Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, August 19, 2016

Judge Jeanine Pirro Zings Comey and Clinton, Frederick M. Mellon's Take On Clinton Lies Link Glass-Steagall Repeal To Clinton/Bush Cabal

Fox's Foxey Judge Jeanine Pirro Calls Comey Flea-bitten

by Colin O. Scapey and Y. Donna Usumi, CPW News Service

     It showed up on a number of places, but specifically in Fox News' Youtube videos (at 8:17) showing former President Bill Clinton's defense of his wife's emails when he spoke to a group on Friday August 12, 2016 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Clinton puts non-existent words in FBI Director James Comey's mouth by saying Comey had to amend his prior day's testimony to Congress.  There was no chance that it was a misquote.  It was an astounding statement for Bill Clinton to make, because there was no chance for misinterpretation or concealment.  "It was like I was looking at a white snow goose sitting on a coal pile or a black panther sitting in a cotton bin," said one listener who worries that putting Bill Clinton back in the White House may not be a good idea.
      This most recent event added to a long list of Clinton's prevarications that came most spectacularly to light in his affair and denial of a tryst with Monica Lewinsky a White House intern and harkens back to that day when Clinton denied it with hair-splitting semantics.  There was no truth-splitting at Caesars Palace.  We had the Congressional testimony of Comey and the absence of any Comey retraction to prove it. 
     Frederick M. Mellon sees a parallel to Clinton well-exposed comb-over and connects his Comey misrepresentation with Clinton's claim that his failure in 1999 to veto the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act was because "it had already been breached."
     Mellon was clear.  "The mud is sticking on all the walls and what isn't mud is flying through the fan and hitting the ceiling.  Glass-Steagall stood like the U.S. Constitution itself, like the Sherman Anti-Trust Law, at the center of the uniquely American political experiment which Clinton and his partner in crime, George W. Bush, whose family's pattern of war profiteering reaped war and economic downturn for 99% of Americans in the post Glass-Steagall era since 1999.  Clinton's failure to veto the Glass-Steagall repeal was essentially to give clemency to the 2000-2008  period of a bubbling cauldron of dark alliances with both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, both the Democrats and Republican on seeking to devour the same wounded animal while scratching at each others eyes and seeking to devour at the same time their mutual prey....the American taxpayers...the nation.  They should both be put in the same category as Benedict Arnold," said Mellon.

     Here is what Mellon had said by one respondent:

     Judge Jeanine Pirro zinged it!   Comey should come clean in a river of sheep dip!  As for Clinton lying about Comey's statment?  Where is Comey now?  But consider Clinton's lying about Glass-Stegall's repeal in 1999 that opened the door to GWB's raping and pillaging and to the 2008 bailout that leaves a rise in the DOW, but with it dragging nearly $20 trillion in debt behind it to what new bubble burst?  We need a thorn.  We had one, but these morons removed it....and Obama....a 'constitution scholar' hasn't done anything to restore it!  
     As Frederick M. Mellon has pointed out elsewhere, the derivatives that Clinton decried in his ABC interview with Jake Tapper were based on Robert Merton's Black Scholes voo-doo formulas of incomprehensible financial metrics for which Merton won a Nobel Prize in 1997.   In 1996 on the MIT campus where Robert Merton (whose father is the "father of applied sociology" at Columbia University....the Mecca, Medina and Vatican....of mass-communication of the West....home to the Henry Luce Professor of Journalism and Chair of the Journalism School who was the Managing Editor of the Washington Post who provided oversight of the Metro Editor, Vernon Loeb, who wrote the war-ratcheting-propaganda about Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch and co-authored the book All In: The Education of General David Petraeus), younger Merton was mentored by Paul Samuelson, relative of Larry Summers. Before his death Samuelson would call Merton's smoke screening metrics a "Frankenstein-ish monster" and lamented his relationship with him, if he was really sincere.  You remember that John Nash received a Nobel Prize for saying that Adam Smith needed revision? Yes, and he still does! There is no "invisible hand", folks. It's visible in the primogeniture systems of Europe that we see reflected in the Clinton and Bush genuflecting to dynastic impulses....their visible knees.  It's visible, not invisible. Across the MIT campus in 1996 Frank J. Sulloway was publishing his book Born To Rebel. He should have named it Birth Order Nation because the U.S. founders wrote out of the U.S. law the primogenitor biases of the pyramidal and monarchial systems of the past.  It's money from these tyrannical systems that the Clintons, on the premise that they are reformers, accept not unlike the Bush cabal did from the hand-chopping and neck severing Saudi royals thus becoming the focus of the  Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, FINCEN, looking specifically into Saudi influence peddling in the USA only to see this FBI and other governmental agencies' investigation stand down in 1992 as the Bush, Clinton and Perot Presidential battle heated up.  The Clintons didn't learn these clever tricks of the political trade in a vacuum.  It's all carefully choreographed among politicians in what George Carlin said was "trying to decide how much soft money to take for one's core values." 
     You judge that for yourself! Thomas Jefferson was given the task to rewrite the U.S. law eliminating pyramidal/monarchial biases and this was our unique element along with a peaceful transition of power.  
     Achievement with plunder had given way in America to Ayn Rand's vision of "achievement without plunder" on the basis of wealth-building with an ethical core, backbone and a thorny resolve to create a new world instead of repeating the old one.  Frank Sulloway's book Born to Rebel was bludgeoned by the establishment academics. He went on to do original research in Galapagos on the giant cactus there. Those cactus produced thorns used by the Darwin Finch which used them as tools in their food gathering like a woodpecker. Glass-Steagall that Clinton said had already been side-stepped....meaning that the laws were already being broken when he failed to veto its repeal,  was, not unlike the U.S. Constitution that wrote primogenitor bias out of our law, like Teddy Roosevelt's push of the Sherman Anti-Trust Law, a tool to level the playing field and keep the big brothers from devouring everything. Darwin said not the survival of the strongest....a point that big oil seems not to understand and holds the world's scientists under house arrest like Copernicus and Galileo, but of those willing to adapt and change.
     WE DID THAT! Glass-Steagall was proof!   Nobody laments John Nash's Nobel Prize that showed us that Smith needed revision! Merton? Like Clinton and Bush....are total embarrassments. They gutted the essential element of the U.S. American political experiment and have threatened to return us to feudalism. This was why Sanders called for the return of Glass-Steagall, the act named for Carter Glass, the fifth of twelve and Henry B. Steagall, the fourth of four!   Oh, and GWB and Prince Bandar and Elizabeth Kaufmann Bush, whose godmother was confirmed Nazi spy Wallis Simpson Windsor.....should be.......well, there's so many options on that score, now aren't there?


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