Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Lowell P. Wigglesworth on Admiral William McRaven's Open Letter To College Football Coaches

McRaven's Roll Reveals Redaction of Academic Remedies In Favor of Military Mandate

photo courtesy of RG2.
Commentary by Lowell P. Wigglesworth CPW News Service

     I love America.   I love the U.S. flag.   I retired my family's Confederate Flag long ago with significant resistance from the "Dueling Banjos" crowd, but I genuinely showed them that the U.S. Civil War was not fought primarily over abolition or states rights, but over the race by the power elites, North and South, to the opium markets of the Golden Crescent and Golden Triangle that has our fine warriors doing undisclosed security business in the world's historic poppy-production regions.   I don't want to see the USA walled off from the rest of the world.  I want to see its better values exported to the rest of the world.   I'm not talking cage-fighting and Predator drones.  Porno and political pud-packing....CIA-backed dark alliances that fund the endless racket of war....shooting wars and drug wars.
    When a foot soldier, or football player, refuses to stand for the National Anthem....refuses to put his hand over the heart, it hurts us all, but not as much as living in a nation where they don't have the freedom to do just that.  Who can forget Adolf, Benito or Pol Pot?  Football is a messaging-mechanism for military modeling to the Motherland.  Other jargon aside....blitz, bomb, offense, defense....our Commander In Chief carries the potentially planet-killing nuclear arsenal's codes in a "football".  
     For a football player to risk critiquing that model takes the guts of a Marine General Smedley Darlington Butler or of a Henry Van Ness Boynton opposing the corruption of William Tecumseh Sherman whom Boynton knew damn well was a close friend of Jefferson Davis's lackey, Braxton Bragg, and Franklin Pierce who were also close friends of New England opium runner, Caleb Cushing, the father of the U.S.'s drug policies who, in fact, targeted the lower classes in the U.S. as little buying units like the Brits had done with the Chinese poor that led directly to the British Opium Wars and Cultural Revolution.  I think it was this knowledge that led General U.S. Grant to drink heavily Old Crow.
    This is why I am challenging Admiral William McRaven to modify his letter in a way that will be affirmed by the premier academic community into which he has been, amazingly and curiously, invited. 
     His new letter should read:   "I am asking ALL football coaches in the USA to instruct their players that they MUST stand for the National Anthem.   In lieu of holding their hand over their heart, they may wave an upside down, flipped, US flag.....an international symbol of distress and call for help and assistance.  That was the ending of the Tommy Lee Jones film In the Valley of Elah.  We are in the Valley of Elah every day of our lives.   -Sincerely, USN Adm. (Ret) William McRaven."
     No one will, given our current realities, find the Admiral mcRaving mad!

About the Author:  At approximately 11:23 a.m. on August 1, 1966, I was visiting the campus of the University of Texas in Austin.  I was to matriculate into the freshman class that August and was touring the campus in front of the Main Building where cut in granite were the words "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free".  Though not attributed to Jesus of Nazareth, I knew from where the words had come.  
     I was also recalling Jules Tallichet, the Baker & Botts attorney for the Southern Pacific Railroad and member of the Houston Club who liked to shoot his six gun on the UT campus in imaginary gun battles at night. Tallichet had written a famous defense of Zebulon Pike who had been accused of working with Aaron Burr to annex the Great Southwest in a way similar to William Walker's, the "Grey-eyed Man of Destiny", attempt to claim Baja and then Honduras for himself.  I thought of Zebulon's Pike's relationship to General James Wilkinson who was feeding the Spanish news of Lewis & Clark's push to the Pacific.  Wilkinson, too, was interested in the Great Southwest as is well documented. "Wilkinson's and Aaron Burr's treasonous opportunism is clearly showing in U.S. history," I said to myself as I stood in the quadrangle remembering that Aaron Burr was a Presbyterian and having just passed a seminary next to the Scottish Rite Dormitory where above its door was chiseled in stone the words...."The Fear of the Lord Is The Beginning of Wisdom."  Within a few minutes and ever since I'd think that UT's Main Building and that seminary library had reversed the Biblical injunctions. 
     There was alongside Wilkinson's, Walker's and Burr's ambitions the parallel ambitions of those whose U.S. families were deeply invested in the China Trade...a synonym for silk, spices and opioids picked up in the old Ottoman Empire and dumped as trading chips in China for the exotic goodies and especially "anesthetics"...the name coined by leading New England surgeon Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. the father of Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr..   Running through Wilkinson's connections were names like Lt. Col. Thomas Cushing, Samuel Swarthout and  the others, but clearly this tempting route to riches prompted much of the benevolence and Christian missionary endeavors that followed Caleb Cushing toward the Wanghia Treaty between the USA and China.  The anesthetics from the Middle East....Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq.... were one half of the two-sided dialectic of the war profiteering and racketeering equation of the China Traders' worldwide business plan...munitions and painkillers.
     I remember thinking and saying to myself... "With William Walker being supported by his good friend, Franklin Pierce, with Jefferson Davis' letter to Caleb Cushing at Rice University and William Walker fielding his filibusterers for Honduras out of Galveston, Texas after failing to claim Baja and Southern California....Cushing being called by the Chinese "Ku Shing".... and who was called by Jefferson Davis in his letter to Franklin Pierce "their brother", this was a piece of our collective history avoided by our civics teachers and by historians like J. Frank Dobie, Walter Prescott Webb, Walter Lee Brown, Frank Vandiver, Shelby Foote and other leading American voices.  I looked up at the Main Building and read again those troubling words.
     Were Jeff Davis, Franklin Pierce and Caleb Cushing working together before the Civil War for a Southern route across the continent from Georgia to California...Savannah to San Diego?  What high moral ground could stall a railroad by getting 600,000 men to kill each other when it was apparent that the low road to the Golden Crescent and China, a drug race and war on steroids and not even the visible motive for those doing the bleeding and dying.  Was Tallichet insuring that no one would notice a relationship between Zeb Pike and Davis' chief Indian agent for the Confederacy, Albert Pike (also the chief legal counsel for the KKK which the supreme critic of Braxton Bragg, Nathan Bedford Forrest, rejected) and father of Scottish Rite Masonry in America who would have liked Aaron Burr's ideas, too?  "Was Tallichet also working for the premier Union Pacific law firm, Baker & Botts, but for the post-Civil War's well-derailed and tightly managed Southern Pacific....derailed by a war that cost 600,000 lives?" I asked.   Indeed, the evidence would prove overwhelming.  If the South had the advantage it was lost with the invention in 1867 of Alfred Nobel's game-changer, Dynamite.   Braxton Bragg, whom Confederate Col. Nathan Bedford Forest seems to have suspected early on was a shill for his well-documented business partner, Union General William T. Sherman, died in the streets of Galveston not far from where William Walker had recruited his soldiers of misfortune while the Union Pacific followed the Russell Pony Express route from Omaha to San Francisco and the Southern Pacific was stalled in its infancy.
      Then it happened.  I had moseyed over toward Red River and Duval, but at approximately 11:48 a.m., August 1, 1966, ex-Marine, Charles S. Whitman, began killing people in the quadrangle where I had, only a few minutes earlier, stood.   Bullets rained down from the top of the UT bell tower.
     I knew then that my life would be given to discovery of the truth...the whole truth and nothing, but the truth....my biggest discovery being, then, that just because someone has dressed in a uniform from a nation that claims to be the defender of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness doesn't make it so or that just because someone is way up there looking down on everyone else doesn't mean that they aren't crazier than a bed bug in a back alley bordello. That Austin experience led to my years of wandering this nation for answers from the answerers of life's puzzles....from the writings of Jack London in the back woods or a John Steinbeck on the road with Charlie, his dog, or Richard Henry Dana using the life of opium cutter Captain Edward Faucon as the main character in Dana' book Two Years Before the Mast before Faucon's real ship, the fastest in the world at the time, the Frolic, wrecked at Cabrillo Point near Fort Bragg, California in 1850.  Near there William T. Sherman had worked with George Bragg in Sacramento to consolidate the San Francisco Bay area's rail head for the Union Pacific before returning to Georgia to destroy the South's Atlanta to Savannah Atlantic railhead to San Diego on the Pacific which after the Civil War  became the Union home of the U.S. Marines and over a century later, home of the USN SEALS.  The first SEAL was either "Lincoln's Commando", William B. Cushing, or Draper Kauffman, "The First Frogman" and father of Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, sister-in-law of George Herbert Walker Bush.          
     My search for truth led me to unpack the mythology surrounding our Civil War and even the building of the New York World Trade Center  that used the design of the Bin Laden's favorite architect, Minoru Yamasaki, designer of Rainier Tower, "the Beaver Building" that reveals the incredible strength of a modern high-rise office building's inner steel core.  Yamasaki had worked, not unlike NYPD Police Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, for the Saudi royal family long after Yamasaki had built the St. Louis, Missouri Pruitt-Igoe Project that was the site of an undisclosed radiation experiment on unwitting Missourians before that project was demolished by Controlled Demolition Inc, CDI, in 1972.   CDI was the same company that quickly finished the demolition of the WTC after the 911 attack.  It led me to conclude, along with nearly 3000 architects and engineers and former Bush White House Chief Economist, Texas A&M University and Professor Emeritus, Dr. Morgan Reynolds, who wondered why Texas A&M engineers recommended after the 1992 Aggie bonfire collapse that killed 11 students, that they should put a steel core in their future fires since carbon fires cannot melt steel, that 911 was an inside job.
     In time, I learned that nothing much is sacred except for the words carved in granite beneath the University of Texas bell tower on the Main Building that are not attributed to their rightful author.

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