Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Love In Ruins: How Walker Percy Got It So Wrong


by Lowell P. Wigglesworth, CPW News Service

    What a bad joke: God saying: here it is, the new Eden, and it is yours because you’re the apple of my eye, because you the lordly Westerners, the fierce Caucasian-Gentile-Visigoths, believed in me and in the outlandish Jewish Event even though you were nowhere near it and had to hear the news of it from strangers.
      But you believed and so I gave it all to you, gave you Israel and Greece and science and art and the lordship of the earth, and finally even gave you the new world that I blessed for you. And all you had to do was pass one little test, which was surely child’s play for you because you had already passed the big one.
      One little test: here’s a helpless man in Africa, all you had to do is not violate him. That’s all.  You flunked!

                                                        Walker Percy, Love In The Ruins

        Ah, she's just Tonkanese.

                                                       -Luther Billis in Rodger's and Logan's
                                                       1949 Broadway Musical South Pacific

       Just five years after the great World War number two Oscar Rodgers and Joshua Logan produced a Broadway musical that celebrated the victory of war, the unique American sprit of inclusion and the seemingly universal (universal by 1949 standards) of heterosexual, male/female love...."There Ain't Nothing Like a Dame". 
       The thrill of victory has a way of covering over the agony of a thousand defeats encountered along the way and like the Friday night victor of the All-American football game who parties too hardy after the game is left feeling on Saturday morning like he really lost.
       South Pacific's 1949 celebration of American inclusion was too premature and too uninformed  about the real nature of our human foibles.     Did we save the Chinese from the Japanese, really?  Or were the Japanese, brutal as they were at Nan King and throughout the Pacific rim trying to save themselves from what Walker Percy called the "fierce Caucasian Gentile-Visigoths" who flunked their singular assignment in America and who had witnessed the American power elites doing to the neighboring Chinese what the British and French had done before them?  Is that what John D. Rockefeller's ships were doing on the Yangtze in 1937 when the USS Panay was sunk by Japanese airplanes?
     Country music starlet, Reba McIntyre, would resurrect South Pacific at Carnegie Hall with Alex Baldwin playing Luther Billis while Baldwin was also playing his role in 30 Rock based on the television industry that was housed in John D. Rockefeller's New York building, 30 Rockefeller Center, but never mentioning the darker elements of the Rockefeller's connections to Indo-China or to his buddies in the Lamar Hotel's Suite F8 in Houston, Texas.
    The thick golden thread ran right through the parlour of FDR's USS Potomac, into Clint Murchison's mansion on Matagorda Island and to his Tampico, Mexico area ranch estate, Acuna, where the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were entertained along with their traveling companion from Boston's Cushing "China Trading" clan, Charles Cushing, whose ancestor, Caleb Cushing, had negotiated the first U.S./Chinese trade agreement, the Wanghia Treaty.  The Duke's wife, Wallis Simpson, was the godmother of Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, the sister-in-law of George Herbert Walker Bush whose father was, according to Elizabeth, the "first U.S. frogman" and therefore the first U.S. Navy SEAL.

(Photo by Christopher J. Wood)
The USS Potomac upon which FDR resided while in Matagorda Bay in
1937 when meeting with Clinton Murchison.  Now at the Jack London Park
in Oakland, California, Oakland is just across the bay from San Francisco
and was the center of activity of the new American China Traders bent on beating
the South's power elites in their railway from Savannah, Georgia to Sand Diego,
California.  After the negotiation of the Wanghia Treaty with China by
Caleb Cushing, Jefferson Davis laid out in 1850 the flat Great Southwest rail
route that was eclipsed by the North's Omaha to San Francisco route. At stake?
China Traders' most profitable product....opium.  New England's leading families
including the Huntingtons, Russells, Heards, Tafts, Cushings and Delanos, married
as they were into the Roosevelt family, all profited from the route secured by
William Tecumseh Sherman and George Bragg who consolidated the rail head at
San Francisco before the U.S. Civil War.

     It was in that same year, 1937, that FDR would park his Presidential yacht, the USS Potomac, behind the private island of Texas oil man, Clint Murchison, upon which the ultra-conservative Murchison built his private airport, the American Liberty Oil Company airport, with FDR going ashore during the five day fishing trip to reconcile with the fiercest of the "Caucasian Gentile-Visigoths" whose America First Committee and American Liberty League had threatened to  put FDR's Presidency into a hasty decline.  Clinton Murchison who later lost this private island in a coin toss with business partner, Toddie L. Wynne (who would die in 1987.  His funeral was conducted at the Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas, home congregation of H.L. Hunt and H. Ross Perot and son-in-law of Rev. Billy Graham, a regular contributor to Jason Chilton Mathew's ultra-conservative, American Mercury Magazine).   Wynne used the private island as a launch pad for shooting a missile into space in 1982, a modified Minuteman missile called the Conestoga I.

     For those who are unfamiliar with Clint Murchison, he was a member of what Lyndon Baines Johnson called the "Suite F-8 Group" which included notable Texas personalities who made Houston, Texas the Mecca, Medina and Vatican of the world's oil trade.   Members included George and Herman Brown, John Connolly, Gus Wortham, James Elkins, Hugh Roy Cullen, Walter Mischer,  William Hobby, Morgan J. Davis, James Abercrombie, Sam Rayburn, Albert Thomas, Sid Richardson, H.L. Hunt.   It was at times visited by, according to the woman claiming to be LBJ's mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown, FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover.  A more representative assembly of Walker Percy's description of the "fierce gentile-Visigoths" could not possibly be imagined.  Mischer would become the focus of Peter Brewton's 1992 book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, which connected the dots between the 1980's S&L scandal and the Iran-Contra drugs-for-weapons pipeline and show that the S&L crisis was the dress rehearsal for the 2008 housing bubble meltdown and bailout that depended on the 1999 repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act by William Jefferson Clinton that opened the door to the toothy grin of GWB and the Bush Neo-Con's misadventures.
     The year after Jesse Owens had run to his Olympic gold medals in Berlin in 1936, FDR was selling his New Deal to as close a Fascist element in America as one could imagine and within whose galaxy of influence was U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain, Joseph P. Kennedy who was also drilling oil wells in Texas in a company called MoKeen Inc..  FDR's sale was not all that difficult.  FDR and Congress had the "business plotters" by their crotches and collars. It was the stuff of General Smedley Darlington Butler's biggest fears and he would have known having been the key witness in the McCormick-Dickstein Committee's look into the purported plot to jettison a hundred and fifty years of Constitutional rule.
Map of Clinton Murchison's Matagorda Island
on which he built American Liberty Oil Airport
 and the home which entertained FDR in 1937.

     The fierce Gentile Visigoths, cut as they were out of the same whole cloth as the F8 Group, were initially the Roman Empire's stolen booty from Eastern Europe...Huns and Vikings taken in conquest into slavery and when their brothers in arms sacked Rome with the help of their fellow enslaved Visigoths who opened the gates of Rome from within, counter to what Walker Percy told us, those didn't flunk that earlier test, any more than would another Hun, Martin Luther, when his freedom loving movement linked up with the insights of Copernicus and Galileo to challenge the Church at Rome with a truly true and indulgent idea....that the earth was not the center of the universe just as oil is not the answer to the earth's energy problems.   Those early Visigoths laid waste the imperial elements of Rome, vanquished the slavers, but left standing the Christian shrines which they may have associated with Moses' legacy of opposing the pharaoh of Egypt while embracing the Christians' well-known teaching that "In Christi there is neither East nor West, Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female".....a message that gets rewritten again and again and again right out of the story-line.
     In 1949 the Broadway musical South Pacific told us, the victors, that we have to be taught to hate and fear.  It must be drummed in our dear little ears to hate all peoples our relatives hate.  We have to be carefully taught.  Logan and Rodgers set our shared myth to toe-tapping music in the after-glow of military victory when good feelings always run high and before the harsh realities settle in.
     Rodgers and Logan's message was embraced in 1949 even if the African Americans who fought the Germans, Italians and Japanese were second class citizens at home, but that wasn't the only "test" we flunked and are still flunking if we judge by the current conditions.
     In recent years in Canada a select fraternity of Canadian clergy uncovered and adjudicated what became known as the "Canadian Residential School Scandal".   Reverend Kevin Annett wrote a book, Hidden No Longer, about the hidden legacy of genocide perpetrated against indigenous families and their children by the Canada in concert with the Roman Catholic Church, United Church of Canada and the Episcopal Church of Canada with upwards of 50,000 deaths in the residential schools there.   Annett would lose his job.  His wife would leave him over his loss of his status in the community with help for her legal fees coming from the very elements of the Canadian society that were seeking to gloss over the atrocity.  Annett went on to launch a political attack against what he perceived is the largest purveyor of assault on children, the Roman Catholic Church and the Vicar of Rome.
      The same issue was true for the U.S. as chronicled in the book Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee by Dee Brown.   It lays out what Helen Hunt Jackson had shared a century earlier in Century of Dishonor.   Together Brown and Jackson show vividly Walker Percy's myopia.
     So does Kevin Costner's film Dances With Wolves.   Celebrated by native American actors like Graham Greene, Wes Studi and Doris Leader Charge who taught Costner how to pronounce his Lakota Sioux lines in the movie while playing Graham Greene's wife, she dutifully defended Costner against claims that he was seeking to cash in on his earlier film like he did in selling centrifugal pumps to British Petroleum that promised for about $50 million to spin oil and Exxon's Corexit out of the Deep Water Horizon's Gulf of Mexico spillage.
      "He had BP by the balls," said fourteen year old, Little Johnny Falcon Talon, of Vancouver.  "The British Canadians had screwed the Indian children and Kevin was in turn screwing them.   The problem came when Costner wanted the Indians to give him acreage in the Black Hills for a casino owned by Costner and his brother.  The deal would have provided Costner and his brother tax free income.
     Dirk Johnson's February 1995 article in the New York Times explained how land in the Black Hills claimed by the Sioux and held within a U.S. National Forest was the target for Costner's proposed casino.  Johnson said that Costner was seen by the Sioux as having gone from dancing with wolves to dancing with the devil.....the same white devil that Walker Percy has said had flunked....not the native American Indians, but the blacks imported to America as industrial slave-workers that the Federalists.... James Madison, James Monroe, Henry Clay and Bushrod Washington, P.C. Caldwell among them with Madison signing the membership certificates of the Colonization Society that supported sending them to Liberia....with prominent modern Federalist Society members being Gordon and C. Boyden Gray the father and son team that both stripped Robert Oppenheimer of his national security clearance for wanting to use nuclear power for peace while as heirs of the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company that merged with Brown & Williamson, sold carcinogens to the American people for decades while C. Boyden was the Bush White House's chief legal counsel.

JAMES MADISON. Document Signed. “Office of the Colonization Society.”
Washington, [ca. 1833-1836]. With Society’s seal engraved at bottom center
(a ship sailing towards Liberia, with Latin motto “Lex in Tenebris”
 – light amid darkness). 1 p., 8¼ x 11⅛ in.

     Also among the current Federalists is Tulane and Georgetown University Constitutional law professor, Jonathan Turley.   The Federalists wanted to send the American freed blacks who could no longer serve a useful purpose as slaves in America not to a reservation, but to Liberia and Sierre Leone, where we recently witnessed the concentrated outbreak of that mysterious virus that looks like the German Marburg virus from the IG Farben region of the Saxe-Gotha-Coburg's Germany, Ebola.
     Walker Percy seems correct about one thing.  Love is still in ruins.  This may help to explain why U.S. Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, purchased the "Mount Misery Plantation" in Maryland where abolitionist, Frederick Douglass, also known as Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, was "renditioned" when he fled to the North from Baltimore where he had worked in the opium cutter ship building shipyard, the Gardner Shipyard, that laid the hull of the Frolic and other cutters used in the China Trade and which was wrecked at Cabrillo Point near Fort Bragg, named for William Tecumseh's pre-and-post Civil War business partner, Confederate General Braxton Bragg, in 1850 just as Jefferson Davis was laying out the South's Transcontinental rail route from Savannah to San Diego, but which, next to the Union Pacific, lay in ruins until after a short period of Reconstruction.
    In the meantime, the South's competing ambitions thwarted, the Union plopped a US Navy base and Marine headquarters on top of the South's envisioned Pacific port, San Diego, built the Navy SEAL headquarters in the unmistakable shape of a Nazi swastika, hired the former Navy "mayor of San Diego" as its Chief Financial Officer, the wife of Linden Blue who along with his brother was the business partner in Nicaragua of Anastasio Samoza, but later became the developer of General Atomic Inc.'s Predator and Reaper drones that leave the world's battlefield ruins irradiated with the glow from depleted uranium shells and proving once again that General Smedley Darlington Butler was correct when he said "war is a racket"....a very loveless and ruinous one.


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