Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Coming C-SUITE Slaughter

Going Postal Likely Next Step in Response to Corporate Malfeasance

by  Brook Lynn and Chase N. Tush, CPW News Service

    With U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren calling for Wells Fargo Bank CEO, John Strumpf, to resign, people are asking "what's next if he doesn't?"
     "They use to hang banking speculators and this is worse than that since it was outright theft by a big bank that took U.S. taxpayers' sovereign dollars in the 2008 bailout.  Bill Clinton says he was surprised about Wells Fargo since Clinton thought the bank behaved so well in 2008.  What does Clinton know besides stroking long cigars as a surrogate for his own deficiencies? That was when 90% of the local banks were solvent and not needing a handout and what did Clinton say about Main Street banks that complained of the corruption of their evil big brothers that led to the housing-crap-bubble? Clinton told journalist Jake Tapper that they were just jealous that they hadn't jumped the fence along with the big banks after Clinton provided the breach in regulation with his failure to veto the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999.  He felt Main Street bankers should have jumped into the commercial-to-investment banking shift that led had to our 1929 Great Depression and was resurrected from the dead without Glass-Steagall like Bill Clinton had jumped into Jennifer Flower's swollen pollen pocket.  Hank Paulson played Chicken Little with the U.S. taxpayers when what should have happened was the big banks should have been forced to reorganize in 2008....disassembled from the Frankenstein monsters that they have become based on Ivy League economist Robert Merton's fraudulent credit default Black/Scholes formulas backed by Greenspan's "poot" masquerading as a "put" that fueled the speculator with voodoo metrics and put back into some kind of manageable smaller twits that they are....blood sucking, non-productive, paper printers and debt factories.  If Teddy Roosevelt or Andrew Jackson were alive today, they'd have hung Strumpf from the nearest tree stump like they should have done to Paulson, Greenspan, Merton, Samuelson, GWB and even Bill Clinton for failing to veto the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999," said I.D. Claire of Smithville, Tennessee.
      Claire sees Reagan-era economic advisor, David A. Stockman, Reagan's Budget Director, as providing an accurate assessment of Greenspan and the big banks....The “Fed doesn’t serve the Main Street economy: It lives to pleasure Wall Street,” says Stockman who has written the book Trumped: A Nation on the Brink of Ruin and How To Bring It Back, which provides an economist's view of a flyover of the U.S.A., but without making too much of the fact that both 2016 Presidential candidates are from New York City where the Wall Street canyons provide their own disconnected amplifying circular echo.
     "This is the new normal and Jesse James is wearing a business suit," said Claire noting that Strumpf was pushing employees to sign customers to eight bank products because as Senator Elizabeth Warren said in Strumpf's Congressional hearing... 'eight rhymes with great'.  Most people need a checking and savings account, but the other six?  That's like selling you six extra wheels for your bicycle which will be your next form of transportation," said Claire who noted that some whistle-blowing Wells Fargo employees had cried foul years ago but didn't do the honorable thing and just go postal back then.  "If they'd have nipped Strumpf in the bud?  Well!  I don't think that the University of Minnesota where Strumpf is an alum would have asked him to speak at their business school graduation in 2015!   Wells Fargo's problems were already in the public record and it was becoming quite clear that Strumpf was a scum-sucking-slime-slick-dribble-dropping douche bag," said Claire adding "he'd have been six feet under where he and his handlers belong."

      "We need to have in this country hari kari like they had in Japan during World War II when what has happened is so disgraceful that we are saying to ourselves....'what's the point'?  Now Mr. Strumpf has a very high shame threshold along with Warren Buffett who is still saying that Wells Fargo is a very good place to invest, but he's not saying that he would keep his own money in an account there," said Claire.  "It's kind of like giving your money to the local Mafia Don for safe keeping while knowing that he's involved in a criminal enterprise, but hey!   This is America!" said Claire.
       Doyle Lee of Harbortown, Maine said "the day is coming and mark my words when the John Strumpfs of the banking industry will be hunted down in their C-suites like the dogs that they are and peppered with #2 buckshot in multiple bodily locations....primarily head and crotch.  It may come from the $12 per hour employees that they were pressuring for results regardless of the methods and ethic-less shenanigans involved or it may come from one of their own executives who have a moment of lucidity and remorse only to be followed by a sudden rush of adrenaline and anger or it could come from someone like Mr. Crutcher, the black man gunned down by the Tulsa police when he seemed dazed and confused and walked with his hands up in the air toward his car.   Had he just been bilked by Wells Fargo?   Did he stop his car in the middle of the street when it all came to light and melt down right then and there drawing fire from Officer Shelby?  Well, if I were Officer Shelby and I found out after the fact that I had killed Crutcher who had flipped out over Strumpf business policies I'd want to hunt down Mr. Strumpf.   Drumpf, Drumpf, Drumpf, Drumpf, Drumpf until I pinned that sorry-sucker-Strumpf down and set things right," said Lee who admits that he would have done the same thing to Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling of Enron if he had lost his pension as thousands of their bamboozled employees had in 2001 just before the World Trade Center  attack that Claire said "missed Wall Street by only a few blocks, damnit!"
      Strumpf, who spoke at his alma mater's University of Minnesota Business School's 2015 graduation on the subject of success in life and ethics in business could not be reached for comment, but it has been reported that UM's Dean of the Chandler Business School has called for Mr. Strumpf to resign and to give away the $200 million he reportedly received (an amount vastly different from the reported $14 million in his annual compensation  published by Wells Fargo). 
     "We are hopeful that Mr. Strumpf will give all of his money to the University of Minnesota's Chandler Business School," said Minnesota citizen, Lars Sverendenfelder. "Some of that money needs to be spent on the Kneeling Strumpf memorial on the UM campus in granite or bronze made substandard cracked granite or impure metal alloys by some of our first year industrial engineering students," said Svrendenfelder.  "We might make the remaking of the Strumpf memorial an annual event with the smashing or melting of the previous year's memorial.....a kind of purification by fire and sledge hammer for a long, long lasting impression that serves as a kind of high holy teaching moment for our fine school.  Obviously, Mr. Strumpf's commencement speech on ethics in 2015 was a sham like Wells Fargo's business plan" said Svrendenfelder.
     The repeal of Glass-Steagall was the beginning of the shift from "traditional" conservative banking into the same kind of aggressive marketing that accompanied the shift in "traditional" accounting principles observed by the public accounting companies which changed from society's protectors of reliable and dependable record keeping to becoming aggressive "business consultants" that led companies like Arthur Anderson into their "consulting" for Enron and other renegade companies.  In that case Arthur Anderson "consulted" Enron to shred their records when "everything went bad", said Arthur Anderson, IV of Baltimore Maryland, no relation to Arthur Anderson Co..
     "People ask why a $12/hr. employee would lie to get $25 for opening a new account, but that's just the tip of the Wall Street reporting and equity funding game. Butt-munching employees and accountants who play the C-Suite shuffle help to send stock soaring like at Enron so the really big bamboozlers, the equity traders, the guys that pumped Ken Lay as a future Energy Secretary like they did New York's Bernie Kerik as the future Director of Homeland Security, pull other people's money out of the stock market like Strumpf claims his Bozos were doing without his authorization at Wells Fargo.   If the bank's phony accounting reflects growth then stock sales go up along with executives' bonuses," said Anderson. 
     Les Angeles of San Francisco, California is not convinced that Elizabeth Warren who has taken on Mr. Strumpf from her seat in the Senate is as sincere as she appears on national television.  "She's taught at the University of Texas where the new Chancellor is Admiral William McRaven the former head of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and the subject of Jeremy Scahill's Dirty Wars and while she was at the University of Houston, too,  in a state where Strumpf earned his business stripes in the shadows of Enron's fraud, her husband worked for NASA as an IBM contractor.   Elizabeth Warren's second husband is a law history professor at Harvard and he surely knows a lot about the dark underbelly of the American business practices, Bruce Mann.  Everyone in Texas knows that the NASA astronauts flew in and out of the Houston Gulf Manor Airport in Clear Lake which was sold with the help of GWB's Air National Guard roommate, Jim Bath, and the Saudi royal banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz, to Salem Bin Laden who died in Cibolo, Texas in 1988 in a really weird ultra-light crash that has the smell of a sunbaked-gutted-tuna in June.  Elizabeth worked for Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft after she became a lawyer and Henry Taft is the brother of William Howard Taft, both sons of Alphonso Taft of the Yale power elites' inner circle.  Well that's a very difficult place to stand as a critic of the status quo and if Senator Warren is all about credibility what about that nut job Hillary Clinton whose husband did not veto in 1999 the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act that allowed the smegma lathered copulative assembly like that Bill Clinton likely experienced in the arms of Jennifer Flowers," said Angeles who is concerned that Mrs. Warren's passion and high drama has no real teeth.  "She might as well be a toothless senior sucking the chocolate off of peanuts," said Angeles noting "it's fun to watch, but in the end nobody is popping those nuts into their mouth."
     Angeles was also aware that Elizabeth Herring Warren and husband Bruce Mann had been criticized for Elizabeth's claim that she was 1/32 Cherokee, a claim that helped Elizabeth with her acceptance in graduate school.  "I don't mind that Warren claimed minority status, but I do mind that whoever took Geronimo's skull from Fort Sill, Oklahoma and hid it at Yale won't return it," said Angels who claims that he is 4/15th Pawnee.

Click photo for link to Scott Shuger's Slate.com article IGNORAD.
    Elizabeth Warren's Texas and New England connections did not seem to surface during her first marriage to Jim Warren, a 1964 Oklahoma high school graduate for whom no obituary can be found, though he reportedly died.  "NASA had been slated to be domiciled in Cambridge, Massachusetts before the death of John F. Kennedy.  After JFK's death it was moved by LBJ to Houston where Jim Warren worked as an IBM computer specialist within the NASA program.  That was before Edwin Black wrote his landmark book War Against the Weak in which the connections of IBM to the eugenics program at Cold Spring Harbor, New York was funded primarily by Mary Williamson Averill who married E.H. Harriman of the Union Pacific Railroad and meticulously documented by Black had informed Nazi Germany's 'final solution'," said Angeles.
    "There is this fascinating New York and Texas connection to Salem Bin Laden who was the head of the Bin Laden building empire, Osama's older brother, the Saudi royal family's chief building engineers who employed Minoru Yamasaki, the architect for the World Trade Center in New York as well as of the Pruitt-Igoe Project in St. Louis, Missouri that was the site of a 1950-60's  undisclosed government radiation experiment on unwitting citizens before it was demolished in 1972, a year before the WTC was completed in New York.   That demolition was conducted by CDI, Controlled Demolition, Inc. which extensively uses thermite which was invented in the 1890's and widely used before building demolitions in the railroad industry.  CDI was the same company that was brought in quickly to finish the demolishing of the WTC and Building 7.  Will Elizabeth Warren tell us that the first nine floors of the WTC were built with 13,000 metric tons of steel from Houston-based Mosher Steel?  Will she tell us that Ed Mosher founded the Texas A&M-based Mosher Institute for Defense Studies whose Director, Frank Vandiver, a former President of Rice University wrote in 2005 the book How America Goes To War?  Will Senator Elizabeth Warren say that Vandiver shared connections to Huntsville, Texas Yale Bonesman and CEO and President of Union Pacific, Robert A. Lovett, who designed our WWII policy of bomb-the-crap-out-of-civilian-populations or that Edgar Odell Lovett was the first President of Rice University or that Vandiver's predecessor, Rice President Kenneth Pitzer led the assault on J. Robert Oppenheimer for his not wanting a nuclear arms race?   Well, I don't suspect that Elizabeth Warren will tell us that GWB's Chief Economist, Professor Emeritus at Texas A&M, Dr. Morgan Reynolds, resigned from the Bush White House shortly after 911 to become an outspoken critic of the Official 911 Report along with author David Ray Griffin will she?" asked Angeles.   Angeles pointed to the open-source PhD dissertation of Lisa Martino-Taylor on the history of Minoru Yamasaki's Pruitt-Igoe experiment as was well as similar experiments in other U.S. cities.  "We all know that the FBI allowed the Bin Ladens to leave the country after 911, but did you know that the Bin Ladens owned a private Houston Airport that was razed after 911?  Wake up America," said Angeles...."and check your bank statement!"

Elizabeth Warren at University of Texas' Tarlton Law School
in 1986 (l) and Texas A&M Professor Emeritus
Dr. Morgan Reynolds former GWB Chief Economist (r).
     Former University of Texas, University of Houston, Texas A&M and Rice University student Carmine Gagliano of Baltimore, Maryland said "Senator Warren looks like a soccer mom turned activist, and I applaud that, but what if this whole mess with Strumpf had been taken care of like Adolf Hitler should have been taken care of in 1930?    Or Mussolini for that matter?  It would have saved a lot of time and money and the rule of law would still have been maintained, but the messy mess would have saved people a lot of pain and anguish, don't you know."
     Gagliano said that if, for example, an employee of Houston-based Enron or Stanford Capital had just taken the situation into their own hands and set things right then and there, there would have been much less pain and heartache for the hundreds and thousands and in the case of California's Enron-induced fraudulent energy crisis, millions of suffering people.  I'm sure that if I asked the key law enforcement figures involved in the Enron case like the FBI's James Comey, who is doing God knows what in the Hillary email case, or the Judges in the Enron and Stanford cases.....Judge David Hittner or Judge Mary Milloy, that they would not agree with the premise of a c-suite slaughter, but they are paid to be on that side of the argument which can actually, as in the case of Enron's or Wells-Fargo's fat-cat investors,  the silent ones you can't really see, but who have profited from the bamboozles on Wall Street,  hiding as they are behind the prim and proper rule of law.   Sometimes such actions just seems wholly justified when the rule of law has been traded for a secondary camouflaging bamboozle," said Gagliano providing the FBI's own press release statement on the disposition of the Enron debacle.


    "I think it wonderful that Senator Warren captures the imagination of the American elector's sense of fair play and wish for transparency, but there are some things in our past, Senator Warren's past, that tell us that nothing is exactly what it seems.  All we can do is muddle on in the sure and perfect knowledge that the truth will come out about Strumpf and other things," said C.U. Zune of Austin, Texas, who has for over thirty years studied the issue of Nazi and Japanese gold looted during World War II and which found in Texas in 1986 Senator Warren's co-worker on bankruptcy research at UT, Jay Westbrook, joining attorney Pieter M. Schenkkam from Enron's law firm, Vinson Elkins, in what authors Sterling and Peggy Seagraves have called "Chasing Yamashita's Gold", the liquidation of Ferdinand Marcos' Texas-based real estate assets that are part of what Sterling Seagraves and his wife, Peggy, have written about in a book that they claim sent them into hiding for a few years, The Gold Warriors: America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's Gold.
    Westbrook is the Benno Schmidt Professor at University of Texas Law School.  Schmidt, from Texas, was the President of Yale, clerked for Earl Warren and worked for John Hay "Jock" Whitney and Schmidt's family immigrated to Texas from Germany and settled in Gillespie County, Texas.

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      I.D. Claire believes that Elizabeth Warren's connections to the Taft law firm, to Jay Westbrook and indirectly to even John Strumpf as the muscle pressing Strumpf to repent is clarified by Wells Fargo's own history.  Gurdon Avery Taft was general superintendent of the Wells Fargo Company for the Southern Department, that included Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana, with headquarters at Houston.  Gurdon was born September 5, 1858, at Lyons, New York.  He was the son of Edward P. Taft, a Colonel in the Ninth New York Volunteers, also known as Rickett's Division in the Civil War.   General Lew Wallace, author of the books Ben Hur and The Prince of India, and a future U.S. Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire where the poppy-rich Golden Crescent had exported through David Sassoon and the British East India Company its anesthetics to China and the rest of the world before Caleb Cushing negotiated the 1844 Wanghia Treaty between China and the U.S..  Lew Wallace had been at Fort Donnelson during the U.S. Civil War when Union Admiral Andrew Hull Foote returned from the Yantzge River in China to bombard Fort Donnelson and to open the South's rivers to Union gunboats.  "I believe that at Fort Donnelson Confederate Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest realized that his commander, General Braxton Bragg, the pre and post Civil War business partner of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman, was a not what Bragg appeared to be," said historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth adding "Forrest knew Bragg was a scallywag contributing to Forrest's Gov. George Wallace-like repentance and resignation from the KKK he had founded when Albert Pike usurped its mission like he had done the York Rite Masons whose member, George Washington, was already abandoning slavery sixty years before the bloody and unnecessary Civil War.  We see in the emerging dialectic of munitions and opioids the business plan of the American military industrialist complex that the big banks, Wells Fargo among them, embrace wholeheartedly,"  said Wigglesworth pointing to two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, General Smedley Darlington Butler's book, War Is A Racket.
    Edward P. Taft was also appointed in 1865 as Consul to Nicaragua by President Lincoln whose successor, Andrew Johnson was the first President initiated into Scottish Rite Masonry of Albert Pike that usurped the York Rite Masonry of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin with the arrival Albert Pike's SR tradition originating in the Prussian royal court and beholding to the old Hapsburg dynasty and the Roman Catholic Church.  "Pike and the Prussians could not have envisioned the anti-primogeniture emphasis of the U.S. Constitution that took Oliver Cromwell's vision of parliamentary government where Cromwell had not been able to take Britain....toward shared governance and peaceful transfer of elected leadership in a country where 'all men are created equal' and pursue "life, liberty and happiness," said Wigglesworth.
     Gurdon A. Taft's father, Newell Taft, was a cousin of Alphonso Taft, founder of Skull & Bones in 1833 and a member of Albert Pike's Scottish Rite Temple in Cincinnati Ohio which his son, President William Howard Taft joined in 1908.

     Alphonso was the  father of William Howard Taft, ex-President of the United States, and William's brother was Charles P. Taft, owner of the Rincon Ranch in Texas. Gurdon A. Taft was educated in the public schools and also attended an Episcopal military school.  He entered business in 1882 and held nearly every position in the Wells Fargo Company. He was the husband of Miss Carrie E. Swart of Ballston, N. Y., and they had four children....Edward R. Taft of El Paso, Elizabeth A. Taft (wife of Dr. Fred R. Williams) of Port Lavaca, Texas, Robert N. Taft of Fort Worth, and Donald Mosher Taft, Sr. of Houston who is buried in the Glenwood Cemetery alongside other notable Houstonians including Edward Benjamin Cushing, Edward Hopkins Cushing, William Stamps Farrish, II, James Wilson Henderson, George Hermann, William P. Hobby, Roy Hofheinz, Edward M. House, Howard Hughes, Jr., Anson Jones, Edgar Odell Lovett, Glenn McCarthy, Hiram Runnels, Ross Sterling and Henry Weiss.   Gurdon was a member of Houston Country Club, Elks, Press Club and Houston Club among whose notable members were Jules Tallichet, the University of Texas educated attorney for Baker & Botts whose lawyers served both the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Railroads and whose story was written about by historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth.  Brother of U.S. Congressman Tom DeLay, Randall DeLay, was hired to merge the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific, a merger deemed a monopolistic marriage by the U.S. Supreme Court.

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     "I have come to the conclusion that if the U.S. Supreme Court had allowed that merger it would have sent shock waves through the halls of academia as more and more historians, sociologist, economist and other disciplines would have seen that the U.S. Civil War, fought on the supposed primary motive of abolition of slavery, or to a lesser extent states' rights, was clearly a battle over the race to the Pacific and the China Trade by Northern and Southern power elites whose secrets have been carefully managed to this day and began much earlier with Caleb Cushing in the Golden Crescent and China and with New England surgeon Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.' coining the word "anesthetics", Union cannon commander and pharmacist Eli Lilly seeing the obvious advantage of cutting off the arms and legs of soldiers with the help of opium and with the appointment of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. to the U.S. Supreme Court," said Wigglesworth.   "Suddenly you see why Reconstuction was a short-lived ploy, why William Tecumseh Sherman abandoned the slaves at Ebenezer Creek and why our endless war on terror in the Golden Crescent is indissolubly linked with the endless war on drugs at the same time the U.S. is facing both an opioid addiction in prescription and the more profitable, not-taxed, back alley deliveries," said Wigglesworth.

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