Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bethany McLean's Fortune Reporting Reconsidered

 Reversal of Fortune's Fortunes, McLean Now Lean on Credibility

by Bushrod S. Long, CPW News Service

    Writing from his small office near Houston's 2929 Allen Parkway Building while viewing and reviewing Mark Cuban's Magnolia Pictures and 2929 Entertainment's Enron: The Smartest Guys In the Room based on Bethany McLean's book The Smartest Guys in the Room from her reporting for Fortune Magazine which in 2000, he looked pensive.  Fortune had pumped Enron before McLean's Fortune fateful article popped Enron's bubble with "Is Enron Over-Valued?"  B. Ward de Estrata an independent reporter for Houston Multicultural Muckrakers, or HMM,  found his pensiveness turning toward a languid irritation and then to an accelerating anger.
    "Bill Clinton from the banana republic of Arkansas fails to veto Glass-Steagall in 1999 just before he pardons the war-profiteer Marc Rich and after what George Carlin called 'humanitarian bombing' in Kosovo, hands the keys of the kingdom over to GWB after his Supreme Court appointment following Gore's towel tossing in Florida.   Suddenly I'm thinking Austin Gore and of Edward Covey who owned Maryland's Mount Misery Plantation where Frederick Douglass was renditioned after trying to escape from the South and long before Mount Misery was purchased as a trophy property by Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense.  Is it any wonder we reaped the whirlwind of 2000 to 2008?   Is it any wonder that we are still up to our collective asses in poo-poo-poo-p-do?" asked de Estrata as he wondered why Dan Rather of CBS's 60 Minutes, also from Houston had co-owned the Tecolote Ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico with Rumsfeld while reporting on Abu Ghraib and dropping the ball so miserably on the GWB Texas Air National Guard memo story in 2004 that was available in late 1999 before the 2000 election.
     The reporter was equally concerned that Bethany McClean's work at Fortune Magazine which in 2000 was so favorable to Enron suddenly showed the Henry Luce magazine making the reversal that seemed to save its own credibility.   "Finally, some people are seeing the light, but good God y'all it's not like it was hiding under some bushel somewhere.   We're talking blinding in-you-face candlepower that should have peeled your eyelids back up over your back collar line!  Fortune was talking out of both sides of its mouth.   It was as if we had forgotten history in order to repeat it.  It was like journalism and sociology and psychology had moved from being the study of life as it is to being the tool of propaganda for life as someone.....someone very powerful.....wants it to be.....and hiding the fact that the term 'applied'.....'applied journalism'....'applied sociology'.....'applied psychology'....is 'applied mind control' so we don't see what's right there in front of our snotty little noses!" said de Estrada.
      "It doesn't help my objectivity to note that Ms. McLean was a Williams College graduate whose Phillips-Exeter educated President was James Phinney Baxter, III the Director of the Office of Strategic Services or OSS, the forerunner of the CIA, in 1942-43, and that Michael Beschloss, the Presidential historian and husband of the President and CEO of the Rock Creek Group formerly Carlyle Asset Management of the Carlyle Group was from Williams College, too.   Michael Beschloss is a 1977 graduate of Williams College," said de Estrada.  Ward de Estrada printed out a hard copy of a recent response to the Youtube videos of Bethany McLean's books and interviews.  It read:

   Do this book....since you married the leading Enron prosecutor who saw the Harris County Medical Examiner's office that did the Cliff Baxter autopsy.....the former Washington D.C. ME, Dr. Joyce Carter, investigated by Michael Bromwich who was the leading Iran-Contra investigator....the firewaller for Reagan/Bush....who went on to oversee the Deep Water Horizon investigation and who while in Houston was paid from confiscated drug money.....of which there was an endless supply.
     Then include why Fortune which had pumped Enron before your writing that exposed its "useful idoiots"  and which was like Time, a Henry Luce product.....and how the new Dumbledore at Columbia University in New York, Steve Coll, formerly the editor at the Washington Post and now the Henry Luce Professor of Journalism, also oversaw the likes of Jeff Leen and Vernon Loeb.   Loeb....who doctored the stories of Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch before co-authoring ALL IN: THE EDUCATION OF GENERAL DAVID PETRAEUS with Paula Broadwell before Loeb moved to the Houston Chronicle as what?  Another firewaller?
     Do a book on why Fed Chairman Greenspan received the Enron Prize at the Baker Center for Public Policy at Rice before admitting that he was wrong about his "put" that was really a big "poot" in our faces....backed up by the son of the "Father of Applied Sociology" at Columbia, economist Robert Merton, who received a Nobel Prize for his Black Scholes incomprehensible credit-default formulas which his mentor at Harvard, Paul Samuelson, called a 'Frankenstein monster' that gave the Wall Street bamboozlers at Goldman Sachs for which you worked justification for raping Main Street....95% of whose banks were solvent in 2008....and remind us that Citibank morphed from National City Bank for which Smedley Butler said "I was a goon on three continents".  Get Max Ebert, now a Hemmingway Scholar at the University of Iowa....Hemmingway, who blew his brains out at Harriman's Hotel in Idaho,  to co-author it with you and to do something on how Rice University's Dr. Kenneth Pitzer was the key witness of the oil cartel against J. Robert Oppenheimer for not wanting to make the hydrogen bomb and to make energy ubiquitous.   Add something about Rice's Dr. Frank Vandiver and his relationship to NY City's WTC via the Edward Mosher Foundation at A&M and Mosher Steel that provided the steel for the first 9 floors of Minoru Yamasaki's building.....and include his Pruitt-Igoe building in St. Louis.  Add how the Texas A&M architects and engineers following the Texas A&M bonfire collapse recommended adding a center core column of steel since carbon based fires can't melt steel!  A&M is also the home a Professor Emeritus of Economics, Morgan Reynolds who resigned as Chief Economist for the Bush White House in 2001 after 911.
     Throw in why Vandiver who oversaw the letters of Confederate President Jefferson Davis at Rice, never made anything, as has historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth, of the close relationship between Jefferson Davis, Franklin Pierce and Caleb Cushing whose ancestor, Charles Cushing, traveled extensively with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, the godmother of Elizabeth Kauffman Bush.
     It'll be a barn-burner!

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