Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, September 9, 2016



Melissa Click (r) at new job at Gonzaga University,
alma mater of Rev. Pat Conroy (l)
photos: public domain

by Shirley Locke Holmes, CPW News Service

     The Jesuit priest from Melissa Click's new university, Gonzaga University, which hired Ms. Click after she was fired from the University of Missouri for squelching free speech, led a vigil that has nearly 3000 international architects, engineers and metallurgists joining David Ray Griffin in asserting that the Official 911 Report requires belief in miracles. 

....from prayer delivered on Sept. 9, 2016 on the U.S. Capital steps
for 15th anniversary of WTC and Pentagon attack in 2001.
"I guess that if you are part of the Architects and Engineers
for 911 Truth that you are not 'children of goodwill'."
-Fr. Flavius Gregorianus

     "House Chaplain Pat Conroy, who was educated at both Jesuit-related St. Louis University and Gonzaga University, obviously believes in miracles like those delineated by David Ray Griffin," said Father Flavius Gregorianus of The Savior's Church of the Far Sighted Faithful," in Falls Church, Virginia whose mission statement reads: "Faith and Science In Service To Human Dignity and Responsible Stewardship of Creation".
     "I was delighted to have Congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi, remind us that 15 years after 911 the cancers caused by the crud and corruption that fell from the WTC is still effecting New Yorkers.   I just wish that Father Conroy, also being from St. Louis University not far from Columbia, Missouri where Ms. Click was really clicking against free speech and where Minoru Yamasaki the architect of the World Trade Center had built St. Louis' infamous Pruitt-Igoe Project had mentioned that, too.   The government used Pruitt-Igoe as the site of an undisclosed radiation experiment on unwitting citizens.  Rev. Conroy's prayer on Sunday clearly parroted the proper line on the 911 event and in that respect it was like religious and political propaganda swirled into a kind of incantation.  Those citizens in St. Louis in the 1950's and 1960's had suffered, too.   Have people forgotten or didn't they hear?  Pruitt-Igoe was demolished by controlled demolition in 1972 using thermite which had been invented in the 1890's and used extensively in the railroad and building industry.  Minoru Yamasaki was the leading architect for the Bin Laden family, the Saudi royal family and, with the construction of the WTC, Yamasaki became the New York Port Authority's top architect, too.  I just wish Rev. Conroy had also prayed for the police and firefighters of New York who along with the WTC residents who died on 911 suffered so much more than most.   Especially, I wish Conroy had prayed for how they suffered under the hand of Mayor Giuliani and Bernie Kerik who, like Minoru, had worked for the Saudi royals before Kerik went to jail on corruption charges after George W. Bush had withdrawn his name from consideration of Director of Homeland Security," said Father Gregorianus.
    Gregorianus, a former Greek Orthodox Christian who is fond of saying "if you want the liberating spirit of freedom and liberty look to the Greeks and if you want a tettering, stifling control-freakish empire look to Rome..." noted that Yamasaki's Pruitt-Igoe Project in St. Louis was the subject of the 800 plus page PhD dissertation of Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor of St. Louis.  "Pruitt-Igoe was 'pulled' in 1972 by CDI, Controlled Demolition, Inc., the same company that quickly completed the demolition of the WTC and the now infamous Building 7 that has become the source of so much legitimate skepticism driving the gathering storm of scientific rejection of the Official 911 Report.
    "Well, we are in a real pickle in the USA," said Gregorianus.  "We've got an ethically challenged Democratic Presidential candidate.   We have a nut cake Republican candidate whose supporters are as mixed up as Clinton's and now the Independent, Gary Johnson, doesn't know where Aleppo is and walks through airports in those dorky deck shoes?  It's like I tell my parishioners...."we in Falls Church are in for a big fall, a huge fall, if we don't get a few miracles like those that brought down the World Trade Center," said Gregorianus who tried to contact Melissa Click and VP Presidential candidate and Conroy's fellow Jesuit, Tim Kaine, but neither were available for comment.  Kaine was apparently busy covering for Hillary following a semi-debilitating health issue while campaigning.
    Father Gregorianus is outspoken in his assessment of the evolution of the sensitive arrangement between U.S. political and religious ideologies.  "Martin Luther rejected Roman Catholic abuses inherent in its top-down pyramidal monarchism that preyed upon the fears and loathing of European power structures supported as they were on serfdoms.  Throwing off the shackles of this repression led to the Enlightenment and Reformation and a marriage between science and reformation faith, once tortured for their merger, that proved irresistible....even to the Vatican and an increasing assortment of monarchs who were convinced that they alone were the center of their universe, the challenge to the Roman Church brought home to the world through the teachings and telescope of Copernicus and Galileo," said Gregorianus.
     Gregorianus is also sure that enlightenment can quickly fail for lack of present and future champions...."the emphasis is on 'present'," he added noting that once the calendar is reversed there could be a new millennium of the old mindlessness.
    "Miraculously, England's little bastard Queen Elizabeth, rejected the repressive Spanish and Catholic domination, pointing as she did to the region of Kent that would produce Winston Churchill, about which she said of this region that practices gavelkind law and not the monarchies' primogeniture rule which gave the first-born the lion's share of family fortunes and making a Pope-ish projection of power that much easier....'Had it not been for Kent, England would long ago have gone over to the Spaniards.'  While it is easy to celebrate the fact that it took 210 years for the first Roman Catholic to become a chaplain of the U.S. Congress, there is good reason for this slide.  Lewis Lapham said it clearly in his book The Wish for Kings: Democracy at Bay, a book written with the re-mergence of political dynasties and interlocking corporate directorates that mask the return of primogeniture rule. We saw it in Joseph P. Kennedy and his first-born 'Joe', but also in George Bush and son George, and even in Donald Trump and son, Donald, Jr., but Bill Clinton was the handmaiden of the Bush ploy and bamboozling of the nation with Clinton's failure to veto the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act which was the product of two younger brothers, Glass and Steagall, who had suffered the Great Depression and the return of the gilded governors.  Rev. Conroy was the chaplain for 13 years at Georgetown University, where Bill Clinton went to school, met NAFTA crafter Roger Altman,  and where in 2015 Bill Clinton gave a speech in which Clinton defended the Presidency of Franklin Pierce, the ancestor of Barbara Pierce Bush.  It all gets rather convoluted, but suffice it to say that this movement toward inclusion, religious inclusion, carries with it not only the pyramidal models of the past, but the pyramidal model of Sharia Law, too, that is as top-down, and anti-gavelkind as Charles I of England whose Bonnie Prince Charlie is buried in the Vatican which not ironically created the Nazi rat-lines after WWII...and we wonder why Adolf saw the template for his SS in the Jesuit Order.   You wonder why GWB could hob-knob with the Saudi royals or Wallis Simpson Windsor's kin who were a burr under Winston Churchill's saddle or just how the USN SEAL headquarters in San Diego would not find anathema the building of their offices in the form of a giant swastika?" asked Gregorianus.
     Gregorianus warns that when a democratic republic sees the culture moving away from the two core values of freedom of speech and anti-primogeniture law simultaneously the democracy is in clear, but not inevitable decline.  The Jesuits may have reached out to Melissa Click as a proclaimed sign of forgiveness and restitution, but considering historically the other elements of the Jesuit agenda it is a hollow proclamation.  It is far more likely that they see a potential overseer.  The U.S.'s second amendment was necessary to defend against the reversal of the first two core values within the First Amendment.   This would help to explain why, for example, the Washington Post's editor, Steve Coll, now the Henry Luce Professor of Journalism at Columbia University in New York was the editor of both Jeff Leen and Vernon Loeb.  Leen discredited investigative reporter Gary Webb who wrote Dark Alliance about the government's role in the cocaine drug epidemic while Loeb fabricated the propagandized stories of Pat Tillman's death in Afghanistan, the Jessica Lynch rescue story and he co-authored All In: The Education of General David Petraeus with Paula Broadwell.  Columbia University is also the alma mater of the Opus Dei member of the Vatican's public relations director, Gregg Burke.  Jeff Leen was the student of the University of Missouri's Professor Emeritus of Journalism, Steve Weinberg, who together with Leen provided a type of "god cop" and "bad cop" bludgeoning of Gary Webb in a debate with Leen that Weinberg had arranged at the Washington D.C. based IRE, Investigative Reporters and Editors. It was from within Mizzou's Communication and Journalism Department that Melissa Click was serving as a battering ram against the fortress of free speech with the retrograde "Students 1950" as her helpers called themselves.

David A. Siegel's claim to fame was building the
nearly 100,000 sf replica of the Versaille Palace
in Florida and demanding that his employees vote
for Mitt Romney in 2008 or lose their jobs.

   "Oliver Cromwell and the English Parliament may not have had, in spite of their obvious innate sense that the Jews were anti-primogeniture and distrusting of monarchs like them, the ability to envision what evolved in the U.S., which makes us that much more miraculous as a country based on Judeo-Christian values and who like the failed systems of the past, would have been unable without the God-given assortment of minds in the American colonies to have become the hope of the nation and a beacon of light and freedom for the whole world.  If that beacon is not extinguished completely, it is coming very close to being," concluded Father Gregorianus who celebrates Chaplain Conroy's support of civil rights in U.S. history, but without noting as has Lowell P. Wigglesworth that the American Civil War was predominantly a drug war based on a rush to the poppy fields of the Middle East's Golden Crescent.   That rush was led by England, Spain and eventually the U.S.A. with Caleb Cushing being the dominant actor in U.S. politics and business.  "New Englander Cushing's ambitions would merge with those of Albert Pike, the Roman Catholic Indian Agent for Jefferson Davis whose ties in Europe were to the Prussian royal family and in Italy to Giuseppe Mazzini.  We see in the evolution of this part of our history the skin coming off of the original vision of the American experiment to be replaced with a political and religious retrograded rebound," said Gregorianus who noted that William Howard Taft joined the Pike-related Cincinatti Scottish Rite Temple of his father, Alphonso Taft, the founder in 1833 of Skull & Bones at Yale University, in 1908.

  Tomb of James Edward and Charles Edward Stuart, the Jacobite
 "Old Pretender" and "Young Pretender" whose attempt to
   reestablish Catholicism as the primary religion in Great Britain
   was thwarted. Location: St. Peter's Basilica, Rome. 
   Photo: Public Domain.
    "People were horrified to discover that at the 2016 Republican National Convention Rev. Mark Burns, who pumped Trump, lied about his own credentials and history, but consider the 1988 Republican National Convention when another black leader, Larry E. King, from Omaha, Nebraska sang the national anthem while Penn State University's Coach Joe Paterno gave essentially a pep-talk at the GHWB coronation.  Meanwhile, King was engaged in the S&L scandal at Omaha's Lincoln Savings & Loan and a pedophile problem at the Roman Catholic Boy's Town that led to a $1 million civil law suit against King that should have been a criminal case that was won by his victim, Paul Bonacci, while Jerry Sandusky was busy back in Happy Valley making some little boys very unhappy at the same time that Philadelphia's priest-pedophile problem was brewing like Boston's.  Then you have to deal with the fact of the lies coming from within the DNC that cost them their top staff and that at their 2016 convention appeared Anastasia Samoza who did not mention just how her family immigrated to the USA over the body of dead ABC newsman, Bill Stewart, in Nicaragua in 1979, who was hot on the trail of the 1980 'October Surprise' and the Iran-Contra connection to state sponsored murder," said Gregorianus who is also a critic of Rev. Al Sharpton the media mainstay whose past issues with cocaine are conveniently overlooked while Bill Clinton is running around New York and the Caribbean with convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein," said Gregorianus.
     "Don't forget," said Gregorianus, "that the 1980 'October Surprise' that had Reagan and Bush working with the Iranians in Paris to stall the Iran hostage release for a post-election event reportedly had first-born, Salem Bin Laden, Osama's older brother, flying his BAC-111 jet as a courier only to die in 1988 in Cibolo, Texas in an ultra-light crash.  That crash was referenced by Lowell Bergman of CBS and NPR as being in his BAC-111 jet, but the crash was at a Texas ultra-light airport owned by the in-laws of General Carlson who oversaw Offutt AFB which appears in the Bonacci law suit as a place to which Bonacci was taken by the 1988 RNC's National Anthem singer and Lincoln Savings fraud-meister, Larry E. King, the subject of a Yorkshire Television documentary, Conspiracy of Silence that never aired in the USA.   Offutt's General Bruce A. Carlson became the head of the National Reconnaissance Office that stood down NORAD on 911, the story covered by former weapons expert and intelligence officer, Scott Shuger, of Slate.com who wrote IGNORAD in 2001 and died in a witness-less scuba accident in California only a few months later," said Gregorianus.

About the Author:  Shirley Locke Holmes is an American freelance investigative reporter who has written 911 Thermite May Have Been In World Trade Center At Erection.  Her work is also featured in the Alexander de Large article Dan Rather's A Clockwork Orange.


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