamous Pruitt-Igoe building in St. Louis. Salem Bin Laden died in a mysterious plane crash at an ultra-light airport in Cibolo, Texas in 1988 owned by the wife of the USAF General in charge of Offutt's AFB and head of the National Reconnaissance Office that oversaw the stand down of NORAD in the Northeast on September 11, 2001, as previously noted.
    "Look," said the reader of a Houston article about an inexplicable murder of a young Houstonian in 2015 who was shot by another illegal alien in Spring Branch, Texas, a West Houston suburb....  "the young man, Spencer Golvach, is minding his own business even more so than Larry Dickens who was shot by Edward Harold Bell, and someone pulls up and blows Golvach away?  Bizarre.  Bizarre. It's like the young woman in San Francisco.  The father can't get answers about the assailant from the Sheriff and HPD and the case expands into two jurisdictions which is always troubling to me for its 'let's pass the buck' factor.

Picture of killer of Spencer Golvach
which the Sheriff's Dept. would not supply to
Spencer's father, but which was supplied by
Houston area reporter, Wayne Dolcefino.
        "The Houston Press supposedly covers the story and Wayne Dolcefino provides a photo of the killer when the father can't get the details about his son's murderer from the official channels.  "Slick!  Something's really fishy going on down there on the Buffalo Bayou and the I-45 Corridor that's as filled with human snakes as the bayou is filled with moccasins," said the reader.
     "Go figure," said another Houstonian who is aware of the facts about the I-45 Corridor.  "On December 10, 2000 a young man died near Ellington Field.  That was the same date as the resignation of Gary Webb from the San Jose Mercury News when they wouldn't back up his reporting.   It was also the date of Webb's 'suicide' with two shot's to the head.  Two shots.  Need I repeat that?  Gary Webb died of two shots to the head on December 10, 2004, the same date as Webb's resignation from the SJMN when Webb's reporting confirmed what the Houston Post reporter, Peter Brewton, had confirmed and on the same date of the young man who died near Ellington Field who shared the same name as the son of the secretary of Col. Jerry B. Killian, GWB's commander at Ellington who typed the memos which Dan Rather and Mary Mapes knew about in 1999, but didn't cover at CBS's 60 Minutes until 2004.  Who is Rather mimicking?  Lowell Bergman on the Salem Bin Laden story?   That young man was unfortunate in that his uncle was the fishing partner of James R. Bath's business partner, the Kemah Mayor, William E. King, from the law firm of Bracewell & Giuliani.  No, there's as dark a cloud hanging over this part of Texas that's as unhealthy as that benzene fog hovering over the Houston ship channel not far from the world's premier cancer research hospital, M.D. Anderson."
     Meanwhile, special interest in the case of Spencer Golvach was picked up by BreitbartTexas.com which had found Andrew Breitbart dying at 48 years old of a heart attack in 2011 in Los Angeles where the medical examiner there also oversaw the autopsy of Scott Shuger, the military intelligence expert and writer for Bill Gate's online magazine, Slate.com, who died in a witness-less drowning accident four months after he wrote IGNORAD about the NORAD stand down on 911.  The focus of Breitbart changed after Andrew Breitbart's death into a type of vacuum cleaner of local stories that could be problematic for the subjects telling the stories like the newpaper man in the old western, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.   When his stories threatened the criminality of the region they tried to silence him.  What looks like excellent reporting may be simply name-taking like that likely provided by the LA detective, Michael Ruppert, who stood up at the town hall meeting in LA overseen by CIA Director John Deutsch, and Ruppert, previously missing in action, then announcing in the midst of the Rodney King riots and Gary Webb's revelations, that the CIA and the LAPD had been in cahoots for a very long time.  Ruppert is another who in Hemmingway fashion checked out but not before confirming, based on his gut, that Webb's suicide was genuine.
    This reporter is concerned about the death of young Spencer Golvach, just as I am the bizaare death of Sean Dubose whose mother, Judith Dubose, was a whistleblower in a botched Houston-based U.S. veteran's non-profit organization that saw GWB and Bath partner William E. King appearing together at a fund raiser.   You've got Donald Trump supported by Rudy Giuliani whose NYPD Police Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, did jail time for corruption after he went to Iraq only to be replaced by the ethics professor at West Point, Col. Theodore "Ted" Westhusing who supposedly killed himself after a bitter confrontation with David Petraeus over the corruption Westhusing would not countenance there.  This is troubling crap.  Christian T. Miller reported it in his book Blood Money, the first chapter and while he believed Westhusing's was a suicide, I'd give it a 10% chance or less
    Dan Golvach, appearing on national television after Trumps trip to Mexico to talk with the Mexican President about the border fence the last week of August, had also appeared on BreitbartTexas.com in a
video presentation that seemed to give simple and legitimate witness to the random shooting of American citizens by illegal aliens.  Was this a clear case of random executions or was something else going on and if so, what type of despicable low-lifes would be able to pull off such a cold and ruthless event that would have for the local citizens the same effect as the pumping of a fictitious story about Pat Tillman's death and Jessica Lynch's rescue....building consent for an expensive war-profiteering initiative.....which as George Carlin told the Nation Press Club....."'An 'initiative'.  That's an action that isn't going anywhere."   Anywhere but into the taxpayer's sovereign pockets.
     Giuliani was the leading attorney on the Knapp Commission that saw its FBI liason, Brian Bruh, going on to be the liason on the FINCEN investigation that had James R. Bath in its crosshairs in 1992 when it took a stand down order and ceased to investigate its primary mission.....Saudi influence peddling in the USA... and now we have the 28 pages in the Official 911 Report that conveniently avoids any mention of Houston but admits the Saudi involvement?  911 was in Giuliani's NYC where the NY Port Authority....the same Port Authority that the FBI said the Mafia helped to keep out  Nazi sabateurs during WWII building the WTC?  Need we be reminded that the Knapp Commission was the "Serpico Commission" and that Serpico was so convinced that the Knapp Commission had cleaned up the NYPD that he left the country.
      Indeed, the seemingly unconnected deaths in Houston may not be unconnected at all.  Sebastian Goldman, of Texans for Clarity and Caution, a Weatherford, Texas culture-critique group said "Who would have thought that Houston-based Mosher Steel founded by Edward Mosher who created the Texas A&M-based Mosher Institute for Defense Studies headed by Rice University's former President Frank Vandiver, a protégé of Kenneth Pitzer, would have provided 13,000 metric tons of steel for the first nine floors of the WTC in New York?  Or that GWB's Chief Economist from Texas A&M,
Morgan Reynolds, a Professor Emeritus at Texas A&M which is home of the GHWB Library and whose President was a CIA Director and Secretary of Defense, would resign his White House position less than a year later because of the fraud he believed was being perpetrated on the American people?  Or that the architects and engineers from Texas A&M who witnessed the 1992 A&M bonfire collapse would recommend that future bon fires contain a core column of steel since carbon fires cannot melt steel.  I tell you there is as Stevie Ray Vaughn sang 'floodin' down in Texas,' and these flood waters are especially impure."

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