Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, January 21, 2016

General Albert Stubblebine's 911 Analysis

No Staring At Goats Needed For Highest Ranking U.S. Military Officer to Question Official 911 Terrorist Attack on World Trade Center

By Rolland Spinout, CPW News Service
     As the U.S. Army’s intelligence officer who oversaw the murky arena of psychological warfare programs with a military career spanning over thirty years, General Albert Stubblebine, III was a troubled man.      He was troubled over much of his army career with his soldiers’ human limitations.   He longed to tap a soldier’s hidden deeper potential.  He developed programs like that of Dr. Loretta Bender’s Mk-Ultra experiments at New York’s Bellevue Hospital with a mind-control element that mimicked what the old Soviet Union was doing in the field of psyops including the remote viewing program he created at California’s Fort Bragg.   That program sought a super-soldier , warrior-monks, who could walk through walls.  Stubblebine was drawn to the interest  in Israeli psychic Uri Geller whose alleged paranormal powers were to be studied and exploited by the Stanford Research Institute on the taxpayers' coins.     

Click box for Stubblebine interview on the dumbing
down of the U.S. population and a Bernays-style
erection of a Brahman-type caste system in America.

     General Albert Stubblebine, played by Stephen Lang in the 2009 movie The Men Who Stare At Goats as General Dean Hopgood, Stubblebine was not "hopping good" after the 911 disaster.  A self-proclaimed love-it-or-leave-it patriot, General Stubblebine’s wife challenged the General’s thinking on the official government report of what happened on September 11, 2001 in New York.  The 2009 movie with George Clooney and Beau Bridges based on the 2004 book about Stubblebine's fascinating career did not enhance his reputation for assessing the 911 catastrophe.  "It would have been like Dr. Strangelove assessing Alice In Wonderland," said one Stubblebine critic.   The General's poignant criticism of the official report came as a focusing prod from Stubblebine's wife, but their powerful story did not make it into an episode of the celebrated TV series Army Wives.
     “Stubblebine makes no claim to be using a Ouija board to arrive at his conclusions concerning 911,” said Dr. Thelma Wiggins of The Center for the Analysis of Potentially Tainted Testimony  or CAPTT in San Francisco, California.   “Stubbelbine is, amazingly for someone who spent a lifetime working in the oxymoronic realm of military intelligence,  sharing his most lucid, circumspect and scientific analysis of the official 911 storyline," said Wiggins noting the General's substantial connections remaining with the U.S. military establishment on varied levels.

General Albert Stubblebine, III
      Wiggins noted that Stubblebine’s concerns about 911 have been more succinctly asserted by Dr. David Griffin whose work on the 911 disaster has been tauted as reliable by MIT Professor, Noah Chomsky, and Editor of Lapham’s Quarterly and former editor of Harper’s Magazine,  Lewis Lapham and William Sloane Coffin.
      Stubblebine’s testimony concerning 911 is amazingly consistent in its skepticism of the Official 911 Report and there appears no charlatan elements in his forthright testimony.  No Uri Geller bamboozling,” said Wiggins.
     General Stubblebine's current wife, Dr. Rima E. Laibow,  has claimed to have been "Adam Lanza's doctor," the shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary School, leading independent investigative blogger, Barbara Hartwell to write:

......this woman "never met Adam Lanza", by her own admission! No, but she wants people to believe that she has all the knowledge, all the psychiatric expertise, all the answers, all the "natural solutions" which will cure the ills of "forced drugging".

But what about FORCED behavior modification, otherwise known as mind control? That is precisely what she and her husband, Albert Stubblebine, have been perpetrating for decades, against not only military and intelligence personnel, but also anyone in the general populace they can get their grimy hands on, for their bizarre experimentation and voodoo "science". 
Albert Stubblebine has been involved with some of the most demonic characters imaginable, including satanist Michael Aquino (Temple of Set). Some of his "research" has been memorialized in a book by Jon Ronson, "Men Who Stare at Goats". Yes, Stubblebine is also a demonic abuser of animals, who attempted to "stop the hearts" of goats in his grisly "psychic warfare" operations.

    Stubblebine and Aquino, if they were working together as seems likely, did not apparently attempt to stop the enemies' hearts just long enough to collect their weapons, leading dialectic apologist/critic Horace T. Mimms to argue that the military was not attempting in any way to promote a "kinder gentler nation".  "That idea was developed in a Madison Avenue boiler room under the offices of someone like Edward Bernays or Albert Lasker whose persuasive abilities when coupled with the sale of an addictive product like cigarettes.....and blowing crap up is quite addictive.....is hard to resist.....so "kinder and gentler" was like a pretty pink paint-job on a high powered wood chipper," said Mimms.

     Mimms reminds us that President George W. Bush was reading The Pet Goat, when his heart appeared to stop mid-sentence on September 11, 2001 leading Bush's chief economic advisor, Professor Emeritus, Dr. Morgan Reynolds, to leave the Bush administration and to voice his concerns about just how the nation's military wood chipper may have gotten truly out of hand...."like a cavitation-gyrating, out-of-control missile on the deck of the wacky ship-of-sad-state."  It was widely rumored that GWB's gaze did not work effectively on goats, but had some success in semi-arresting Dick Cheny's left ventricle.
    General Bert Stubblebine and Dr. Rima Laibow, now living in the Andes mountains near Santiago, Chile are, according to the producers of the TV series Army Wives," sure to be featured in an episode of Army Wives should the series be revived and will be titled "The Men and Women Who Stare at Goats When They Aren't Pretending to be Adam Lanza's Doctor:  Hoo-juah!" 

Horace T. Mimms

    Meanwhile, Americans are left to their own senses to determine just what to make of an age characterized by Jackson Pollack scholar and Dadist philosopher, Horace T. Mimms, as "just to the left or right of holy....or unholy.... CRAP!"

Rolland Spinout is an independent investigative journalist living in Bakersfield, California.  Spinout has written a wide range of articles on American culture and military history including Ferlinghetti In the Shadow of Edwin Kirby Smith. He was also interviewed by Denise De La Tio for her article Bill Clinton's Shipwreck on the Franklin Pierce Legacy.

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