Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lowell P. Wigglesworth: I Am Not A Scientist, But........

A World Still Split Apart

by Winsip Custer, CPW News Service

     In 1978, Soviet dissident, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, addressed the Harvard graduating class and contrasted the USSR with the USA.  He called his talk "A World Split Apart".   He was equally criticized and lionized for sermonizing. 
      There was reason for both.  In 1961 in Berlin a wall that separated the Communist East from the Capitalistic West split Berlin, a city that saw a U.S.-backed airlift to Berlin leap-frogged a blockade like that surrounding Cuba during the October 1962 missile crisis and designed to shut off Soviet supplies.  
     After World War II the U.S. imported notable Nazis from Germany to stand with the West as a bulwark against Communism.  While we fought Fascism we chose to prefer its form of totalitarianism to the leftists version that decried personal ownership.  Communism was devoid of incentives for wealth-building which for the U.S. and most to the West was the answer to the age-old program of hoarding the hitting, grabbing and grinding under. These ex-Nazi Germans were not vetted for their anti-American values, but for their potential contribution to the advance of U.S. science and technology.   There was no concern at that point that Capitalism devoid of a central ethic and the U.S.'s unique contribution to the world history, modeled as it was on Greek democratic principles rather than Roman imperialism, shared governance, would revert to a power-elite-led plundering that would turn from indigenous tribes and the settlements of European monarchies to its own household.
    Those who imported the Nazis saw them as logical partners, but in Italy and Germany they had practiced what Ayn Rand called "achievement with plunder" while she advocated "achievement without plunder."   Rand, a Jew, witnessed Jewish businessman Fritz Thyssen's close relationship with Hitler.   Thyssen overlooked the Hitler's brutality until it started hitting too close to home.  In America Rand witnessed J. Robert Oppenheimer's desire to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and then saw Oppenheimer banished from U.S. nuclear policy as Einstein had been fenced off from the Manhattan Project.  The U.S. military establishment moved on to bigger, deadlier weapons motivated by the fear of the USSR and the threatening, but serendipitous or engineered, Cuban missile crisis of 1961.
    Only decades later did we begin to understand that as with the power elite circles of any peoples there are wheels within wheels and circles within circles.   Edwin Black would set the record straight with his landmark book The Transfer Agreement followed by War Against the Weak in which Black, a Jewish writer, laid bare his own religious community's participation in the "final solution," as well as the U.S. power elite's culpability in the same Frankenstein monster of human history.
     With a sizable German-American community in the U.S., Nazi penetration into some elements of U.S. society were deep, as evidenced by the work of the Justice Department's O. John Rogge who wrote of it in his books Our Vanishing Civil Liberties and The Official German Report: Nazi penetration, 1924-1942 that linked Nazi penetration into the U.S.A. with Pan-Arabism, causing some leading American academics to question the evolution of U.S. foreign policy under the Bush family with its deep connections to the Saudi royals, to Bill and Hillary Clinton and even Obamas' failure to break with the Bush NeoCon agenda in the Middle East.   
     An attempted "business plot" in the 1930's was investigated by the McCormick-Dickstein Committee of Congress. Names like Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs and even Prescott Bush, surfaced in connection to the plot whose key witness was two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, Smedley Butler, who had been approached to lead the coup, an event with others in his life that led him to write the book War Is A Racket.  The plotters had hoped  to keep FDR and the U.S. out World War II, but the coup would have done more than that. It would have removed a sitting U.S. President.  We now know that former U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain, Joseph P. Kennedy from Boston, was removed by Franklin D. Roosevelt because of his Nazi sympathies.  Kennedy had been drilling oil wells in Texas, was politically connected to Chicago and Illinois where the father of Al Gore's 2000 Presidential Campaign manager, William Daley, Richard Daley, delivered JFK the vote in 1960.   The post-WWII former Nazi immigrants had some reason to feel at home in America.
     Fifty years later with the withdrawal of Gorbachev's Russian troops from Afghanistan following the creation of Al Qaeda in Mubarak's Egypt and equipped as they were with U.S.-provided Stinger missiles that brought down Russian airships, Gorbachev seemed to be opening a door to new relations with the West.  Ronald Reagan stood like no other U.S. President in the second half of the 20th Century as the one man who could have rewritten the last 27 years since the Berlin Wall that was built in 1961 fell in 1989, but the Left was left and Reagan was Right....at least in the second half of his political career.  It would have been an excellent time to rethink NATO, but we didn't.  Instead, the Cold War moved on to become the even more costly officially undeclared "War on Terror" that within four years of the U.S. invasion of Iraq based on false evidence of weapons of mass destruction festered into ISIS.
     NATO's former Commander, General Wesley Clark, told us that the Bush NeoCons, arriving on the heels of the GHWB defeat by Bill Clinton in 1992 and the GWB 2000 Florida "victory" had a plan to start a half dozen wars in as many years in the oil-rich Middle East destabilizing the whole region.  Lowell P. Wigglesworth has extensively covered the other economic element of the same region that he believes was the unspoken and untaught motive for the U.S. Civil War... the push to complete a railway and shipping lanes to the opium of the Middle East's Golden Crescent beneath which would surface, as had the gold of Sutter's Mill in California in 1849, the ubiquitous Middle Eastern oil.
     "Oil and opium explains the unending war on terror, the continuing racket of endless warfare in the Middle East all connected to the dialectic yin of munitions and yang of anesthetics, and feeding the phony U.S. war on drugs all dating back to our own Civil War which historian have not and will not cover," said Wigglesworth who has.
      Barack Obama's continuation and expansion of the Bush NeoCon policies has, as such voices as war correspondent and Pulitzer Prize winner, Christopher Hedges, Princeton Professor and human rights advocate, Cornel West, and Constitutional Law Professor at Georgetown University Law School, Jonathan Turley, have shown, has been the benchmark of his Presidency.  In fact, the NeoCon policies have been vastly expanded under Obama's Democratic administration as evidenced by his Attorney General Eric Holder's speech at Northwestern University that led Constitutional Law Professor, Jonathan Turley, to argue convincingly that the U.S. is now standing on a crumbling precipice.
     Cornel West,  a brilliant Ivy League scholar, sees himself in the tradition of U.S. abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Photos of Douglass invoke an immediate comparison.  Douglass (not unlike Barack Obama who worked at the Springfield, Illinois Republican law firm of Sidley Austin which merged in 2000 with New York's Brown & Wood Law Firm with is long history with National City Bank and Brown Brothers Harriman, was associated with Baltimore-based Alexander Brown) worked in Baltimore, home to Brown's Merchant Shot Tower whose employee, slave James Hamlet (born James Hamilton Williams in 1818), was the first Fugitive Slave Law test case that helped fuel the Civil War a decade before Fort Sumter 
     Also in Baltimore was the Gardner shipyard that built the fastest opium cutters for the New England China traders and even employed Fred Bailey who, not unlike James Williams becomes James Hamlet, became Frederick Douglass.  "Like Cornel West I had read all the histories, felt uneasy, bamboozled, cheated.... until I plugged some gaping holes in the mythology.  I couldn't understand, for example,  why progress had been so illusive," said Wigglesworth who found absolutely mind-boggling the fact that Bush Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, who owned the Tecolote Ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico, with Dan Rather who in 2004 claimed with Mary Mapes to have exposed the Abu Ghraib prison scandal in Iraq (a story reported by Amnesty International in 2003) also owned Maryland's Misery Plantation where Frederick Douglass was tortured after he ran away and was returned to the South.  "That was some really kinky crap," said Wigglesworth who believes that Rumsfeld collects mementos of America's dark ambitions like Geronimo collected scalps.
      With the election of our first African-American President, the U.S. has made some progress, but the recently merged Sidley Austin and Brown and Wood law firms that were in the World Trade Center on 911 leaves more questions.  Of the six hundred employees who had relocated there by September 11, 2001 the company lost only one employee.  Wigglesworth has written of Sidley Austin and Brown & Wood:

     Lincoln's widow was defended in her sanity trials by the Springfield, Illinois law firm of Sidley Austin that merged in 2000 with Brown and Wood, counselors for what Smedley Butler called "the National City Bank Boys' and who lost only one of its 600 World Trade Center-domiciled employees on 911.  Sidley Austin employed Barack and Michelle Obama from its home offices next to the Springfield statehouse where Hillary Rodham Clinton reminded us of Lincoln's speech...."A house divided cannot stand".   That is what South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy's blindfolded lady holding the scales of justice is saying, but she surely isn't blind to this bamboozle and neither should we be!
     Meanwhile, Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has come under attack with release of WikiLeak emails and the Congress-mandated release of emails indicating that U.S. businessman, Sidney Blumenthal, was in Libya during one of the wars that General Clark had told us was engineered by the Republican NeoCons.  South Carolina Congressman, Trey Gowdy, was chairman of the Benghazi Committee that called for Hillary Clinton to testify as to her rationale for consulting with Blumenthal when she did not consult with U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stephens, who was murdered with other Americans in Benghazi.  Clearly, Blumenthal was an advisor to Hillary Clinton whose U.S. State Department was essentially following the NeoCon game plan in the Middle East.
      Today, Donald Trump, unlike Obama, has pledged to abandon nation-building in the region and to partner with Russia's Putin against Islamic jihadism.  "Were Trump, like Reagan, dealing with Gorbachev it might make sense, but Putin isn't Gorby," said Wigglesworth. Neither is Trump like Reagan which has the Republican party split over his candidacy.  Trump claims that Hillary Clinton's State Department was responsible for the rise of ISIS, while others point out that ISIS was organizing in 2004 in Iraq during the years of the George Walker Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell.  "Trump is correct in stating that Hilary Clinton is extending the Bush/NeoCon/Obama legacy in the region," said Wigglesworth, "but ISIS was, in fact, created not unlike the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda by the West, underwritten by the Saudi royals and who are under the bed sheets with the U.S. Republican 'royalty'," said Wigglesworth pointing to a photo of Prince Bandar Bush whose chief engineer and builder, Salem Bin Laden, died in 1988 in Cibolo, Texas at an airport owned by wife of the USAF General who commanded Offutt's AFB and the National Reconnaissance Office that "stood down" on 911 the NORAD response the subject of Scott Shuger's article titled "Ignorad" in Slate.com..  "Salem bought with the help of the Saudi royal banker, Khalid bin Mahfouz and GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate, James R. Bath, both of whom were directors of BCCI, the Iran-Contra era Bank of Credit and Commerce International, the Houston Gulf Manor Airport next to the CIA-linked Ellington Field where Bath owned the fuel concessions. Gulf Manor Airport was razed after 911.   It had been reported that Salem was an important part of the 1980 'October Surprise' that put together the Iran-Contra deal that had Bill Stewart snooping around in Iran and Nicaragua.  Going into the 1992 Presidential election between GHWB, Clinton and Perot, Salem could have been a serious liability for George Herbert Walker Bush and the Reagan/Bush legacy," said Wigglesworth.
     Wigglesworth sees the current Middle East crisis as an engineered program of war and control orchestrated by the power elites with money to win or loose in the region just like our own Civil War.  "What money is that?" he asks.  "You have to remember that the Middle East sands have easy oil underneath them.  You have to remember that the Golden Crescent has the world's highest quality opium poppies.  Britain's historic domination of the Ottoman's opioids with the help of Sephardic Jew, David Sassoon, essentially fueled the British Empire through the British East India Company.  That history is still stuck in Turkey's craw.  The U.S. and the Allies arrived after WWII to take that over, too, just as we had done with Saudi oil by displacing with ARAMCO, British Petroleum (BP), but unlike Indonesia which created the Golden Triangle's poppy fields and Colombia which created its alternative black-tar heroin crops in Central America, the U.S. did not allow the growth of poppies in our regions which could have easily competed, but through formal drug policies restricted the flow and controlled its distribution and profits by the same New England importers who established the laws to prohibit. Think of it this way....Caleb Cushing and John Perkins Cushing, the Heards, the Huntingtons, Russells, Delanos, Tafts, import the opium.   Civil War soldier Eli Lilly, the Union's best canoneer and pharmacist fires a canon, body parts fly.  Soldier's scream.  'Give me morphine!' they yell. A light bulb shines above Eli's head and ringing ears.  Across Bunker Hill in Boston Oliver Wendall Holmes, Sr. a famous surgeon like the father of Bernard Baruch who monetized through Wall Street the sulfur extraction process that later on made machine guns buzz, was Robert E. Lee's surgeon.  Holmes, Sr. coins the word "Anesthetics"......Oliver Wendall Holmes, Jr. goes onto the U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. drug policy is well on it way to being firmly established, a history that will not be told in the New England Journal of Medicine nor in our high school civics classes.  Today we are in a crisis in the U.S. as the doctor prescribed "legitimate" opioids establish the habit for the cheaper sale of the street variety into which the alternate sources undercuts their legitimate revenue streams, but without taxes cutting into the illegal profits, guarded by the U.S. law enforcement establishment and intelligence apparatus," said Wigglesworth. 
     "You have only to look at the favoritism that U.S. law enforcement gives to the rich and powerful to wonder if Congressman Gowdy, for example, means it when he said that he can't wait to hold a Republican President accountable.  If that is true, I wish that he would take Los Angeles District Attorney, Vincent Bugliosi's, who tried and convicted Charles Manson, advice on bringing George W. Bush to trial for murder. Why wait for a new President?  Take back the Congressional authority with the Presidents you have now and have had then, not the President you wish you  have.  There's no statute of limitation on murder and a Presidential pardon on a murder conviction would be very unpopular," said Wigglesworth.
     Consider that Sidley Austin, the Republican law firm in Springfield, Illinois that counseled Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln and employed Michelle and Barack Obama showed with their 2000 merger with New York's Brown & Wood, their links to National City Bank whose CEO was Charles Mitchell.  Mitchell would be the target not only of Smedley Butler who said "I was goon on three continents for the City Bank boys....", but also the target of Congressmen Carter Glass and Henry Bascom Steagall.
     Carter Glass, the fifth of twelve children and Henry Steagall, the fourth of four, did not have the Gilded Age's monarchial sentiments that we see continuing in the Bush family legacy that identifies with Prince Bandar of the Saudi royal family and includes the godmother of Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, sister-in-law of GHWB, Wallis Simpson Windsor a known Nazi spy during War II who was entertained with Prince Edward along with actor Errol Flynn on the Fanjul's Cuban plantation....the same family of Alonso Fanjul who was talking with Bill Clinton during a tryst with Monica Lewinsky and whose Romana Plantation in Dominican Republic along the Haitian border is the subject of a priest's charges of human trafficking and forced labor.  
     Carter Glass may have been on the committee that created the Federal Reserve, but Glass-Steagall constructed a firewall down Wall Street and told the investment houses and National City Bank that became the too-big-to-fail Citibank, Chase Morgan, and others that they could not continue their smegma-lathered insider orgies. Fittingly, Bill Clinton, for failure to veto, removed Glass-Steagall in 1999 just before the Bush cabal arrived for the renewed orgy-fest.  Investment houses and banks were bridled with a solidly locked chastity belt that Glass and Steagall crafted for the sake of the nation, but make no mistake about it the wealthy, as today, are shown favoritism.  Clinton took off the belt and now Lady Justice IS peeking!
      "When a recipient of Koch funding like Trey Gowdy rants the loss of Congressional power it's because they don't do what is necessary and when he argues that his Spartanburg black Police Chief, formerly from Alexander Brown's Baltimore, home to James Hamlet and Frederick Bailey (Frederick Douglass) is proof that progress is overstated and that Gowdy is understating the obvious.  Take Patricia Livermore the daughter-in-law of Jesse Livermore who was interviewed on NPR.  She told of how Will Durant and who was running in the company of Charles Mitchell and the 'National City Bank Boys'.....Durant who founded General Motors..... did everything by the clock.  "When he left the house in the morning he did not leave at 8:10 he left at 8:07.  All of the policemen knew, because of his time schedule, that he would be going down Fifth Avenue at 8:37.  Well, of course, traffic lights were hand-operated then, had policemen on boxes.  So the instant they saw his car, the lights were green.  He never stopped for a red light," Wigglesworth conveyed as illustrative of what he called the 'frog in the kettle' compliance' that led to where Glass and Steagall stood in 1929 and that we were in 2008 and are still are in, thanks to Bill Clinton, the Bush family, Alan Greenspan and a neutered, wimpy, corrupt Congress," said Wigglesworth.
      Wigglesworth noted that the Ottomans evicted Sassoon in the 18th Century who moved to Bombay, now Mumbai, which saw the British evicted from India by Ghandi as Britain's imperial grasp on the empire slipped.  It also saw England's import of the children of many of the key players in India's shipping trade.....Ben Kingsley, who actually played Ghandi and won an Academy Award, was son of the "Spice King of Zanzibar" and even Dinesh D'Souza, an outspoken Conservative commentator and Presidential advisor from Mumbai, the producer of the recent film Hillary's America
     "The Ottoman's had the best shit, but Sassoon had to move to India, used Indians to run waypoints in Southeast Asia, Thailand and Vietnam on the way to the Yangtze River," said Wigglesworth, "so Sassoon was not happy when he moved from Basra, Iraq to Bombay to collect the weaker Indian and Pakistani poppies and neither were the British whose policy of dumping drugs in China for trade led to the opium wars and eventually Mao's Cultural Revolution.   Chiang Kai Shek, the U.S.-backed 'freedom fighter' was funded by the Chinese Green Gangs' opium in the mid-20th Century, serviced in his air defense by American General Claire Chennault of the American Volunteer Group or AVG out of Houston's Ellington Field.   The U.S. had weaseled its way into the mix when 'Ku Shing'....that's Caleb Cushing....Boston's leading opium trader.....negotiated the first U.S./Chinese trade agreement, the Whangia Treaty, in the mid-19th Century.  You have to remember that all this made the dastardly Japanese so nervous that they sent fighter planes to attack the U.S.S. Panay that was on the Yangtze River protecting John D. Rockefeller's boats hauling Standard Oil stuff or whatever, as John D. dreamed of Ludlow, and as later U.S. merchant marine who had been there,  Robert McKenna, wrote about the U.S. penetration into Indo-China in his excellent book The Sand Pebbles.  The Panay incident was on December 12, 1937 at Nanking so John D. Rockefeller died and missed all the excitement by half a year. The commandeering of the British opium market in China had begun as soon as Cushing returned and Congress ratified the treaty in 1845.  By 1861 our leading gunboat captain, Admiral Andrew Hull Foote, had returned to the U.S. to do here what he had done in China....open up the rivers of the South to the Union gun boats wishing to commandeer from Jefferson Davis and South the flatland rail route from Savannah, Georgia to the Pacific at San Diego, California," said Wigglesworth.
     Wigglesworth, sees the current Presidential election as laying bare the astounding American mythology and ignorance of the American electorate.  "I am not a scientist, but the whole political landscape is awash in the politics of science and technology.  What's under the Middle East?  Fossil fuel.  What fuels warfare....jets, tanks, ships?   Oil.  What fuels China's growth?  Oil and plastic.  The West had given them the Bessemer Process technology to improve their steel making just as we did Japan. The fossil fuel cartel sees the tightly controlled transfer of technology as a profitable policy of fueling endless warfare.    You also cannot discount the place of  religion in the game playing strategy," said Wigglesworth.
     Wigglesworth was asked about the books of Anthony Sutton, the Hoover Institute academic, who claimed that the U.S. underwrote the U.S.S.R..  "Yes," said Wigglesworth noting Sutton's books The Best Enemy Money Could Buy and National Suicide.  Similarly, Wigglesworth noted that the West funded Chinese technological development.  "The world's fastest railroad in China was dependent on the work of Michael Faraday and Bessemer's steel smelting principles economizing the East's steel production," said Wigglesworth who added "I'm not a scientist, but it's all about the science and technology."
      When asked to clarify Wigglesworth noted that the world's scientific community is being held hostage like Copernicus and Galileo by religion and politics.  "The clash of Western and Eastern religions.....specifically the clash between the Muslim and Christian cultures....is being played out in essentially the same way as the U.S. Civil War was played out to control land and natural resources, but by using a palatable, broadly accepted motive for dying..... freedom fighting under a quasi-religious banner. 
     The underlying magnetic force pulling William Tecumseh Sherman and Braxton Bragg and the New England opium smugglers for which they really worked may have been opium, but along the way there were other resources....silks and spices.....Gold at Sutters' mill, redwood trees.   They didn't know it back then, but there was also uranium.  In the film Clinton Cash it is reveal correctly that the Clinton Foundation expedited Putin's Russian investment in U.S. uranium mines like Hank Paulson, the mastermind of the 2008 bailout for Goldman Sachs has left Goldman to become China's chief liquidation agent for U.S. assets.  Now you can see why the Obama and Clinton administration has been figuring prominently into the current wars that the NeoCons engineered."
      I asked Wigglesworth to explain how uranium was part of the current geo-political mix.  He pointed to the fact that the oil cartel, in bed as it is with the Saudi royals who control the Islamic high holy sites of Mecca and Medina, are like the Jesuits who controlled the Vatican which found Copernicus and Galileo threating the authority of the Roman Catholic Church.  The church owned the system of indulgences?  The Saudi royals own the oil under Mecca and Medina and sincere scientists rightly assert that fossil fuels are an indulgence. There was only one answer to the question of religion for the West according to the Pope in the 16th Century who was keeper of the keys of the church which was built squarely as the capital of planet earth around which everything revolved. "The pope would be damned if two star gazers were going to upset their applecart," said Wigglesworth.  "Neither will the Saudi royals relinquish control of their leash around the necks of the Muslim people even though they have within their tradition the same universal Golden Rule that is found in every other major religion of the world," said Wigglesworth adding, "and is as transportable as an Israelite hanging up his lyre on a willow in Babylon."
     "If Gowdy is angry about the loss of Congress' authority and the erosion of people's respect for the people's house, then he needs to rethink his question to Dr. Nicole Lurie, M.D., M.S.P.H., Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response.... "Why in the hell did the President pick a lawyer to be Ebola Czar instead of you?"  The short reason:  "They need a facilitator and not a doctor."  The long reason according to Wigglewsorth?  Because science has been politicized as it was for Einstein and Oppenheimer.....and for Josef Mengele, too.   I'd look at why B.A.R.D.A. is such a foot dragger on a vaccine, while the tobacco-based Zmapp therapy for Ebola has taken the bulk of the research funding considering that tobacco comes from a (finally) regulated industry that cared nothing about human health while Ebola may well be an engineered virus from the Marburg laboratories of those with the same Frankensteinish mentality that created in the West the credit default formulas the infected, with the removal of Glass-Steagall....thank you Bill Clinton and his NeoCon buddies.....including Greenspan..... our financial bodies," said Lowell P. Wigglesworth.
     Wigglesworth has noted that the fossil fuel cartel has been responsible for the lack of progress toward alternative energy sources.  "There were two scientist in Texas working on gas-phase technology used in hydrogen fuel cells.  They were experts in the permeable membrane that separates hydrogen from oxygen working in the same department of the same Texas university.  One died from a witness-less bicycle accident and the other from a witness-less heart attack, but don't stop there.  Consider what happened to Robert Oppenheimer.  He was working on peaceful energy from nuclear power when Houston, Texas' Rice University's Kenneth Pitzer and William Liscum Borden testified that Oppenheimer was a national security risk.  Never mind that Pitzer was working on jet fuel for the fossil fuel industry when he branded Oppy, the "Father of the Atom Bomb" who refused to make the Hydrogen bomb, a near traitor, so in comes the Dr. Strangelove of the Cold War era, Edward Teller.  But don't stop there.   What George H.W. Bush, GWB and Howard Taft of the Taft-Hartley Act  and so many others of the NeoCon's current circle of influence and traditions share is that at their alma-mater, Yale, in 1833 there was a serious power shift in the USA away from the founding principles of the country's early leadership.   Today you have GWB's fraternity brother from Yale, Neal and Linden Blue, who were the sociopathic Nicaraguan Dictator, Anastosio Samoza's business partners, mining uranium, putting it into fuel rods in carefully limited and controlled nuclear reactors, then taken out as 'depleted uranium' and made into armor cutting shells that are fired from the Blue brother's drones, made at their company, General Atomics, the Predator and Reaper drones that Obamas' Attorney General, Eric Holder, announced at Northwestern University would be the primary weapon for delivering Obama's extra-judicial Presidential kill-list calling cards.
    Wigglesworth believes that it is long past time for the world's scientist to take back the initiative as did Copernicus and Galileo in Italy, supported as they were by a variety of reformers within the religious communities of the times.
    "I was hoping that the Arab Spring would bring out the best reformers from the Muslim world and their rejection of the Muslim Brotherhood may be a sign that it's really begun.  You have to remember that when the Russians were fighting in the 80's in Afghanistan at the center of the Golden Crescent poppy production region on the northern edge of the Middle East fossil fuel sludge pockets, Al Qaeda was created in Egypt within the Muslim Brotherhood and given U.S. weapons through the intuitive of Texas U.S. Representative Charlie Wilson who teamed up with the wife of Houston Natural Gas founder and progenitor of Enron, Robert Herring, whose building at Kenneth Pitzer's Rice University, is in the heart of the world's Mecca and Medina and Vatican of the fossil fuel friars club."
     I asked Wigglesworth if he could help us further visualize just how the early resistance to Oppenheimer vision of ubiquitous and peaceful energy from science may have been further compromised since Pitzer and Borden testified against Oppy before the Gordon Gray Committee.
     "Why yes," said Wigglesworth noting that Gordon Gray is the father of Bush family attorney C. Boyden Gray, who together along with Gordon are the largest heirs of the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco company.  "You have to read the letter to John F. Ahearne from Kenneth Pitzer in 1997 that attempts to derail research on nuclear fusion just as Pitzer and Borden had derailed the research of Oppenheimer on peaceful nuclear energy.  Mind you, Pitzer's office at Rice University was also held by Rice historian, Frank Vandiver, who was the director of the Jefferson Davis Project that held the letter of Jefferson Davis, the Confederate President, who was "like a brother" to U.S. President Franklin Pierce and Caleb Cushing and helped to explain the real motive for the Civil War.   Vandiver made nothing of the fact that Caleb Cushing and Davis both drooled over the South's flatland rail route advantage over the New England to San Francisco route that was until 1867 with the invention of dynamite dependent on Chinese coolies carrying unstable nitro glycerin up the Rockies and laid out along Russell's Pony Express route," said Wigglesworth.
     "John F. Ahearne the recipient of Kenneth Pitzer's May 8, 1997 letter recommending the abandonment of research on nuclear fusion was head of Sigma Xi.   Ahearn was also head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission which ousted Oppenheimer.  Located at Duke University, Sigma XI is in the heart of Carolina's tobacco country whose biggest tobacco magnate, Julian Carr, had thorugh Charlie Soong opened the region to deep political ties to China and which more recently has been touted for its potential in providing the greatest promise for a Ebola therapy," said Wigglesworth who worries that the tobacco industry, like the NCR with the undisclosed radiation experiments in St. Louis' Pruitt-Igoe Project, the subject of Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor's open-source PhD dissertation, does not have a strong record of protecting public health. 
     Kenneth Pitzer's letter to Ahearn was accompanied by another letter from the President Emeritus of the Electric Power Research Institute, EPRI, Chauncey Starr, who points to the promise of coal energy in electric power generation while decrying the use of other energy sources, particularly solar power.   "Yea, the Saudis are walking on the largest source of silica for solar electric generation in the world, so their uncivil civil waring between Mecca and Medina Shias an Sunnis, the rise of ISIS and the expansion of war is putting one big smile on William Tecumseh Sherman and Braxton Bragg's dead faces and on the NeoCons' and Obama's living ones!" said Wigglesworth.  "The Saudi royal family is in a more nuanced position, not unlike, say, Anastosio Samoza in Nicaragua or Ferdinand Marcos in the Philipines, " said Wigglesworth adding "....or the Shah of Iran or Augusto Pinochet for that matter."
    Wigglesworth noted that Sigma Xi is the scientific research group honored to have among its members, Albert Einstein, whose essay "The Negro Question" is featured on the Sigma Xi homepage on the web.  "Einstein was not allowed to be a part of the Manhattan Project and who, like Oppenheimer, was Jewish like the aeronautical scientists from Israel upon whose engineering Neal and Linden Blue's Predator and Reaper drones are based.
     "I am doing everything in my power to get the 80,000 scientists who make up Sigma Xi's membership to join the nearly 3,000 scientists and engineers of the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth Movement," said Wigglesworth, noting that Frank Vandiver went on to become the director of the Mosher Defense Studies Institute at Texas A&M where the Zmapp therapy for Ebola using tobacco products is underwritten at Texas A&M home of the Bush Presidential Library and where former CIA Director, Robert Gates, was President and where in a tragic bon-fire collapse in 1999 proved that carbon-based fires could not melt steel.   The Mosher Institute was named for founder of Mosher Steel Company, Edward Mosher, whose company provided 13,000 tons of steel for the critical first nine floors of the World Trade Center which, like Pruitt-Igoe in St. Louis, was designed by the Bin Landen's favorite architect, Minoru Yamasaki.   Pruitt-Igoe was imploded by Control Demolition Inc., in 1972, the same controlled demolition company that arrived the week of 911 to finish the demolition of the WTC.
     "The three thousand architects and engineers who question the Official 911 Report all know that the only thing that could have melted the steel in the WTC was thermite which was invented in the 1890's and was used extensively in the railroad industry early on," said Wigglesworth.

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