Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, September 24, 2016

David Skorton, Shirley Ann Jackson and African American Museum of History and Culture Show No Frolic


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New Museum of African American History and Culture Signed Into Existence in 2003 by President George Bush Avoids Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey's (Frederick Douglass) Work In Baltimore, Maryland's Opium Clipper Production Facility, The Gardner Shipyard, That Built Heard Cutter, The Frolic, That Wrecked Near Fort Bragg, California in 1850.

by Winsip Custer, CPW News Service

    The dedication of the new African American Museum of History and Culture on September 24, 2016 was attended by an astounding array of leaders including President Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama, former President George W. Bush and wife Laura Bush, former President William Jefferson Clinton, General Colin Powell (US Army Ret.), civil rights leader and Congressman John Lewis of Georgia and many others.
      Also present was historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth who, impressed with the visual symmetry of the new facility, was not as taken with the new museum's presentation of key aspects of African American history that would better show its evolution within and alongside of American history's well-guarded secrets.
      "Yes," said Wigglesworth, "you can rest assured that when George W. Bush stepped up to the podium and said "A great nation does not hide its flaws. It faces them and corrects them," that he still had a face full of jowl-dripping yellow cake crumbs.  This was the fellow that the prosecutor of Charles Manson said should be tried and convicted of murder for sending Americans to war under false premises, Los Angeles Prosecuting Attorney and author of the book on George W. Bush (The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder),Vincent Bugliosi," said Wigglesworth.

      Wigglesworth pulled up the museum's home page and its global search tool for exhibits and key word references.   He typed in "Frolic" and "Gardner Shipyard", hit "search" and received "Your search yielded no results".   He tried each word separately and still got the same response.  He found the Tuskegee Airmen, but not the Tuskegee Experiment.
       Wigglesworth's cackles were ruffled and crowing when the Smithsonian Institution's Secretary David Skorton addressed the crowd.   Wigglesworth leaned over and said to a friend and fellow researcher, George McKorkle, "you know that in the Smithsonian's commissioned documentary on Pan Am 103 there was no reference to the fact that on Pan Am 103 was CIA agent Matthew Gannon, the son-in-law of fellow CIA agent, Thomas Tweeton and we know what they were hiding in that little omission."   McKorkle nodded adding "....and General David Petraeus did the eulogy for Gannon at his funeral."
     Wigglesworth's research on the history of the U.S. Civil War has led him to the conclusion that the Civil War was fought over two public and one non-discussed, but easily discernible, motive.   The first motive was the abolition of slavery, the second was states' rights, both of which were capable of sparking widespread war, slaughter and munitions and anesthetics sales.  The third motive....the overarching motive unexpressed by U.S. power elites North and South....was over the rail route to the Pacific and Ottoman Empire's Golden Crescent opium production used as trading chips in the Orient, with the South holding the advantage of a flatland route from Savannah to San Diego, California.

Search result for "Frolic" and "Gardner Shipyard" in African American Museum
 of History and Culture made on September 24, 2016.

      "That's right," said Wigglesworth by telephone from Washington after the event.  "In 1850 the Heard opium cutter Frolic....and you have to remember that the Heards were right in there with the Cushings, Russells, Huntingtons, Delanos, Tafts, Lowells, Howes, Forbes and other New England Brahmins, made a fortune in the China Trade, a synonym for opium smuggling.  In 1999 Dr. Thomas Layton the Professor Emeritus of Archeology at the University of California, Chino, published the book Voyage of the Frolic: New England Merchants and the Opium Trade (Stanford University Press) in which he documents that Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey who became Frederick Douglass, worked in the Gardner Shipyard in Baltimore (Voyage of the Frolic, pp. 47-53, 153, 198).  The Frolic had wrecked in 1850 off Cabrillo Point near Fort Bragg, named for bumbling Civil War Confederate General whose brother, Thomas Bragg, was the Confederacy's Attorney General and whose Richmond White House was spied upon by Elizabeth Van Lew and Mary Bowser whose relatives were also at the museum dedication. Prior to the Civil War, Bragg was the hero of the Mexican American War.  Braxton Bragg, was also the pre and post Civil War business partner of General William Tecumseh Sherman who was working in Sacrament and the San Francisco Bay area with George Bragg to secure the Union Pacific rail head on the Pacific coast.  At the same time Jefferson Davis had surveyed the flatland route to San Diego, a region long eyed by filibusterer and soldier of fortune, William Walker.   Walker would die in Honduras seeking a future canal site there from the Pacific to the Atlantic, thus circumventing the U.S. rail route all together," said Wigglesworth noting that Jeff Davis and Franklin Pierce, who wholeheartedly supported William Walker's Aaron Burr-like adventures,  and Caleb Cushing, the New England China Trader who negotiated the historic Wanghia Treaty and promised that the US representatives would not dump Middle Eastern opium in China as the British had done before, were all three close friends.  "Davis called Caleb Cushing his 'brother'," said Wigglesworth noting that at Cushing's invitation Jeff Davis spoke in Boston's Faneuil Hall in support of the institution of slavery.
     "Of course, promises involving large sums of money are hard to keep," said Wigglesworth noting that Pacific wars have all had an element of drug production and distribution involved in the motives including the Japanese attack on China which began its own poppy production region, as has Colombia in Central America, to compete with the Golden Crescent of the old Ottoman Empire where Sephardic Jewish smuggler, David Sassoon, had been the key cog in the British East India Company's pipeline.  It was Indo-China's Golden Triangle whose leader in the 1980's was Kung Sa who was featured in a filmed interview with decorated Vietnam War veteran, Col. Bo Gritz, in which Kung Sa claimed that the U.S. contact for Sa was Richard Armitage. China's defense against Japan with the help of General Claire Chennault, a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason from Clear Lake, Texas and his American Volunteer Group or AIG was funded along with General Chiang Kai Shek by the Chinese dope-dealing Green Gang.  After WWII this experience of breached promises eventually led to the Chinese Cultural Revolution under Mao and a rejection of Western values. 
     "All of this helps to shed light on the evolution of the Panama Canal Zone, the emergence in Nicaragua of Anastasio Samoza whom Franklin Delano Roosevelt called 'a son-of-a-bitch, but he's our son-of-a-bitch' whose murder of ABC newsman in 1979, Bill Stewart, led to the emergence of the Sandinistas and the Iran-Contra fiasco that nearly led to the impeachment of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush," said Wigglesworth.  "You can begin to understand why Anastasia Samoza, Anastosio's kin, spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention without referencing Bill Stewart as the catalyst for the family's presence in the U.S.A., immigrating after Anastosio's death in the Bahamas and why Panama's dope-dealing dictator, Manuel Noriega, said famously 'I have George Bush by the balls'," said Wigglesworth.

Frederick Augustus Washington
Bailey, also known as Frederick
     The Frolic's archeologist, Dr. Thomas Layton, is the brother of the three members of the Jonestown, Guyana community of wack-a-mole-nut-cake of the San Francisco Housing Commissioner turned social experimenter and religious ding-bat, Rev. Jim Jones.  Dr. Layton's brother, Larry Layton, was the only person convicted for the murder of California Congressman Leo Ryan and their sister has gone on to work in recovery with author of the Stanford Prison Experiment, Dr. Philip Zimbardo," said Wigglesworth who believes that there was much more going on in Jonestown than has ever been reported.  "That whole fiasco had the smell and texture of a Tuskegee or Puitt-Igoe experiment on the unwitting, with far deadlier results," said Wigglesworth who believes that keeping a population dazed and confused allows for despots to continue to ruin planet earth whose resources are being squeezed by the ignorance of the masses on the one hand and by the power elites' proclivity for war racketeering and genocide on the other. 
     "From fatherless homes, to subsidized reproduction and population control to separation from the mainstream of enlightened living the results are the same....chaos, war and the profiting from conflict like we see in microcosm with an Angelo Dundee, Don King or Dana White in a cage called 'mother earth'.  Well this makes mother earth into a real bitch when we humans have the capacity to recreate the world into something much better, but not if the tyrants continue to rule without resistance," said Wigglesworth, "and as long as the masses remain in unenlightened living.  "Nothing says we have to win the battle, but we do have to resist the insanity," he continued.

The 1999 book that documents Frederick
Douglass' employment at Baltimore's
Gardner Shipyard.  The Frolic was the
fastest opium cutter of its day and sailed
Captain Edward Faucon, who became
the model for Richard Henry Dana's
 novel Two Years Before the Mast.
     "You have to remember that Baltimore was home of Alexander Brown the progenitor of Brown Brothers that became Brown Brothers Harriman, Brown & Root, Kellogg Brown and Root or KBR that profits from wars worldwide and even National City Bank for which two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, General Smedley Darlington Butler, said 'I was a goon on three continents.'  Remember, too, that Michelle and Barack Obama met at the Republican Springfield, Illinois law firm of Sidley Austin, the firm that oversaw the private life of Mary Todd Lincoln, widow of Abraham Lincoln, a law firm which merged in 2000 with the longstanding legal firm for National City Bank, Brown & Wood that was in the World Trade Center on 911, but which out of its 600 employees lost only one," said Wigglesworth, also noting that James Hamlet, the first slave to face the Fugitive Slave Laws, worked in the Baltimore Brown's Merchant Shot Tower making musket balls for war....a business that Smedley Butler said was the Brown Brother's leading business.  "It's one half of the Brahmin's business plan dialect of bullets and opioids," said Wigglesworth, "and explains the endless war on terror and the endless war on drugs....not to mention the failure of that war to stem the current epidemic of opioid abuse in the USA.  It's what led Smedley Butler to write his book War Is A Racket.  It all becomes very transparent when you witness first-hand GWB and General Colin Powell sitting there together with yellow cake crumbs on their lips and remember that security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski said "George Bush II manage to bamboozle the country including leading Democrats, one of whom became Obama's Secretary of State, to vote for a war on fictitious, in fact, absolutely false evidence."
     Wigglesworth was perhaps more surprised that the museum carried no mention of the well documented place in the history of slavery of James Hamlet nor the Brown's Merchant Shot Tower where Hamlet worked, nor of the Mount Misery Plantation not far away where Frederick Douglass was tortured after his return from runaway slavery and before he was invited to Boston's Faneuil Hall to speak in the same building where Caleb Cushing had invited Jefferson Davis to speak for slavery as Douglass had spoken against it.  Mount Misery Planation was purchased by former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld who at the same time owned the Tecolote Ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico, with CBS's Dan Rather, while Rather and Mary Mapes reportedly broke the Abu Ghraib story in 2004 which Amnesty International actually broke in 2003, three years after Mary Mapes had the story on GWB's Texas Air National Guard memos that she failed to report in time for the 2000 Presidential election.  "This is all too expansive not to be a cover-up of monumental proportions in which the African American leadership must also participate.  This means that they are acting as history's gatekeepers like Jews suffering from Stockholm Syndrome who became overseers at Auschwitz and Dachau.  When Gary Webb wrote in 1996 the book Dark Alliance about CIA involvement in the drug trade, the African American community instinctively knew that what Webb had documented was true.  Overlapping with the Rodney King beating in Los Angeles, the release of Dark Alliance triggered a reaction in South Central LA with CIA Director John Deutch appearing at a town hall meeting.  It is now quite clear that Webb was quite correct and now quite dead from two shots to the head that was ruled a suicide," said Wigglesworth.
     "You have to remember that our minority citizens have been subjected to the most ruinous, vicious and inhumane treatment imaginable.  You may find the Tuskegee Experiment at the museum, but it's not in the online search engine, but there is absolutely no search results for the Pruitt-Igoe Experiment in St. Louis that is documented by Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor in her PhD open-source thesis.  Built by Minoru Yamasaki who built the World Trade Center, this state-of-the-art housing project made fatherless households a requirement and therefore minority dependency on the government, but it was unimaginably used as an experiment site for the release of atomic radiation to determine its effect in a nuclear bomb blast," said Wigglesworth noting that radiation wafted above the "Gateway to the West" and other U.S. cities included in the secretive and inhumane testing.
     Wigglesworth was asked "just how surprised are you that there was no mention of the Frolic in the Museum?"  He said "no more surprised than I am that there is no serious mention of global warming in say, the Houston, Texas Museum of Natural Science (the only "search" reveals a single statement.... The record of Earth’s past shows long-term stability, punctuated by moving continents, periods of rising and falling oceans and ice ages followed by global warming) in the heart of the world's fossil fuel production capital that stripped Robert Oppenheimer of his national security clearance on the testimony of Rice University President Kenneth Pitzer and Yalee, William Liscum Borden, in front of the Gordon Gray Committee, Gordon Gray being father of Bush lawyer, C. Boyden Gray, both heirs of the carcinogen pumping R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.   You have to remember that these New Englanders were first in whaling and shipping, gun barrels at Remington and pipeline manufacturing at Buckeye Iron Casting Co., both headed by Samuel Prescott Bush, with the technology for both being quite similar, and they flipped to oil drilling and production which sent the pipelines through Cushing, Oklahoma for setting the benchmark price of crude oil while they also had the railroad, the Union and Southern Pacific all sewed up following the Civil War.  It's the inconvenient truth that former Vice President Al Gore picked up and made a fortune from with his documentary and television company sale to oil-nation-based Aljazeera while making a political football of the one pressing scientific concern that isn't going to care whether we are Republican, Democrat, black white or pussy pink," said Wigglesworth who is a member of the Green Party and sees Jill Stein as a true "voice in the dying wilderness upon which life on planet earth depends".

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